Samsung C27F591; An In-Depth Review

Samsung C27F591; An In-Depth Review

Samsung is one of the very first brands that embraced the curved screen technology, and they have truly made some impressive products from curved panels, be it for gaming, entertainment, or even professional use. And they’re not done yet, as they have just released their latest addition to the curved screen family – the Samsung C27F591, a high-performance monitor that uses VA panel and a tight curve of 1800mm radius, which is way better curve than 2400mm radius that comes with most curved-screen monitors out there. Its widescreen doesn’t offer anything out of the ordinary, but image quality wise, it lives up to the brand’s high standards, making it a good centerpiece monitor. How does it stand against the other curved screens in the market? Read more and find out in this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide.

Samsung C27F591; An In-Depth Review

Samsung C27F591 (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

Samsung C27F591 is actually designed to deliver unique and more immersive gaming experience, thanks to the curved screen with better radius. It comes with lots of convenient gaming features, but as with many Samsung displays, it is quite a versatile display as well for variety of purposes. Plus, it also comes with an affordable price tag for anyone to afford.



Samsung C27F591 uses a VA (Vertical Alignment) panel, which is the middle ground of IPS and TN panel. The former is more commonly used for professional use and colour-demanding tasks, while the latter is preferred for gaming for fast pixel response. VA on the other hand, somewhat combines the good things of the two, though it doesn’t quite replicate their colour accuracy or ultra-fast performance. This particular monitor however, serves up with darker blacks and more punchy color, as the slight expense of viewing angles.

It runs at Full HD (1920 x 1080p) resolution, which is pretty standard for a monitor of its price range.


Accurate and Vibrant Colours, Good Brightness Level and Excellent Black Levels for All-Around Use

Out-of-the-box performance is fantastic, typical for most Samsung monitors. And though it’s tailor-made for better gaming, it great for typical office work purposes as well. The maximum brightness level however, may be too bright for 8-hours/day work life, so you might want to turn it down a notch to make it more comfortable for long hours of work.

Though not particularly impressive, the maximum brightness is good, which is at 275 nits. What is impressive in image quality is actually the deeper black levels. Though it only scored 0.12 nits on pure black, the screen has no trouble showing incredibly dark scenes, providing great contrast on images and scenes, and more pop for the colors. Brighter areas and subtle shades get more punch as well. Its contrast figure is measured at a huge 2167:1.

Samsung C27F591 also has no trouble displaying colors in great accuracy. It doesn’t just have 99.3% sRGB colour gamut coverage, but its uncalibrated accuracy score is at 2.54 Delta E, meaning most of its colours are close to accurate, and that the human eye won’t be able to spot noticeable differences between the actual “perfect” version of the color and what the monitor shows.


Good Backlight Uniformity, Which Is Impressively for Curved Screens

Samsung C27F591; An In-Depth Review

Samsung C27F591 (image from Amazon)

Most curved-screen monitors suffer from backlight uniformity, but not Samsung C27F591, even on its most extreme corners, which has 9% darker than the middle. That’s as good as other high quality non-professional monitors.


Limited Viewing Angle, Certainly Not for Multiple Viewers

The curved screen of Samsung C27F591 is definitely made for single user, as the radius of the curve makes it hard to multiple users to see and appreciate fully everything displayed on screen. The side angles lose good deal of clarity. It’s great for immersive gaming, but it’s not the ideal display for presentations or watching movies and videos with multiple viewers.


With Excellent Gaming Features for Better Gaming Experience

Samsung C27F591 comes equipped with AMD FreeSync technology, which means if you have an AMD graphics card in your rig, you can hook use the DisplayPort connector and enable the FreeSync and get your display and computer in-sync for better graphics performance. This eliminates screen tearing in games and action-packed movies, while also provide smoother and faster gaming performance. Also, it helps the monitor’s refresh rate.

