ThermoDesk Elemental Adjustable-Height Desk Review; Value and Versatility

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ThermoDesk Elemental Adjustable-Height Desk Review; Value and Versatility

ModTable’s manual bases have always been impressive. If you have been researching for good-quality crank-type height-adjustable desk online, you may have noticed the MultiTable ModTable Crank-Type Height-Adjustable Desk. Quite frankly, it’s hard not to notice this desk, as it is one of the better rater manual height-adjustable desks in the market today – well-designed and well-built for ergonomics and practicality. Another product that is also getting the praises and rave reviews is the ThermoDesk Elemental Adjustable-Height Desk, a crank-type adjustable height desk that combines value and versatility. It is economic, efficient and very convenient to have in any work settings. Here is Dual Monitors Guide’s in-depth review of yet another impressive desk from Modtable.

Who is it for?

If you’re looking for a crank-type height-adjustable desk that has the competitive edge to improve your workstation like the electric standing desk, and want something similarly close to the expensive motor-powered types, without the expensive price tag, then the ThermoDesk Elemental Adjustable-Height Desk is for you.



ThermoDesk Elemental Adjustable-Height Desk Review; Value and Versatility

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ThermoDesk Elemental Adjustable-Height Desk is a combination of two good things – the solid and hardwearing ModTable base outfitted with the ergonomically-contoured, state-of-the-art, 3D laminated ThermoDesk tabletop. The result is a highly comfortable, durable, versatile and elegant table that works in almost any type of work environment with a price tag that is very hard to beat.


ThermoDesk Tabletop for Better Elegance and Quality

Elemental desk is paired with the ThermoDesk desktop, giving the product better elegance and quality. The top is definitely more attractive and durable than most of its competition, especially compared to the high-pressure laminate boards found in most standing desks today.

ThermoDesk tabletop went through 3D lamination, a unique process that protects the tabletop from the rigors of daily use and various elements and conditions. The process also rounded off the edges for better ergonomics.

Manual Adjustment, Ergonomically and Economically Convenient

ThermoDesk Elemental Adjustable-Height Desk Review; Value and Versatility

(image from Amazon) 

Of course, manually adjustable desks are no match against electric standing desks, but the ThermoDesk Elemental Adjustable-Height Desk is the closest thing you will get its expensive electric counterparts, especially in terms of versatility and efficiency. Even without the fancy motor, this desk adjusts height and sets to sitting and standing position by simply spinning the smooth crank.

It also has its advantages over the electric type. Because it’s manual, you don’t have to deal with messy cables, which as we all know, can be really frustrating when you have so many things plugged to your power outlet in your workstation. And though electric adjustable-height standing desks claim they consume only miniscule amount of power, the manual type is still the greener and more practical long-term choice.

Decently Fast Adjustment to Help You Switch Positions Anytime You Want

It may not adjust the height of the desk as fast as the electric type, but it has the fastest crank mechanism of any manually adjustable standing desks in the market today. At normal spin rat, it moves at a rate of 0.5 inch per second, not too shabby but works all the time. Spin the crank with enthusiasm and you will get nearly 1.5 inch per second, which is the rate of fastest electric standing desks today, and definitely faster than many of its motor-powered counterparts. That is 3x or even 5x faster than the average crank-type desks today.


Plethora of Options for Tabletops

Everyone’s workspace and office is different, and ThermoDesk understands the need for aesthetics for beautiful, encouraging and productive work environment. So aside from the fact that their tabletops feature some unique practical elements you won’t find in any other adjustable-height desks, they have tons of tabletop choices for their consumers in both size and color.

Rather than using the standard HPL (high-pressure laminate), which simply means 3mm thick laminate and is commonly found in most tabletops today, the ThermoDesk Elemental Adjustable-Height Desk uses its manufacturer’s unique approach to make perfectly contoured (computer contoured), edgy, and comfortable tabletop with rounded corners. The chosen color or woodgrain image, then undergoes the 3D lamination process to cover the surface of the wood to make it look more elegant and durable. The laminate will protect the wood from all moisture damage and provide better durability.

Design and Features

ThermoDesk Elemental Adjustable-Height Desk Review; Value and Versatility


Design wise, this desk has a lot to offers, considering it combines two great products to make one excellent desk. The state-of-the-art 3D lamination stands from the crowd of the ordinary high-pressure laminated, edge-banded tabletops. While the contoured edging and ultra-durable surface adds to the ergonomic quality of the desk.


