Tips to Make a Beautiful and Productive Home Office, Page 2

Tips to Make a Beautiful and Productive Home Office, Page 2

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Consider the Corners

If you want to stick to the traditional desk set-up, then you should realize clutter and limited space are usual issues in traditional desks. For this, you should consider right angles and corners spaces in your house. Don’t waste your home corers, they are ideal for important for workstation peripherals, such as photo copiers, fax machine, printers, scanners, telephone, etc.

An L-shaped desk arrangement will stretch your workstation in to two work surfaces, giving you bigger space to work with, and saving you from the hassles of dealing clutters in limited space.

Tips to Make a Beautiful and Productive Home Office, Page 2

Techni Mobili L-shaped Glass Computer Desk Clear embodies everything good about L-shaped desk and modern home office. The minimalist, yet highly functional design can be configured according to your preference, with long and short side of the desks interchangeable. The desk is made up of scratch-resistant powder0coated steel frame, with heavy-duty tempered 6mm safety glass as its desktop. The slide-out keyboard tray shelf and safety stop are made up of wood panel, with moisture resistant PVC laminate veneer. There is also a separate powder-coated steel caddy that offers an elevated platform for CPU.

Tips to Make a Beautiful and Productive Home Office, Page 2

Another great product is the Walker Edison 3-Piece Contemporary Glass and Steel Desk, and it is one of the highest rated L-shaped desks you can find out there today. As a matter of fact, it garnered over 1400 positive reviews in Amazon. This desk features a simple three-piece design and includes two 21-inch deep rectangular desktops and a quarter-circle shaped desktop. These pieces are pieced together to make an L-shaped desk, perfect for any wall corners inside your house. This desk comes with a modern contemporary design that looks sleek, and crafted with a durable steel and thick tempered safety glass. The simple but flexible configuration of this desk lets users mount the keyboard tray on either side of the L-shaped desk. Also, there is a universal autonomous CPU stand and sliding keyboard tray to complete the requirements for comfortable computer setup. This desk can definitely compliment any room and a great choice for your home office.


Get Yourself a Throne

Tips to Make a Beautiful and Productive Home Office, Page 2

The worst thing you can give to yourself is that pain-inducing, back-breaking kitchen chair. Come to think of it, you will be staying on your workstation, sitting on a chair, working in front of your computer for hours on a daily basis. Wouldn’t you want something that will provide your body the best comfort and support? Bad working posture and repetitive strain injuries can expose your body to a lot of health risks. Sitting all day, every day is not easy and according to American Academy of Family Physicians, around 90% of adults experience back pain at some point of their life, while 50% of the working population endures back pain year after year. If you don’t pay attention to your seating comfort and back, the pain can take toll on your body, mood and consequently your work productivity.


Getting an ergonomically correct office chair is important for your comfort and productivity. Last thing you want is hurting your back, neck and shoulders, compromising your job. Save money whenever you can, but invest in a good quality office chair, trust us, your back will thank you for it.

There are tons of different ergonomic desk chairs out there, and lots of features to consider such as basic office chair, reclining office chair features and back support office chair. Obviously the last two are the most sophisticated chairs, as they come with a long list of features for both full comfort and support.

Tips to Make a Beautiful and Productive Home Office, Page 2

Alera Mesh Multifunction Chair for example, is an aesthetically designed reclining office chair that features mesh-covered curved back for optimum support, with breathable mesh for cool comfort. It comes with a contemporary design with premium fabric upholstery, multifunctional mechanism that lets the seat glide, allowing back angle adjustment relative to the seat, tilt adjustment to make you feel like floating and infinite locking positions to give you the best comfortable seating position you want in your workstation. The waterfall edge of the seat relieves pressure on legs, while its height-and-width adjustable arms features soft polyurethane pads for provide the best comfort.

Tips to Make a Beautiful and Productive Home Office, Page 2

If you want a fully adjustable executive office chair with optimum ergonomic and back support, then check out VIVA Office Hot High Back Ergonomic Bonded Leather Executive and Managerial Office Chair. This professional office chair provides great ergonomic support through a combination of high quality materials, reliable performance, and world class ergonomic design that the brand maintains in all of its furniture products. This chair has pneumatic seat height adjustment, with excellent lumbar support for your spine, and adjustable armrest, with high quality Nylon base and Nylon casters.


There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Storage Space

A cluttered workstation is the worst workstation; it will make you feel depress and unable to perform at your best. Thus, your best defense against clutter is to have as much storage space as possible to put everything you think you need, and everything you actually need at arm’s length, in a clean and neat order.

You can add shelves above, install some on the wall, or next to your desk to give your home office more space and reduce clutter on your desk. Open shelves or hutch that sits on your desk to multiple storage space is a great idea.  A tidy working environment is always great to work at.

Tips to Make a Beautiful and Productive Home Office, Page 2

You can also invest in a filing cabinet to help free up space in your home office, particularly on your desk. A fireproof filing cabinet with high quality lock will not only keep the important and confidential files safe from fire, it can also ensure these documents won’t get stolen.

Maximize every little space you have by using a four-drawer filing cabinet. Choose those sturdy ones over fancy ones. Most filing cabinets out there come with traditional design with neutral colors, making them easy to fit in any office and home décor.

Organize your files thoroughly. You can come up with a color-coded, numerical, or alphabetical labeling system (or whatever works for you) to get your documents and files organized inside the filing cabinet.

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