Why You Should Consider All-in-One PC

Why You Should Consider All-in-One PC

The computer has definitely taken over our daily lives. Many of us highly depend on it on a daily basis, and it’s just fitting that we see great leaps of innovations in this tool as days go by. Not so long ago, we just have two choices: the ever-dependable and powerful tower desktop or the convenient and mobile laptop. Today, the computer as we know it, is much different. There are rigs that can pack 10x power of performance than the standard PC build; tablets that double as laptops, cross between smartphone and tablet, etc. One type of computer that is starting to gain its ground is the all-in-one PC. An All-in-One PC has the power of the traditional desktop PC and the sleekness of the laptop. Here at Dual Monitors Guide, we will walk you through the ups and downs of choosing an all-in-one desktop computer.

Why You Should Consider All-in-One PC

Apple iMac ME088LL/A 27-Inch Desktop (image from Amazon)

Desktop computers, as we all know, needs many different parts to work. The traditional tower desktop houses all the internal parts; such as the hard drive, motherboard, chipset, video card and sound card, etc., for the computer to run. The monitors, keyboard, mouse and speakers are plugged in to the tower to complete the package, along with other peripherals such as the printer, scanner, etc. The All-in-One PC houses everything required for a computer to function in one main component, usually at the back of the display screen or at the base of the monitor stand. This kind of setup was first made popular by Apple, in its iMac computer line. Today, many computer manufacturers have adapted the technology and released their own version of all-in-one desktop.

If you’re still in doubt of this new type of computer, here are seven of the many reasons why you should get one.

1. No Need to Get a New Monitor

Why You Should Consider All-in-One PC

Lenovo All-In-One C345 (image from Amazon)

One of the most obvious reasons why an all-in-one PC is the more practical choice is that it saves you from the expenses of purchasing other important computer hardware, particularly the monitor. Everything you need is included in one piece. The development of computer technology makes way for smaller and thinner components, making it easy to house major computer parts in the PC monitor.

Though there are lots of affordable monitors out there, it is undeniable that purchasing one to complete your setup adds significant amount to the cost.

Some people may say all-in-one desktops are expensive because of the work done in the monitor, fitting all the components inside. However, with brands constantly releasing their own products, cost of each computer parts going down, it is good to say that this is no longer an issue today.

2. Save Space

Traditional tower desktop setup involves a lot of components; the tower CPU itself, monitor, mouse and keyboard, and extra peripherals. These things require significant space for you to work conveniently. Also, you would have to connect all the hardware to the CPU, which means you have to crawl down and reach the backside of the CPU to plug in the components and other hardware. All-in-one PC on the other hand, saves space and save you from the hassles of connecting all computer components to the CPU. Some models even let you mount the monitor to the wall to free up more desk space. People living in apartments or working in small office cubicles will surely love this feature.

3. Requires Less Power to Work and Emits Less Heat

One of the many ways manufacturers save space in making their all-in-one PC is using laptop parts or the same technology, allowing the computer to get the compact advantage of laptops, without compromising the function of the computer. Because of which, this type of computer requires less power to run and emits less heat. This helps keep your energy cost low and your workspace cool, which are both environmentally friendly factors.

4. Easy to Use

Purchasing new computer at computer shops or online means one thing; you would have to do the installation and set up on your own. Setting up a computer, along with its components and hardware is not rocket science, but it can be really confusing for people without the experience. Specific components and I/O ports require specific cables to run smoothly. Not getting the right cable or missing one of the important components means a trip back to the store, or another few days of waiting when you purchase online. In all-in-one computer on the other hand, all you need to do is plug, turn it on, and you’re ready to go. Also, most models place their ports strategically on the side of the monitor, making it easy for users to plug and connect peripherals, gadget, and other electronic accessories to the computer. Aside from its easy set-up, this type of PC are very user-friendly, some even come with straightforward interfaces to help less-technical computer users in their preferred settings.

5. Keeps Your Workstation Neat and Free of Cable Clutter   

As said in the previous paragraph, installing a desktop computer, whether for your workplace or at home, requires a tedious setup of connecting cables of computer hardware and peripherals. This means one thing; cable clutter. This may seem harmless, but when left unattended, cluttered and tangles cables will not only make your workstation look unattractive, it can be very dangerous as well. People can step on the cables, trip and injure themselves and cause damage to the computer.

Why You Should Consider All-in-One PC

Logitech Wireless Combo Mk520 With Keyboard and Mouse (image from Amazon)

Though there are many ways to manage cable (many third-party monitor stands and ergonomic LCD monitor arm come with great cable management system), it never really gets rid of the cables. In the case of all-in-one PC, the most number of cables you can are the power, and mouse and keyboard cables. You can even cut it down using wireless keyboard and mouse and keep your work desk cable clutter free. Some models come with built-in webcams into the monitor. Many users go with wireless printer and scanner and go completely wireless.

6. Attractively Elegant

Buying new computer is a financial commitment. Often times, we want to get the best bung for our buck and spend our hard-earned money for not only something that works and performs well, but something that will look great on our desk. All-in-one computers are some of the best-looking computers in today’s market.

Why You Should Consider All-in-One PC

Sony VAIO SVL24147CXB 24-Inch All-in-One Touch Desktop (image from Amazon)

Two of the best examples of elegant all-in-one desktop are the Sony Vaio L series and the Lenovo ThinkCentre All-in-OneThese two series of PCs packs a lot of power for optimum performance, encased in a beautifully designed cabinet. 

Bottom Line

All-in-one PC is a great alternative to tower desktop PC for a lot of reasons. But of course, it has its own share of downsides as well, such as the un-upgradability and limited choices for hardware. Right now, this type of computer certainly has its own niche market. However, more and more manufacturers release newer models of All-in-one computers for different types of users, and base on the trend we have right now, it’s only a matter of time ‘til each user has his all-in-one PC tailor-made for his specific use.

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