Tips to Convince Your Boss to Get You a Treadmill Desk

Tips to Convince Your Boss to Get You a Treadmill Desk

Unless you work in a fancy environment like Google and YouTube, you most likely will not have an access to fun environment that promotes wellness for productivity. Perhaps, like other employees in any office environment, the only time you really get to stand up, stretch your legs and unwind for a minute or so is during lunch break and when you walk to and from the coffee maker. Here at dual monitor guide, we don’t just feature the best products and office add-ons to improve one’s workstation comfort and ergonomics, but also health and wellness to improve productivity. One good example of this is having a treadmill desk.

Tips to Convince Your Boss to Get You a Treadmill Desk

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How it All Started

Born from the popularity of a standing desk, there seems to be a treadmill desk revolution going on, and more and more people are attesting to the advantages and benefits of this type of workstation. Much of its popularity can be attributed to the serious health risks people expose their body into for sitting for long hours in front of their computer all day, everyday, and how moving often can greatly counteract the bad effects of sedentary lifestyle. As a matter of fact, an article released by CBS San Francisco in January 8, 2011, says that excessive sitting is just as bad as smoking. This alarming news struck many computer professionals, which resulted them to look for better alternatives. Luckily, we do have better alternatives, and it is in the form of a workstation with a built-in treadmill.


Known Health Benefits of Walking

Tips to Convince Your Boss to Get You a Treadmill Desk

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Walking is the one of the simplest, if not the simples, form of activity and exercise known to man. It helps the physical, psychological and emotional state in a whole lot of ways. Countless of studies shows that walking help strengthen the immune system, restores health, slow physical and mental aging, improves cognitive and memory abilities, help the body burn more calories and get rid of fat, improve blood flow, and even prevent diseases and improve mood and risks of mild depression, and a whole lot more. Not to mention it can definitely improve your energy and productivity as you work.

Convincing Your Boss

If the thought of buying a treadmill desk for your office workstation seems outrageous for your boss, then you have to know how to sell it better. Your goal is to make the best proposal the better your chances of getting a treadmill desk. Here are five tips to help you convince your boss it’s time for you to have a treadmill for your workstation.


First Step: Share Your Pain

It is no secret that sitting for long hours a day, everyday can hurt your body in many different areas. One of the most common complaints is back pain. Share your pain to your boss through small talks. Try to explain how your sore back is nagging you at work. This may be enough, but if your boss doesn’t take the hint, then you can move on to the second step.


Second Step: Let Everybody in your Office Know, Including Your Boss, About The Dangers of Sedentary Lifestyle

Print an Infographic about the dangers of sedentary lifestyle or some news articles and pass it around your office. If your boss doesn’t seem worried about his employees’ health, then at least he will be worried about his own health. This step however, has all the potential to backfire, as your boss, and your co-workers can simply find a an active hobby, engage into sports or get a gym membership. If this step fails, proceed to third step.

Third Step: Do Your Research and Name Drop Some Companies that Uses Treadmill Desk

Provoke a healthy competition in your boss and encourage good changes for your company. Big companies like Google, YouTube, Mayo Clinic and even FBI use treadmill desks to help keep their employees active during their shift. Maybe your boss is the kind of person who likes to see all the facts on the table. If this is the case, then head over to the fourth step.


Fourth Step: Drop it for your Boss to See

Research and print prices of treadmill desks, include their benefits and bring it with you when you go to your boss’ office or for a staff meeting. “Accidentally” drop and leave that piece of paper for your boss to see. If this still doesn’t work, then take the final step.


Fifth Step: Use Some Mind Tricks

If all else fails, then you may need to tell it straight to your boss. This obviously requires some confidence and sales pitch to convince your boss to get you the treadmill desk, and you may get declined. But hey, you wouldn’t know until you try.

Tips to Convince Your Boss to Get You a Treadmill Desk

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There really is no one true way to convince your employer to revamp your workstation with a treadmill desk. If you can afford the upgrade yourself, then you may want to ask your boss’ permission for you to purchase it and put it in your office space. Check out Dual Monitor Guide to find more reviews of the best treadmill desks in the market today and other ergonomic and comfortable computer workstation solutions.

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