Taskmate EZ 6400; An In-Depth Review

Taskmate EZ 6400; An In-Depth Review

As standing desks make gain more and more popularity, manufacturers and vendors are coming out with their own unique and innovative solutions to cope with the market’s rising demand. One of the newest additions to the competition comes from Health Postures, a popular American brand that had made its mark in the market through making ergonomic solutions that encourage energetic work environment – the Taskmate EZ 6400 – a desktop riser designed to sit on top of your existing desk. The biggest selling point of this product is its ability a stand-up option without you having to completely modify your desk or come up with some DIY in your workspace. Know more about this amazing ergonomic solution here at Dual Monitors Guide’s Taskmate EZ 6400 Review.

Taskmate EZ 6400; An In-Depth Review

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Who is it for?

If you’re looking for a sit-stand workstation solution but don’t have the luxury of space or doesn’t want to ditch your office desk, your best available solution is a desktop riser. The Taskmate EZ 6400 is one of the products you should check out if you decide for a desktop riser. It is very easy to put-up and install to your desk, while letting you enjoy all the benefits of standing at work and being able to move around freely in your workspace. It’s a very affordable and well-built, which means it’s one of the most cost-efficient products of its kind.




Practically Affordable, Easy To Use and Enjoy Standing Desk Solution

The Taskmate EZ 6400 is one of the simplest, most-straightforward and cost-effective ways to turn your traditional desk to a standing workstation. It works by attaching to the desk and adjust from sitting to standing while leaving you plenty of space to work on.


Completely Adjustable to Fit to Everyone’s Ergonomic Requirements

Taskmate EZ 6400; An In-Depth Review

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This Taskmate desktop riser comes with complete adjustable options, this is the strongest selling point of this product, as so many standing desks out there don’t have a complete way to raise display to the right height for all types of users. The monitor and keyboard can also adjust independently of each other, allowing different users of different height get the best height.

Also, this product monitor mount comes with a tilt mechanism to allow better display adjustments, allowing users to stand comfortably, longer.


Design and Features

As a desk riser, the Taskmate EZ 6400 doesn’t need any complicated assembly and installation. After the easy assembly, you can mount the product easily to your existing desk. The manual adjustments give you the freedom to work standing if you want to work that way.


Well-Built and Extremely Solid

Made in USA, the Taskmate EZ 6400 only use sturdy components and heavy-duty steel construction with powdered coating, you can easily feel their solid build through its weight as you pull each piece out from the box.

This desktop riser also has no moving parts, which means there is nothing to break down and a maintenance-free addition to anyone’s workspace, which is quite a convenient feature to have.

Easy Installation for your Convenience

Assembly and installation is usually the hardest part of most computer workstation improvements. The Taskmate EZ 6400 doesn’t have this problem as this desktop riser is very easy to setup and install to anyone’s workspace. The owner’s manual that comes in the package illustrates the assembly with colored photos and step-by-step instructions. Depending on how you want to mount the base of the riser, you will only need three tools for the assembly of this product to your desk; screwdriver, 7/32 Allen wrench (comes with the package) and an adjustable wrench. It can quickly and securely attaches to any work surface.

The monitor mount is VESA standard, which means it should mount and support almost any monitor out there. There are four screws at the back that will support the back of the monitor

For attaching the base of the desktop riser, you have two options, the clamp and the drill option. The clamp option usually fits most types of desks (24 inches deep and below), while thicker and more depth desks (25 inch) can use the drilling option.


Tech Specs

Taskmate EZ 6400; An In-Depth Review

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  • Post Dimensions: 3 inch thick, 23 ¼ in high with maximum screen height of 32 ½ inches (from the center of the mount)
  • Tray Size (H x W x D): 18 in x 23 ¼ in x 22 in
  • Base: 2 in x 4 in
  • From monitor mount to edge of table top: 15 inches
  • Adjustments: 14 Settings with 1½ in Increments
  • Maximum table height: 19 inches
  • Mounting Pattern: VESA Standard
  • Maximum weight capacity: 50 lbs.
  • Shipping Dimensions: 19 in x 25 in x 5½ in
  • Shipping Weight: 20 lbs


Bottom Line

Taskmate EZ 6400; An In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

Desktop riser provides a great solution for anyone looking to revamp their workspace without spending a hefty amount of money for a new set of workstation or people who doesn’t want to ditch their office desk. It allows you to use your existing desk and gives you the luxury to stand at work without having to completely change your desk. The Taskmate EZ 6400 has this luxury and more. The brand has been around for more than 10 years, and has been making healthy options for all types and sizes of computer users. It’s a very well made product both aesthetically and functionally speaking.

If there’s anything we can complain about this desktop riser, it would be its keyboard tray. Having a wider tray would definitely benefit the cause of this product. If you position your monitor directly in front of your keyboard, you may find it odd at the beginning as it will leave little room for your mouse. But after a day or two, you can get past the learning curve of maneuvering your mouse in limited space.

Also, the tray can’t lay flat on the desk, rather, it rises about an inch and a half. Again, this is an issue you can get over quickly as you use your desk rise often.

All in all, the Taskmate EZ 6400 is one of the best desktop risers there is for standing desk needs. It’s a quality product that delivers it promises, and definitely a cheaper alternative. Check out Dual Monitors Guide for more about practical workstation solutions now!

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