This Samsung monitor runs at 4ms response time and 60Hz refresh rate. Though those digits may fall short from ‘ultra-fast’ they’re fast enough to provide good gaming experience, and should work just fine for less twitchy games such as strategy and simulation titles.


 Design and Features

Samsung C27F591; An In-Depth Review

Samsung C27F591 (image from Amazon)

The most obvious design advantage of Samsung C27F591 is definitely its curved screen that brags 1800mm radius. In comparison, many of its competition use slightly more subtle curve of 2400mm radius. Samsung on the other hand, breaks the typical mould, offering more immersive gaming experience, as the corners of the screen are closer to your eyeline. Everything on the screen is easier to see, without having to move your head, which is quite an advantage for gaming. Its overall look is quite stylish, which is quite common with Samsung displays.

The cabinet sports silver metallic plastic, with its bezels, stands and base also receiving the same design treatment.

Samsung C27F591; An In-Depth Review

Samsung C27F591 (image from Amazon)

The top and side bezels are all incredibly thin, giving the whole cabinet extra bonus points in terms of style. Of course, thin bezels also mean better dual monitor setup. The bottom bezel houses the logo and status light preset.

The backside of the cabinet is finished with glossy white plastic, and features a small cable routing to help keep your desk neat and free of cable clutter.


Buttons and Controls

Samsung C27F591; An In-Depth Review

Samsung C27F591 (image from Amazon)

For the buttons, this Samsung monitor uses a joystick (JOG button) to control the OSD (On-Screen Display), located at the back right-hand side of the display. The menu includes all the basic settings you need, and it has some nice preset modes for general use.

The Standard mode is quite subdued, which reduces brightness level, making the monitor easy for the eyes. Cinema mode puts brightness and sharpness. Dynamic Contrast doesn’t make a huge difference for watching movies and videos. Basic Colour dials all the setting down similar to Standard mode, making the screen easy to look at.

There is also the Eye Saver mode, which improves the warmth and reduces brightness, turning the screen warm, eliminating majority of blue light, making it easy for the eyes. Great feature for those who work for extended hours on their computers.


Connectivity Options

Samsung C27F591; An In-Depth Review

Samsung C27F591 (image from Amazon)

For its I/O ports, Samsung included one of each basic port; HDMI, VGA and DisplayPort to makes sure users have all devices covered.


With Built-in Speakers for Convenience

As with many newer models of gaming display in the market, Samsung C27F591 comes with a pair of built-in speakers. But don’t get too excited though, as with most built-in speakers, it doesn’t offer work with excellent audio quality. The 5W speakers fire out through the bottom vents. The sound quality is horrible at first, but you can use the Music mode to improve the sound quality with extra punch and bass.

The speakers more of a convenient feature, since many gamers will find it an attractive feature to save precious desk space and accommodate the massive 27-inch size.


Large Circular Base for Stability, But with Limited Adjustability

Unfortunately though, the stand doesn’t offer adjustability for the monitor aside from tilt adjustments. It sits static, which is quite a shame considering most monitors come with ergonomic features such as stand adjustability, which is particularly convenient for a display of its size. Also, for taller users, you may need to put a couple of books underneath the base to raise the screen up.

 Also, it doesn’t come with VESA-compliant mounting holes, which means you’re stuck with the stand.


 Tech Specs

Samsung C27F591; An In-Depth Review

Bottom Line

Though there’s nothing in Samsung C27F591’s specs sheet that jumps off the page, and nothing in its performance that makes special, it is unique on its own way. And for its price, it offers some of the best features you can ask for.

It runs Full HD at 27-inch monitor, which is fairly standard. However, it uses a curved screen with a radius of 1800mm, which means it’s more curvy than the usual 2400mm radius we see in most curved screen monitors out there today.

If you’re looking for a stylish monitor for a fairly affordable price, then you should have this one in your list. Also, it’s a good display for gaming, and decently equipped to run most games in fast and smooth fashion.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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