TekHome Super Vacuum Fan Laptop Cooler; An In-Depth Review

TekHome Super Vacuum Fan Laptop Cooler; An In-Depth Review

Vacuum laptop coolers offer excellent alternative to laptop cooling pads; they’re powered through the USB port, sit next to the laptop’s existing vent holes, and suck hot air out of the computer like an external ventilation fan, providing better cooling help for laptops. Despite their amazing benefits however, many seem to share almost the same complain for consumers – the installation they require. Though most of vacuum laptop coolers don’t require sophisticated installation, some people don’t want to be bothered with screwing and mounting pieces together. And this is the kind of issue TekHome Super Vacuum Fan tries to address as it offers extremely easy installation for users. What makes this thing special? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide.

TekHome Super Vacuum Fan Laptop Cooler; An In-Depth Review

TekHome Super Vacuum Fan Laptop Cooler (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

TekHome Super Vacuum Fan is designed for superior laptop cooling, and it’s fully equipped to deliver all its claims of lowering the temperature of your computer, keeping it fully operational at healthy temperature level for longer period of time. It comes in a futuristic/gaming-centric design, making it an excellent choice for users who love to play games on their laptops.



TekHome Super Vacuum Fan is a high quality vacuum laptop cooler that looks good in both aesthetics and performance.


Multi-Blade Turbine Fan, Copper Coil and Permanent Magnet

TekHome Super Vacuum Fan Laptop Cooler; An In-Depth Review

TekHome Super Vacuum Fan Laptop Cooler (image from Amazon)

TekHome Super Vacuum Fan offers superior cooling than many of its competitors, thanks to the quality fan with multi-blade turbine feature which also comes with 100% copper coil and permanent magnet. All these things work together to provide powerful fan spin for the most efficient cooling.


Portable Design with Reusable Tape

Yes, vacuum laptop coolers are meant to be portable. However, some designs which require screwing a plate underneath the laptop for a secure hold, makes the pair of the laptop and cooler difficult to carry around. Unless you disassemble vacuum cooler from the laptop and put the two inside your bag, which means you have to assemble it again whenever you want to use your laptop with the cooler. Since this model require no assembly, it is extremely easy to setup and disassemble from the laptop. It also comes with a reusable tape for easy and more secured setup.



Design and Features

Design wise, the TekHome Super Vacuum Fan is very similar to the popular brand Opolar; it comes in a cool and gaming-centric design, with blue LED light to complete the futuristic look. And like the popular brand, it indeed delivers efficient cooling, thanks to its powerful and quality fans. Its main difference however, is its easy setup, which saves users from the hassles of installation. Also, it comes with a rotary switch for a more unique design and function.


Rotary Switch to Adjust Fan Level

Unlike most vacuum laptop coolers that come with + and – buttons to adjust the level of the fan, this one comes with a rotary switch which turns the fans on, powers the fans, and switches it off. Basically, you can adjust the suction speed of the fan at will using its rotary wheels. Indeed, a unique experience compared to the old-fashioned switch that comes with most vacuum coolers.


Easy Setup for Convenient Use

TekHome Super Vacuum Fan Laptop Cooler; An In-Depth Review

TekHome Super Vacuum Fan Laptop Cooler (image from Amazon)

As said earlier, TekHome Super Vacuum Fan bypasses installation, making it extremely convenient to use, and definitely the best choice for people who hate the installing part. Simply choose the right silicone cap to fully cover the exhaust, place the device with cap close to the ventilation holes, allow the tape to stick underneath your laptop, and voila! You’re ready to switch it on and enjoy its cooling benefits for your laptop. It’s that easy. No mounting, no screwing needed. 

Tech Specs

TekHome Super Vacuum Fan Laptop Cooler; An In-Depth Review

Package includes the laptop cooler, four silicon shrouds, a USB cable, and four rubber pads.


Bottom Line

As said earlier, TekHome Super Vacuum Fan looks and works like the popular brand Opolar, which is great, as it delivers almost the same benefits for cheaper price tag. It looks cool and gaming-centric (with awesome lighting effects), making it the ideal choice for laptop gamers.


When it comes to performance, it is indeed extremely efficient, thanks to its powerful fans which provides optimal cooling. What it doesn’t have however, is the automatic mode, which would have been a convenient feature to have, as it saves you from the guesswork of how much cooling power you need to properly cool down your computer. This means you are responsible for setting the fan speed of the device. Also, this product doesn’t come with LED screen display, which means you have to rely on your feel of the device for its function, since it doesn’t show the intensity level of the fan, nor the current temperature of your laptop.

It is cheap and definitely effective, which makes it a good ideal despite of its shortcomings.

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