Tips to Make a Beautiful and Productive Home Office, Part 4

Tips to Make a Beautiful and Productive Home Office, Part 4

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Hide the Things You Don’t Want to See or Look At

Before you start cleaning up and organizing your home office, remember that you first need to have a place (a spot or something) to put all those stuff. Chances are, you need to organize your home office entirely in the first place to save yourself from the stress of working in a place of clutter.

Tips to Make a Beautiful and Productive Home Office, Part 4

There are varieties of tools you can use to place your bills, letters, and various projects on your to-do-list. You can have a file rack for your current projects, a filing cabinet for storage of important files, a trash basket, shredder and a recycling container.

One of the most common issues in modern offices is the number of computer peripherals and office equipment you need to have, which results to running lots of cables and cords. Computer power cords, keyboard and mouse cords, printer and scanner cables, phone cords, lamps, extension wires, etc., all contribute to clutter. And because they are usually in a jumbled mess, you may find yourself unplugging everything just to move one appliance from one place to another. The simplest way to deal with this is to run power strip behind your desk and plug each office equipment you need into it. You can also hook a standard plastic basket underneath your desk, make some sort of cage, and run your cords through it, to keep them separated from each other. Then, tape each cord with labels. You can also put labels to the plug head as well.


To organize all the remaining cables, tie them together using cable ties, clips, clamps, or Velcro wraps (you can get these at your local office supply store) to keep them out of the way and in one place. Route these cables in your workstation and make sure they all stay behind your desk, against the wall, and away from any open area in your workstation where someone can trip over them.

Parting Tips

It’s Not Too Late For a Makeover

If you’re reading this post and thinking that you might actually need to improve your workspace, then why not do it? It is never too late to improve your workstation and star again with your new home office design.

Tips to Make a Beautiful and Productive Home Office, Part 4

With a little effort in research, put a lot of effort and some organization, a couple pots of paint, a few choices of accessories and one weekend, you can transform any corners in your house into a great home office.

The biggest challenge in working at home is staying motivated. If you plan on working at home for good, then you must do everything to keep your own home office conducive and motivating for work. It can be very easy to allow things go stale and boring. A little change or a quick makeover could just be what you need to reinvigorate your career at home.


Put Your Personal Touch and Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

We know that it is important that you don’t mix your personal life with your office. The beauty of home office is that, you get the luxury to put personal touch to it to make it feel less like workstation, and more of a personal space in your home.

Decors, plants, photographs, inspirational and motivational quotes, posters, etc. can easily give your home office a personal touch, and beautify it the way you want. Remember that the purpose of these items or design is to help sustain positive energy and mood in your home’s workspace.

If you want to make a whole project out of it, then have a doodle or sketchpad where you can spawn different ideas and capture them as they pop up in your head. The décor and furniture in your office can play a huge role in your mood as well, so put some thoughts into it. Be creative in everything. Make storage cabinets and pieces, try children’s library-style display shelves, magazine type racks, or wall storage, and paint them with the colors you like.

Use certain themes or styles and try to experiment. Of course, don’t forget to balance your office improvement project with your budget.

Yes, it can be time consuming, but having a comfortable and inspiring place to work on will always be worth it.


Simplify the Whole Process

Don’t complicate the whole process of improving your home office or work space that it becomes an overwhelming task for you. You don’t need the most complicated and sophisticated setup to keep you comfortable and productive at your work. A simple upgrade that involves the basic things you need will be enough to make a small space or corner in your house conducive for working.


Simplify the process. The key to a good home workstation is to organize efficiently. The more things you have around, the harder it can be for you to keep everything in order.

A disorganized office will make everything difficult to find, particularly those important documents that you need. An organized but complex workspace on the other hand, may seem neat on the surface, but arranging and sorting everything can be a tedious task that takes a lot of your precious time and may cause you to procrastinate.

The best thing you can do is keep things minimal and clean. You will get clutter eventually. If you simplify things, you will save yourself from less important, time-consuming things, such as organizing your workstation.

Sort everything out for easy access and maintain minimalistic organization. This also goes to your computer. Your desktop should be clear, with only the most important applications, programs and files that you are working on.

Have fun!

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