Safco Muv Stand-Up Workstation; An In-Depth Review

Safco Muv Stand-Up Workstation; An In-Depth Review

The growing number of studies that emphasizes the dangers of extended sitting resulted to the growing popularity of standing desks. However, the expensive price tag that comes with most standing desks and standing workstation solutions still had more people pondering about sticking to their standard work desks for a while. This is the issue Safco Muv Stand-Up Workstation tries to address, as it provides a cheap solution with the same kind of flexibility and functionality as any good standing desk in the market today. Check out this Dual Monitor Guide’s review on this sit-stand desk to find out more about the practicality of this product.

Safco Muv Stand-Up Workstation; An In-Depth Review

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Who is it for?

Any computer user who is happy about standing to work rather than sitting will find Safco Muv Stand-Up Workstation a good desk to consider. Alternatively, it can work as a separate standing desk for people with extra room in their workspace. It offers quite a good range of height adjustability, making it suitable for both short and tall users. It’s biggest selling point however, is its very affordable price tag, which makes it a good start-up desk for anyone who wants to try standing at work.



Nice and Sturdy Standing Desk for a Price You Can Afford

Safco Muv Stand-Up Workstation; An In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

The Safco Muv Stand-Up Workstation is a great mid-range standing desk option that comes with comprehensive components and sturdy frame. Its biggest selling point is its affordable price. It doesn’t have a spacious work surface, which makes it a great option for people who either have another workstation or who only use desk for their computers.


Multiple Height Options for Comfortable Use

This adjustable standing desk has multiple height settings ranging from 35 inches to 49 inches. That’s an option of every inch in between, which means it can fit almost anyone’s height requirements.

But unlike many high performance adjustable desks today, you would have to manually take the table apart and adjust it to your preferred height setting, which means it can be quite a hassle if you wish to use it as your all-in-one workspace. Also, you may have to experiment to find the best height and settings for you. As a rough starting point, you can measure the length from the floor to your elbow, this can be the dimension you can start with.


Multiple Shelves for Convenient Storage

Another great benefit of Safco Muv Stand-Up Workstation is its multiple shelves. This desk features two (2) platforms for to hold your keyboard and monitor, and extra two (2) shelves below to hold more computer peripherals and different things you need for your workstation, such printer, books, computer base, etc.  The top shelf is adjustable. There are four bars that can slide up and down, and are held in a place with four wing nuts. However, the bottom shelves can’t be adjusted.

Below the top shelf is a pull-out height adjustable keyboard tray, with a range of up to 6 inches. It’s a great feature for storage that makes the small work surface area a little better, as you have multiple of options to place your belongings and various work space peripherals.


One of the Most Affordable Standing Desks There Is

Affordability is one of Safco Muv Stand-Up Workstation’s biggest selling points. It’s a piece of furniture that doesn’t cost a fortune. Considering its functionality and quality, this standing desk certainly belongs to the upper echelon of products with great value.

Design and Features

The Safco Muv Stand-Up Workstation comes in cherry, gray and walnut options that all look aesthetically fine, with a solid steel frame that holds everything securely in place. The desk can support up to 100 lbs., which is usually more than enough for a computer workstation.

Safco Muv Stand-Up Workstation; An In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

Simplistic, Solid and Unassuming Design

There is nothing extraordinary about this standing desk, it’s as simple and as straightforward as you can expect from an affordable desk. No extra bells and whistles, but it delivers the job quite well through its simplicity and quality.

Its simple and modern design is the product of effectively using wood for the shelves and steel for frame together. It’s a design that fits in almost any office and work environment. This desk supports 100 pounds, and it comes in walnut, cherry, or gray options

The entire frame of this standing desk is made up of solid metal, while the actual table tops are made from good-quality PVC, which feels much nicer than the cheaper plywood that comes with other desks in the market today. The black wavy rectangle at the side of the frame is made out of cheap plastic material, and is only there for cosmetic reasons.


Small Work Surface to Fit Through Small Spaces

Safco Muv Stand-Up Workstation isn’t too big, but it is not too small either. It is big enough to support mid-sized laptops and monitors, which usually fits most types of use. The top shelf measures 29.5 inches x 19.75 inches, which means you have to make sure your desktop will fit nicely before you consider buying it. Also, the tray for the keyboard is a little narrower than the top shelf.


Easy Assembly

This standing desk doesn’t come with extra bells and whistles, making it fairly easy to put up. The included instructions shows only picture, now word instructions, but they are fairly easy to comprehend. Having some basic spatial skills and simply staring at the pictures long enough will give you a good idea

 on how to set up the whole thing nicely.

Package comes with an Allen wrench and open-end wrench. All you need is a Philips screwdriver and you’re ready to assemble the height adjustable desk.

Tech Specs

  • Product Dimensions: 22 x 29.5 x 49 inches
  • Height adjustability: 35” to 49” with 1-inch increments
  • Weight capacity: 100 lbs. for desk top, 25 lbs for keyboard tray
  • Keyboard shelf: 22 3/4-inch x 13 1/2-inch
  • Work surface: 29 1/2-inch w x 19 3/4-inch d x 3/4-inch
  • Work surface height: 35-inch to 49-inch
  • Colors: Available in cherry, gray and walnut options

Bottom Line

The Safco Muv Stand-Up Workstation is not really an adjustable height desk, rather, it is an adjustable standing desk, which means you have to be aware of its limitations. That being said, this stand-up workstation offers great value for your money and definitely has its place under right circumstances. It features a 35 inches to 49 inches height adjustability range to fit most height requirements.

It is obviously far from perfect, and the simple design may give it a cheap feel, but its simplicity is also its strongest point. You should know that once assembled, it will be set on a fixed height, though it can be modified to fit your height requirements. Also, the work surface is a little smaller compared to its competition, which means it may not be a practical workstation for people needing lots of desk space for work.

All in all, the Safco’s Muv adjustable height stand-up workstation provides great value for your money and does many things better than other desks in the market today, despite its limitations. Above all, it can work as a sit-stand desk, making it an affordable start-up alternative for people who are just starting to get used to standing at work. But then again, it can’t be easily adjusted from a sitting to a standing desk. It’s solidly constructed and easy to assemble. It’s a great extension for your current sitting desk.

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