UpTrak Sit-Stand Desk; An In-Depth Review

UpTrak Sit-Stand Desk; An In-Depth Review

We have reviewed quite a bunch of amazing sit-stand desks and desktop risers here in Dual Monitors Guide in the past couple of years, from budget-friendly to professional and sophisticated solutions. Fortunately for us, and as well as for the consumers, manufacturers stayed on track of making newer models with better ergonomic features. One relatively new product out there is the UpTrak Sit-Stand Desk, a compact and portable desktop riser that provides stable and secured sit-stand setup for laptop  and desktop users. The best thing about this product is its affordable price. But is it a reliable choice for everyday use? Read this in-depth review to know more.

Who is it for?

UpTrak Sit-Stand Desk is for anyone looking for an affordable but dependable sit-stand desktop riser. It doesn’t offer anything fancy, and it’s pretty basic and straightforward, but it gets the job done, and solidly built for most work spaces.

It’s also perfect for people working on limited spaces, such as cubicles and home office with small work space.




Standing have long been proven to be way healthier than sitting, which is why more and more ergonomic solutions providers make and promote standing and sit-stand workstations to encourage computer users to stand more and sit less. And this is what the UpTrak Sit-Stand Desk is about – it provides flexibility for both sitting and standing, as well as allows quick and easy transitions between the two positions, anytime.

The worksurface comes with an added resting arm for the mouse for ergonomics.

And this is what the UpTrak Sit-Stand Desk is about – it provides flexibility for both sitting and standing, as well as allows quick and easy transitions between the two positions, anytime. 

The worksurface comes with an added resting arm for the mouse for ergonomics.


Revolutionary Design for Easy Transitions from Sitting to Standing

UpTrak Sit-Stand Desk offers quite a unique design that we don’t normally see from most sit-stand desktop risers. The stand allows easy changing from sitting to standing, and vice versa. It is light weight and its small footprint means it only takes a small space on your existing desk


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There are two flat boards in this product, the first on works as the base, which provides stable and steady support, while the second one is the adjustable surface computer users will be working on.


Smooth Tracks and Locks for Smooth Transition and Secured Hold

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The work surface slides up and down the steel tracks smoothly with the help of the two levers (one on each side). There are security locks to secure the platform on your desired height and keep your computer secured and safe, while the support leg ensures secured hold for the work surface.


Small, Compact and Portable to Fit Most Desks and Easy to Carry Around

As with most desktop risers, the UpTrak Sit-Stand Desk is compact, lightweight, and has small footprint. This means you can easily fold it and carry from work to home, or anywhere you wish to work on.


Design and Features

Easy Setup and Adjustments

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The UpTrak Sit-Stand Desk is quite easy to setup and use, it can be done in as fast as 15 minutes. You will need a screwdriver assemble the whole thing. Also, there’s a brace located at the back to keep your laptop or computer monitor from tipping backwards (which is crucial when changing the height of the desk), also a great security feature for touchscreen displays.


After that, all you need to do is place it on top of their desk, adjust the height according height requirements, insert the third support leg to keep it sable, and voila! You’re ready to work. Should you need to re-adjust, simply remove the support leg, open both side levers, and then slide the desk surface through its metal tracks. You can even adjust and re-adjust the height with your laptop or monitor and keyboard on the work surface, or switch from sitting to standing position anytime you want.

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Also, the telescopic legs allow users to set the desktop to multiple of heights.


Solidly Built and Impressive Support

The telescopic support for the front may seem a bit odd, but it’s an ingenious solution that gets the job done. You can also mark its exterior to easily find your desired height. It can support a maximum weight of up to 25 lbs., which should be more than enough for most computer setups.


Nicely Finished Surface to Fit Most Workspaces

The top surface of UpTrak Sit-Stand Desk comes with a nice and smooth finish. It is also wipeable, making it easy to clean and maintain.


Tech Specs

Bottom Line

(image from Amazon)

At first glance, it is easy to say that UpTrak Sit-Stand Desk is budget sit-stand desk, which really is. However, don’t mistake its affordable price tag for cheap quality, as it is built using quality materials and dependable engineering. It doesn’t offer anything fancy, as a matter of fact, it’s pretty basic. However, it delivers its promise of great sit-stand support, perfect for users who log on long hours of work on a daily basis. It feels solid and sturdy, while changing from sitting to standing feels smooth, thanks to its telescopic legs.

As expected, there are of course, some drawbacks. Because you don’t mount your stuff on top of its work desk, you should be very careful when changing the height of the work surface. You may need to clear off your desk before lowering or raising, especially if you’re using large monitor or heavy laptop. Clearly, spring-loaded desktop risers and electric desks edge UpTrak Sit-Stand Desk in this area. Of course, those premium products come with premium price tags.

Also, there are no instructions for assembly in this sit-stand desk. But then again, it comes with lots of pictures, and there are only few components to use. All you need is common sense to put up the whole thing.

All in all, the UpTrak Sit-Stand Desk is quite a good alternative if you’re looking to save money from quality sit-stand desk. Build-quality wise, you can be assured of its quality, as it comes Stand Steady, one of the more trusted names in office ergonomic solutions market.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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