What to Look for In Electric Standing Desks

What to Look for In Electric Standing Desks

By this time, you should have realized that sitting for prolonged period of time can cause lots of problems to your health both short term and long term. And you should know that the best way to fight the bad effects of sitting and sedentary lifestyle is not standing, but moving. Though standing is generally better than sitting, standing for long hours can also hurt your body. And it is impossible to stay focused and productive when your feet, lower back, shoulders and neck hurts. This is why adjustable height standing desks or sit-stand desks are always better than fixed-height standing desks. Sit-stand desks let you have the best of both worlds – stand for as long as you can and sit whenever you need. Also, they provide the freedom of movement, which is essential for keeping your mind and body active. However, not all standing desks are made equal, especially when it comes to height adjustments and switching between sitting to standing position, and vice versa.

What to Look for In Electric Standing Desks

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Adjustable-height desks encourage movement, which is essential for a healthy workspace. If you’re considering switching to a standing desk, your best option is to get one that easily helps adjust height and switch work positions. And nothing can make your life easier than a motorized desk leg. A simple push of a button will whir the motor into action and your desk can go up or down as you wish.

As like any investment, there are tons of factors you need to consider when choosing an electric standing desk. Often times, the vast number of selection available in the market right now makes the choosing daunting for first-time buyers, particularly those who are new to standing. The type of desk, size of desk surface, features, build and materials quality all play a big role. Here at Dual Monitors Guide, we gathered all the important factors you need and come up with the ultimate electric standing desk checklist.


Desk Space and Layout

What to Look for In Electric Standing Desks

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Researching for desks online is a great idea, as it saves you time and let you look at more products and compare varieties in a shorter period of time. However, pictures can be deceiving. Thus, make sure you check the dimensions of the desk, especially its desk space and layout. Length is usually more important than depth. Sometimes, things can get out of arms reach on deeper desks, and therefore desks with a lot of depth may not be very useful. A 28-inch x 48-inch desk is pretty standard. There are bigger desks out there to handle dual monitor or even multiple monitor setups.

The Vertdesk Electric Adjustable Height Desk has a desk space of 30 inches x 60 inches, enough for dual monitor or even triple-monitor setups.

Motor Warranty

The motor is obviously, the most essential element of an electric adjustable height standing desk, and no matter how the manufacturer package and claim their product has the most hard-wearing motor, it should be covered by a long warranty. Two (2) year warranty should be the minimum, while five (5) year warranty is considered excellent. More and more brands are recognizing the benefits of assuring their consumers, and they are moving towards longer warranties.


Lift Speed

One-press lift or motor-powered lift is the biggest advantage of electric standing desks over manual or crank-type standing desks, as they save you from the hassles of manually turning the crank and adjust the height of your desk for different work positions and better ergonomics. However, faster doesn’t mean better when it comes to lift speed. You should also take noise into consideration, as faster means noisier. 1.5-inch per second is the standard, it is fast enough to set the height of the desk without causing noise in your office or get the attention of your officemates.

What to Look for In Electric Standing Desks

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Jarvis Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desk from Ergo Depot, has a fast 1.5-inch per second height adjustment. Vertdesk Electric Adjustable Height Desk adjusts at a decent speed with its 1.1-inch per second height adjustment, but fairly quitter.


Noise Level

Again, faster lift means noisier. However, there are products that suppress the noise of their desk and still deliver decent lift speed. Noise level is measured in decibels (db). A normal conversation is around 50-60 db. A standing desk should never go beyond 60 db., anything lower than this is considered quiet, and perfect for office environment.

The whisper quiet motor of this Vertdesk Electric Adjustable Height Desk can lift up to 200 lbs. It lifts and lowers through the help of small but very capable motor. The motor moves the pistons at the two T-legs. It also comes with crossbars for optimum stability.


Controls and Presets

All electric standing desks have Up and Down buttons, which is pretty self-explanatory to use. However, if you want more convenience, you can opt for desks with presets and let you save custom desk heights. This will make the transition from sitting to standing a lot easier, as you don’t have to regularly set the desk to the right height. The one-press button will do it for you. Also, some brands have a single press preset button, while other brands require you to press and hold the button the entire time.

What to Look for In Electric Standing Desks

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Jarvis Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desk sports a neat rectangle-shaped push button controller mounted on the front underside of the tabletop. Aside from the standard Up and Down buttons, it also comes with the four buttons for programmed height settings.


Smooth Movement, Start and Stop

Some brands of electric standing desks come with cushioned start and stop, which makes height adjustments and transitions from sitting to standing position smooth and quiet. This is a great feature that will save your computer from jarring, or spilling your coffee when adjusting the height of the desk.


Number of Motors

Most electric-powered standing desks come with one motor, some come with two. A single motor desk usually comes with a crank shaft that drives both legs to elevate or lower the desk. Two-motored desks on the other hand, provide dedicated motor for each leg of the desk. If you’re working in an office environment, with your officemates around, the two-motor desk is your best option. Single motor desks are noisier since the motor has to do more work to lift and lower both desk legs by itself.


Lift Capacity

Most standing desks in the market today have more than enough lift capacity for the average workstation or office desk. Of course, when you are working in an environment that requires you to pile things up on your desk, then you will need something that can hold considerable weight. Something like 150 lbs. or more will do. Also, make sure you consider the lift capacity.

What to Look for In Electric Standing Desks

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The Vertdesk Electric Adjustable Height Desk has a standard lift capacity of 200 lbs., while Jarvis Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desk leads the market with its whopping desk frame support capacity of 350 lbs.   


Energy Consumption

Electric standing desks are designed to remain plugged in all the time. This means they consume energy even when not in use. Generally, this type of electronic doesn’t consume much energy. But before you make your purchase, make sure to check with the manufacturer and see how much energy the desk consumes at Standby Mode. Of course, you can always unplug the desk after work. Something around 0.5 watts at Standby Mode and 1.4A for continuous lift is a great energy efficient product.


Electric standing desks are usually expensive. The cheapest you can find today is around $500 USD, while the most expensive can soar up to $2000. Though expensive and high-end varieties usually come with better sophistication, packed with features, and generally in better quality, you can still find lots of products with reasonable price tag with the same kind of quality. After all, if you’re only using your workspace for basic computer use, you don’t need all complexities that come with high-end varieties. It is always a good idea to establish your budget first before you go shop for a standing desk. You can find a great product at around $1250.


Practical Alternative

What to Look for In Electric Standing Desks

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If you don’t want to get rid of your existing office desk, but still want to try the luxury of being able to sit and stand whenever you want, and switch working positions with one press of a button, then you should check out Executive Electric Desktop from Taskmate. This product is the very first electric desk riser, and it’s mall and compact enough to fit most existing desks and workspaces. It instantly transforms your existing desk to a sit-stand desk and provides you comfortable, ergonomic and healthier workstation. Its motor noise is only around 65 decibels which is around the range of suggested quiet operation. This electric desk riser however, can only support up to 50 lbs.

For more buying guides and in-depth reviews of adjustable height standing desks, sit-stand desks check out Dual Monitors Guide now!

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