ThermoDesk Elite Stand Up; An In-Depth Review

ThermoDesk Elite Stand Up; An In-Depth Review

With tons of choices out there, it can be very confusing for anyone to find the right adjustable-height desk that fits all requirements and intended purpose. Thus, for first time shoppers, the safest bet is the popular brands, as history will tell you that you can never go wrong with reputable brands. iMovR is one of the biggest names out there when it comes to high-quality adjustable desks, and the ThermoDesk Elite is just one of its best products. How does it stand against the stacked market? Is it a good investment? Check out in this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide.


Who is it for?

ThermoDesk Elite is perfect for anyone looking to revamp their workstation for a high quality sit-stand desk. It packs all the good things you can ask for an electric adjustable-height, from excellent performance, solid quality, and of course ergonomics. It’s also  a great choice for dual monitor or even multi-monitor users as the table top is wide enough to support two or more displays side-by-side.



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The iMovR ThermoDesk Elite Standup Desk found the right solution for sit-stand desk users – it adjusts height fast without making too much noise, making it perfect for work setup, particularly in office spaces. It can also lift up to 220 lbs. of weight, which gives us a good idea of the hard-wearing quality of its frame. The base can also stretch out to make room for a walking treadmill, while the tabletop is large enough to accommodate dual monitor setup.


Beautiful and Durable 3D Laminated Tabletop

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iMovR used the latest technology for the tabletop of ThermoDesk Elite, much like what they did to their other high-quality electric adjustable-height desks namely Omega Everest and Omega Olympus – they used 3D lamination technology for a beautiful and hardwearing tabletop that can last a life time.

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The top comes with sealed outer edges, even its inside grommets are nicely done with the ultra-durable Surf(x) film laminate, making it easily more superior than many of its close competitors. This desk comes with precision-contoured “ergo edging”, with fully sealed grommet holes, making the top look like it’s carved straight from one single piece of hardwood. Aside from its aesthetics, the 3D laminate also means the tabletop is fully capable of protecting itself from harmful elements, such as strong chemical cleaners, humidity, and other common causes of damage to office desks.

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The tabletop is 1-1/8 inch thick, with high-density MDF board for better shape stability and superior durability. This thickness allows the top to be built with the solid and gripping recessed threaded nuts.


Digital Programmable Controller with Programmable Presets

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As a high-quality electric sit-stand desk, the digital controller is expected of ThermoDesk Elite desk. What makes this product special though is its programmable feature. Aside from the standard up/down controls, there is also a four-preset options that customers can set and save for convenient switching form sitting, standing or walking. This is quite a handy feature, particularly for people who likes to switch their work positions often.


Incredibly Quiet Motors, Perfect for Office Use

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This desk has a library-level of silence (46 dB, which is barely noticeable with air-conditioning running on the background) in its adjustment. It also scored 42 dB upon descent, which is even more whisper-quiet. Credit that to the dual German-made Bosch motors, this desk can adjust in height without bothering other people around. It’s the perfect choice for office use, as users can easily switch from different work positions without catching anyone’s attention.


Generous Warranty

Most adjustable-height standup desks offer 5-year warranty for its frame, and 2-year for all moving parts. iMovR has total confidence on its product as it offers lifetime warranty for the steel frame, 10-year warranty for all moving parts, and 5-year for both tabletop and electronics. That’s quite an unbeatable warranty that gives us a good idea of the confidence of iMovR to the quality of their product.


Design and Features

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The frame and metal base feel and looks superb; it features a smooth powder coat and feels flawless. It is paired with high-quality Bosch motors that operate smoothly and quietly through Up/Down control with the four programmable buttons. The tabletop is equally stunning, it is thick and solid, while the 3D lamination features well-executed edges, rounded and without separate banding.


Easy to Assemble and Reassemble


Most extra-wide standing desks are not easy to put together, and this is what iMovR definitely addressed in their ThermoDesk Elite. The whole desk is easy to assemble and setup; the tabletops comes with recessed nuts, making it easy for users to assemble and disassemble the desk, without compromising the integrity of the wood every time screws are removed and re-driven to the same holes. All you need is a #5 hex key and a Philips head screwdriver and you can put this thing together in a couple of minutes. There are pre-drilled precision pilot holes for easy installation as well.

The tabletop also comes pre-drilled for a retractable keyboard tray upgrade, which is a highly recommended upgrade for all users.


Tabletop Wide Enough for Multi-Monitor or Shared Workstation

ThermoDesk Elite is not just an excellent one-man workstation, it also a great choice for shared “hotdesk” style treadmill desk.


Base Wide Enough to Accommodate a Walking Treadmill

iMovR doesn’t only promote the importance of standing and alternating your work position with sitting and standing. It also advocates walking, particularly the use of treadmill desk on workstations. This is why the base of Elite desk is wide and can be even stretched out to accommodate a treadmill underneath and make a sit-stand-walk desk. Users can choose between 72 inches to 83 inches variety to have the treadmill underneath.


Tech Specs

Bottom Line

ThermoDesk Elite desk combines state-of-the-art design with great set of features. Right from the first glance, we can say it is particularly designed for people who work on extended hours in front of their computers on a daily basis. The base and frame both feels solidly built (can lift load up to 220 lbs.), and it is backed with lifetime warranty. The motor doesn’t only operate smoothly and quietly, it also adjusts height fast, faster than most desks of its kind. The tabletop is a solid 3D laminate, which is equally both beautiful and tough.

There’s almost nothing negative we can say about this product, but if there’s an area it can improve on, it can be in higher weight capacity. It may be hard to imagine how you can put 220 lbs., of weight on paper, but in reality, most of us put loads and piles of stuff on our desk, especially for a desk as wide as this.

There are very little standing desks out there that offers the same kind of functionality and set of convenient features as the ThermoDesk Elite Stand Up Desk, and very few of which can rival it in its price range. It’s definitely worth the investment, and it’s not even that pricey either.

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