Varidesk Pro Plus; An In-Depth Review

Varidesk Pro Plus; An In-Depth Review

Researches and studies that showed the perils of sitting at work and sedentary lifestyle truly fueled the revolution on standing desks. More and more people who work in front of a computer all day, everyday, have embraced the importance of standing and moving to counter the negative effects of the nature of their work. One of the many products that is starting to make a wave in this category is the VariDesk Pro Plus – a desktop riser that sits atop (or clamps) on your existing desk, compact but cleverly designed to serve its purpose. What’s more interesting about this riser is its size, as it is designed to support dual monitor setup. Check this review from Dual Monitors Guide and know more about this yet impressive product from VariDesk.

Varidesk Pro Plus; An In-Depth Review

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Who is it for?

If you are considering of standing more in your workspace but don’t have the liberty to change your desk for some reason, your best options are desk mounts, wall mounts and desktop riser. The first two may seem the best options there is, but some people don’t have the luxury of space to accommodate LCD arm or can’t install the mounts in their workstation for some reason. For this reason, desktop riser like VariDesk Pro Plus, is the best left available option. Using this product is as simple as pulling it out from its box, putting it on your desk and placing your monitors and all computer peripherals needed for your workstation. It’s also quite an inexpensive solution for anyone looking to revamp their workspace with ergonomic upgrades.



Ready to use Desktop Riser for Sit-Stand Workstation

Varidesk Pro Plus; An In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

The VARIDESK Pro Plus is an adjustable monitor/laptop riser that sits on top of your existing desk, giving you the luxury to switch from a seated to standing position and vice versa quickly and easily. The adjustable height desk can hold up to two monitors, while the lifting keyboard tray provides ergonomic comfort for your wrist, arms, and shoulders in both sitting and standing position.


Comes Fully Assembled for Your Convenience

The VARIDESK Pro Plus comes fully assembled right from the box, which is a nice gesture from the company, as it makes quick use and desk setup quite convenient. It may feel a little awkward to pull out from the box, and quite heavy, but there’s nothing much to complain, as the heavy weight makes the whole thing stable once set on your desk. If you can ask a friend to help you pull the riser out from the box that would be great.

Easy Desk Setup

Because this desktop riser comes fully assembled right out of the box, it is pretty easy to setup to your workstation. To set up the VariDesk Pro Plus, simply position your monitor on the VariDesk’s platform along with all the computer peripherals you need close at hand. Make sure to check proper cable management and NEVER pull your monitors off the back of the platform as the cables can be too short when switching to standing position.

Also, it will be best to use wireless keyboard and mouse with VariDesk, to save yourself from the hassles of dealing with cable problems when switching between sitting and standing position from time to time. For laptop users, you’re better off using external keyboard and mouse when sitting on your chair and use the laptop’s built-in keyboard and mouse pad when standing.


Large and Spacious Desktop Riser to Accommodate All Computing and Workstation Needs

With a new work surface of 36”x27” (keyboard tray and desk), the VARIDESK Pro Plus is a colossal piece of equipment that leaves more room for your important workstation stuff and to work comfortably on your computer. Of course, you have to make sure the desktop riser actually fits to your existing desk in the first place. So make sure you mock up its footprint on your desk first, before deciding to get the riser.


Easy Switching Between Sitting and Standing Without Compromising Ergonomics

Varidesk Pro Plus; An In-Depth Review

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To switch from sitting to standing (and vice versa), all you have to do is loosen the two (2) screws on each side of the keyboard tray and push them in to put the tray out of the way. Then, press down on the desktop lightly to release the springs, pull in the two adjustment levers and lightly lift them up. The desktop will then start to move and you can release it to any of the 11 positions available. It switches from sitting to standing position in as fast as 3 seconds

Most of the time, you will not stop the top in a locked position, but a quick press down or up after releasing the levers will audibly lock the platform to its place. Using the levers makes a surprisingly loud clang. It’s a good way to tell if you have reached to right spot to lock it in place.

Moving back to the sitting position is as easy moving to standing position, simply pull the adjustment lever and push down the platform until you reach the bottom position. When using a laptop, you obviously can’t type directly from the sitting position, as the laptop will be too far away and too high. Thus, you will need the external keyboard and use the keyboard tray.


Design and Features

There’s nothing very special about the design of this desktop riser. It sports a good-old black finish, or better known as ‘one-color-fits-all basic black’ with solid construction. It’s doesn’t have the bells and whistles that will make it stand out from your desk, rather, it’s a straight-up functional product, though it can always integrate with any furniture setups.


Intuitive Design Makes Working on the Desk Feel Natural

The intuitive design of VariDesk Pro Plus makes working on the desktop riser feel natural. Being able to switch positions easily and quickly is one of the many aspects that make this product great. Users can work on both sitting and standing position with the same kind of quality without any degradation or cause any problems in typing.

For monitor and laptop setup, users may find themselves moving both screens from the back of the desk to front in switching between standing and sitting. This is because at a standing setup, the desk rises and moves towards you, providing a more ergonomic setup, as the displays hover out over the front of your fixed desk.


Designed for Dual Monitor Setup

The VariDesk Pro Plus, also known as “VariDesk Dual,” designed for dual monitor use. The surface of the desktop riser measures is 36 inches wide by 20 inches deep and weighs 47.3 lbs. It’s a great solution for anyone who works with two displays simultaneously, be it a dual monitor setup, or a combination of a monitor and a laptop.


Tech Specs


  • New work surface size: 36-inch x 27-inch (keyboard tray and desk)
  • Max extension height: 18-inch (desktop) & 14-inch (keyboard) 
  • Product Weight: 52.5 lbs.
  • Product dimension (flat) (H x W x D): 4.25 in x 36 in x 26.75 in
  • Product extended dimension: 17.625 in x 36 in x 39 in
  • Max extension height: 18-inch (desktop) & 14-inch (keyboard)

With new lifting keyboard tray and companion app that gives you sit and stand alerts

Switches from sitting to standing position in just 3 seconds

Spring-assisted lift

Fully assembled; easy set-up


Bottom Line

Varidesk Pro Plus; An In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

All in all, the VariDesk Pro Plus is more than a decent product designed with both aesthetics and function in mind. Its sit-stand function provides a lot of functionality to anyone’s workspace without compromising ergonomics in both positions. The spacious platform leaves a lot of room for other computer peripherals, while the 11 different height settings give you the flexibility you need for your ergonomic needs in your workspace. It feels solid and stable, and doesn’t shake even when you press your keyboard with substantial force.

There are however, a few things to consider. The whole thing feels sturdy and solid in place, but when switching between positions (sitting to standing and vice versa) the monitor feels shaky. Its biggest drawback lies on its design – the distance between you and your monitor increases as you switch from sitting to standing position.

With that being said, the VariDesk Pro Plus is quite an inexpensive solution compared to crank-up desks available in the market today. The ergonomic design adjusts to any user’s height, and fits most desks in any office or cube. It provides versatility and blends in nicely to your current furniture setup.

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