Wide Range of Adjustability to Accommodate Various Users and Work Positions

The ThermoDesk Elemental has an adjustment range of 20 inches. It goes from 27.5 inches to 47.5 inches with the help of the front-mounted removable hand crank. Though it is a couple of inches short compared to the longest adjustability range in the market today, it is more than enough length for most types of users.


Extensive Range of Tabletop Choices, Both Height and Width, for Maximum Comfort and Ergonomics

What makes the ThermoDesk Elemental Adjustable-Height Desk special from its competition is its wide range of adjustability in both height and width.

Tabletop comes in four sizes, (Small 40”x24”, Medium 48”x24”, Large 60”x30”, XL 72”x30”) and size standard colors, namely black, white cherry, gray, mahogany and maple. They have an extensive catalogue as well for custom color options, which is available for large institutional purchases.


Solid Build with Dynamic Weight Capacity to Hold Most Things You Want for Your Workstation

The ThermoDesk Elemental Desk has a weight capacity of 130 lbs., which means it can handle the heaviest office equipment, even dual monitor or multiple monitor setups. Though cranking a heavy desk is obviously much harder once this limit is reached. At static though, the desk has a weight capacity of a whopping 250 lbs.


Easy Assembly

Putting the ThermoDesk Elemental Desk together requires more than the Allen wrench, but it can be done in as fast as 30 to 45 minutes. The base is width adjustable, and can easily stretch to support any of the four table top sizes you wish to get. The manufacturer is also kind enough to provide pre-drilled pilot holes for easy assembly.


With Precisely Pre-Drilled Pilot Holes for Your Convenience

The ThermoDesk Elemental Adjustable-Height Desk is designed for easy consumer assembly, and the precisely pre-drilled pilot holes is the brand’s treat to its consumers as it will definitely make the assembly easier – easy installation of the tabletop to the base snap.

They also provide pilot holes to make it easy for users to upgrade the desk the retractable keyboard tray.



The ThermoDesk Elemental Adjustable-Height Desk is designed to let users freely upgrade their sit-stand desk. But for best ergonomics, they provide workstation upgrade options such as the monitor arm that will hold your LCD monitor up to the perfect height. They have the single monitor and the dual monitor arm option, and in both standard and tall-pole versions (the latter is recommended for users over 5’10” tall).

For computer users who spend most of their time in their workstation typing, you can get the “stowaway” retractable keyboard tray which offers conceivable adjustment for both keyboard and mouse, accommodates almost all types of keyboard models, and provide great comfort for your wrists and forearms. The best part about this upgrade is its affordable price. Also, this upgrade is very easy to install to the ThermoDesk Elemental, thanks to the pre-drilled holes.


Tech Specs


Manufacturer:         MultiTable, the ModTable has the highest user ratings of any manual (crank) base, with the greatest range of both desk height and base width  

Adjustability Range:         20 inches, Adjusts from 27.5” to 47” in height (add 3/4″ for table top)

Lift Speed:         1inch per turn of the crank

Four Base Width Dimensions:         39.5 inches to 55.5 inches

Weight capacity:         130 lbs. while moving, 250 lbs. while stationary




  • State-of-the-art 3D lamination stands above the crowd of ordinary high-pressure laminated, edge-banded tabletops 
  • Ergonomically contoured edging and ultra-durable surface
  • Pre-drilled pilot holes for attaching top to base, and installing optional keyboard tray

Size Options: 24×40 (S), 24×48 (M), 30×60 (L), 30×72 (XL)

Color Choices: Cherry, Mahogany, Maple, Black, White and Gray


Bottom Line

The combination of the tried-and-tested MultiTable base and the vastly improved ThermoDesk tabletop makes an excellent product that is pretty hard to beat. The ThermoDesk Elemental Adjustable-Height Desk brings all the good things of both excellent products into one versatile and functional sit-stand desk.

You would really have to look hard to see any bad things in ThermoDesk Elemental Adjustable-Height Desk. It is truly wonderfully made, well-constructed, incredibly durable and brings value to your money. Essentially, there is nothing much to dislike in this product. Users who are looking for a desk for a multi-user workstation will probably opt for the electric counterpart for easy adjustment and memory preset heights. But those who are looking for a practical choice for their own workstation, the ThermoDesk Elemental can be more than enough.

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