Tips to Make a Beautiful and Productive Home Office, Page 3

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Tips to Make a Beautiful and Productive Home Office, Page 3

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Good Lighting Is Crucial, Including Natural Light

When choosing a spot or a corner in your house to make an office of, always consider natural lighting. Most people simply put their desk against the wall, usually in the darkest corner of their room. What they don’t know is that, they are simply recreating corporate cubicle in this kind of setup, losing all the sense of ‘home office’ comfort. Nobody wants that. Natural light gives us a sense of warmth and happiness, and a good reason to stand up from our desk once in a while to take in the scene.

Also, aside from your workspace’s existing lighting, it is important that you invest in additional light sources to make your home office a little brighter and more inviting. Good lighting system will help you become more productive in so many ways, as it helps prevent eye strain and improve your mood, especially during winter months where lack of exposure to sunlight causes you to feel lethargic at work.


Having a task light in your desk area can also provide a great help, even a smaller lamp or two for mood lighting can make a huge difference, especially during cold season. You can also experiment with different light intensities or light tones and find out which one works best for your eyes.

Try to get multiple light options for your workstation, such as different light fixtures, or at least a desk lamp that shines directly over your desk to facilitate typing, reading, sketching, etc.


Go Techy

If you’re going to choose home as your office for good, then you have to future-proof your workstation and make sure you make technology work for you. Do you suffer frequently from technical faults with your existing office devices, especially in your computer, printer and things you connect? If you do, then I’m pretty sure it’s an ultimate source of frustration. Holding back on old devices and gadgets because they still work may seem like saving, but it’s not the most practical thing to do, especially if your work at home is your main source of living. The time you have wasted troubleshooting and fixing definitely outweighs the opportunity cost you have lost. Plus, the negative effect it causes on your mood.

Conduct regular maintenance on your computer, make you use certified OS, invest in good computer antivirus and keep your important computer files backed-up.

Tips to Make a Beautiful and Productive Home Office, Page 3

(image from Amazon)

Kapersky Anti-Virus for example, is one of the most trusted names in PC anti-virus out there. It has real-time protection against computer viruses, rootkits, Trojans, spyware, etc., enables fast and efficient computer performance, quick reaction to new threats, instantly checks your applications, files, and websites and rollback harmful malware activities in your computer. It also comes with identity protection and additional convenient features such as Rescue CD which cleans your computer system from infection, and Technical Support through phone, chat, and email.

If you want free anti-virus, then you have lots of options out there, such as AVAST, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.0, Panda Free Antivirus 2015, Norton Power Eraser, etc.


Also, when it comes to setting up your own work space at home, never underestimate the number of sockets you will need for different gadgets and tech items.

You will definitely have a lot of computer peripherals on your workstation, from PC tower and monitor, printer, phone, camera, scanner, etc., and as you go through your daily work routine, you will see yourself juggling these different office equipment and switching them from one spot to another. If you don’t want that kind of hassle, then you better invest for a decent, surge-protected extension to let you work around your office conveniently.

Some techy upgrades such as Wi-Fi printer may sound fancy, but it can actually make your life easier, as you can place your printer away from your computer and not depend on the length of its cable.

Some good-looking charging station for smaller gadgets will also improve your main desk area aesthetic wise.

Tips to Make a Beautiful and Productive Home Office, Page 3

(image from Amazon)

Canon PIXMA MX472 Wireless All-In-One Inkjet Printer for example, prints wirelessly and effortlessly from your compatible devices such as iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, with no drivers needed. It offers fantastic resolution of 4800 x 1200 maximum color dpi produces incredible quality and detail in both your business documents and photos. It’s an all-in-one printer; which includes Fully-Integrated, 30-sheet Auto Document Feeder: to copy, scan, and fax multiple documents without having to load them one page at a time

Tips to Make a Beautiful and Productive Home Office, Page 3

(image from Ergotron)

Finally, never let cable clutter mess up your office. There are lots of attractive solutions out there that can help your wires neat, and your workplace tidy. Many good quality LCD arms, desk mounts and wall mounts, even those for dual monitors and multiple monitors come with good cable management system, helping you take care of the clutter in your home office.

The Ergotron Neo-Flex LCD Arm adds dynamic flexibility to your workspace. It comes with a simple push operation to let you move and position your display anywhere you want on your desk. It can improve any work desk with its full ergonomic function, and it comes with a very affordable price tag. This LCD arm is ideal for single display use, as screen can be personalized to find the perfect viewing angle.

If you work a lot of windows, applications and programs in your computer simultaneously, then you most likely need the help of dual monitor setup.

(image from Ergotron)

The LX Dual Stacking Arm from Ergotron is one of the best choices there is, as a matter of fact, it’s one of the best rated products today in its market. It’s an innovative dual monitor stand that can hold two displays (or a laptop and an extra external display) simultaneously. It’s made up of the famous polished aluminum construction and equipped with Ergotron’s patented Constant Force technology that keeps your screen stable and secured in place and easy to maneuver all over the place.


Don’t Forget About the Walls

We all want our office to be functional, which is why everything we put on should play a purpose. However, it is important that we don’t forget about aesthetics and style as well.

The art works you put, design on the flooring, and window treatments can totally change the look and mood of your office at home. Don’t be afraid to put your personal touch in it, such as hanging family pictures on your walls, souvenirs from your last trip, or display gifts from family and friends.

Decorating your office doesn’t have to be expensive. One of the easiest ways to improve your home office’s aesthetics is to visit thrift shops, garage sales, and flea markets and find some quirky vintage pieces, or indulge in some creative do-it-yourself projects.

There are lots of affordable and fun art for your walls online. But if art is not your thing, then try to stick up a few light hearted and/or geeky posters, motivational messages on your walls, or consider some text-based screenprints. You can print them out or purchase them.


Put Some Greenery

Tips to Make a Beautiful and Productive Home Office, Page 3

It’s been tested and proven that plants can indeed, reduce stress levels in any workplace and improve productivity. For your home, plants can add great aesthetic effect as well. Aside from their health benefits and efficiency benefits, plants are also among the most inexpensive ways to transform the look and feel of your workplace.

If you’re not particularly green-fingered, then choose easy-to-care-for potted house plants, such as cacti, ivy, succulents, palms, or even some few spider plants to accentuate your office space and give it a nice and refreshing nature touch.

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