Top 7 Ways to Improve Computer Experience

Top 7 Ways to Improve Computer Experience

Best Types of Monitors for Different Types of Users

7 Best Gaming Monitors 2015

Top 7 Ways to Improve Computer Experience

LG 24GM77 (image from Amazon)

Gaming is one of the biggest demography in display market; giving consumers have hundreds of options out there. Whether you’re a casual gamer who loves to play your PC and console after work, or a hardcore gamer who loves to compete, this section is for you, as we narrow down your choices to 7 of the best gaming monitors out there.

7 Best Business and Professional Monitor 2015

Top 7 Ways to Improve Computer Experience

NEC MultiSync EA274WM (image from Amazon)

For business and professionals who wants to get more things done efficiently, you definitely need a display that can keep up with you. This includes the right size, resolution, and cost. Whether you’re working for a company or working on your own at the comforts of you home office, getting the business monitor that perfectly fits your work and suits your preferences will help you do well on a daily basis. Here are 7 best business monitors you can find in the market today.

7 Best High-End Monitors for Artists and Graphic Designers 2015

Top 7 Ways to Improve Computer Experience

NEC MultiSync PA322UHD (image from Amazon)

Professional designers, graphic artists, photographers, etc. who does a log of computer processing and image enhancing definitely needs that dependable display with extreme colour accuracy, performance, and advanced connectivity options to help you in your work. Here are 7 best high end monitors for artists and graphic designers out there you should check out.

7 Best 27-inch Monitors

Top 7 Ways to Improve Computer Experience

Asus PG278Q (image from Amazon)

Bigger displays particularly on monitors, are growing in popularity, thanks to the decreasing of costs and new resolution. 27-inch seems to be the sweet spot between work and entertainment, as you get huge screen for work and decently big for games and movies.  Check out this short list best 27-inch monitors in the market today.

7 Best 24-inch Monitors

Top 7 Ways to Improve Computer Experience

Dell UltraSharp U2413 (image from Amazon)


24-inch display have been the standard of monitor display for quite some time, and with better technologies and features being incorporated to newer models, it will continue to be the standard for monitor choices. Plus, it’s also the perfect size for dual monitor setup.  Here are the seven of the best 24-inch monitors from different categories.

Best Ways to Protect Your Computers

7 Best Free AntiVirus 2015


Top 7 Ways to Improve Computer Experience

Avast Free AntiVitus (image from Amazon)

Believe it or not, free AntiVirus versions do the same as their commercial cousins do. As a matter of fact, there even are free products out there that even offer better protection than paid ones. So save your money and get one or two of these 7 totally-free antiviruses you can have.

7 Hardware Accessories to Protect Your Precious Computer

Top 7 Ways to Improve Computer Experience

From material theft of personal computers and laptops, to virtual theft of hacking, stealing personal information and identity theft, dependency on computers will always expose us to various risks. 7 most important computer security accessories you can definitely use for your safety and security.

Workstation Accessories Must-Haves

7 Best Anti-Fatigue Mats

Top 7 Ways to Improve Computer Experience


Standing is proven to be better than sitting, but standing for prolonged hours can be difficult as well. This is why we need anti-fatigue mats, to provide comfort and support to our feet. Here are 7 of the best anti-fatigue mats out there.

7 Home Office Design Ideas

Working at home has its own share of perks and drawbacks. But mostly, it’s one of the best work setups as you deliver work or oversee your business right at the comforts of your own home, and still be with your family. Here are 7 home office designing tips to keep your home office beautifully comfortable and conducive for work.

Tips to Optimize Dual Monitor Screen

7 Windows 8 Tips to Maximize Dual Monitor Setup

Top 7 Ways to Improve Computer Experience

(image from NextofWindows)

Windows 8 made everything convenient for computer users. But not all people know how to maximize this OS for dual monitor setup. If you’re planning to add second monitor to your Windows 8 PC, then here are 7 ways to maximize it.

Apps and Tools for Your Computer

7 Best Apps to Turn Your Windows Computer to a WiFi Hotspot

Did you know you can turn your Windows computer to a WiFi hotspot? Well, here are some useful life hacks for you. Yep, there is a hidden virtual WiFi adapter in your PC awaiting to be tapped, and there are apps out there to help you maximize them as well. Here’s how.

Computer Cleaning Tips

7 Easy Steps to Clean Computer Monitor Screen

Unless you live in a totally enclosed and sanitized room, your computer screen will get dirty, and that’s an undeniable fact of life. To keep your PC in best condition, you should learn how to keep it clean. Here’s 7 ways to do it.

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