RISE Height-Adjustable Desk: An In-Depth Review

RISE Height-Adjustable Desk: An In-Depth Review

The RISE Height-Adjustable Desk is one of the most versatile sit-stand desks you can find in the market today, and probably the first true sit-walk capable desk. It can stretch wide enough to support both a chair and a treadmill simultaneously, encouraging users to move more often while working on their workstation. How does it compare to other sit-stand desks in today’s market? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide to find out.


Who is it for?

If you’re looking for a high-quality height-adjustable desk that will encourage you to stand up and move a lot from your workstation more often, then the RISE Height-Adjustable Desk is for you. It doesn’t only allow sit-stand function; the long table top lets you put your choice and your walking treadmill side-by-side, giving you the luxury to sit whenever you need, standing and walking on the treadmill whenever you want.



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Each Leg Equipped with German-engineered Bosch Motor

It may sound fancy, but RISE Height-Adjustable Desk comes equipped with the brand’s very own German-engineered, Bosch motor. The motors are not just for making the specs look fancy: it’s a powerful motor capable of lifting load of up to a whopping 300 lbs.

Amazingly Quiet Lift Mechanism

Despite its capability of lifting huge amount of load, the motor records a stealthy 46 dB (decibel) sound signature, which is quiet impressive as it’s easily one of the most quiet electric height-adjustable desk. There are only two products in the market that can compare to its quiet lifting mechanism, the iMovR’s ThermoDesk Elite and ThermoDesk Electra, (records 46 dB and 42 dB respectively). It’s a whisper quiet mechanism that even librarians would love.

Moves Slowly But Surely

Lift speed and sound are the two important factors in adjustable height desks, and they are usually a straight trade-off when it comes to electric-height desks. The RISE Height-Adjustable Desk suffers the same fate, as the silent operation results to slow lifting speed of only 1.5inches per second. That’s significantly slow compared to MultiTable Mod-E which adjusts height at 2.1 inches per second. ThermoDesk Electra and the NextDesks height-adjustable desks are both slightly faster at 1.7 in per second. The slow lift movement however, ensures secures smooth and safe adjustment for everything you put on top of your desk.


Open-Architecture Design Leaves Room for Customization and Improvements

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The RISE Height-Adjustable Desk is a highly customizable desk, and it comes with a few handy extras to help improve your workstation and make it more comfortable for daily use. If you’re going to share this desk, then there’s an LED height-readout, a great improvement for shared workstations. Of course, knowing exactly how high you want your desk is always helpful.



Design and Features

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Keyboard Tray Mountable Design

Often times, we compromise keyboard and mouse ergonomics when using sit-stand desks, as we use our keyboard and mouse right on the desk’s surface. Most height-adjustable desks comes with central crossbar which limits the space under the desk, making it difficult (even impossible) to install rails for keyboard trays to attach. The RISE Height-Adjustable Desk is one of the very few adjustable-height desks that offers keyboard tray mount, ensuring comfortable computing with better ergonomics. Users can have the keyboard of their choice, as they can easily use the mountable tray. There’s a notch that supports frame without compromising stability. 

Even the smaller RISE tabletops come with 20-inch free room, which is more than enough to allow a standard 17-inch rail. While there are available versions of shorter rail for use with adjustable-height desks, most instances the keyboard tray can’t be retracted all the way under the tabletop due to the crossbar obstruction.


ANSI/BIFMA Certified

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RISE Height-Adjustable Desk is designed to accommodate wide height range of users (22 inches to 48 inches). Additional one inch for the ultra-durable and ultra-dense tabletop (most desks out there only offer 3/4 inch tabletop).


Improvements and Upgrades

Upgradeable Control Panel

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Like most good-quality electric height-adjustable desk, the RISE Height-Adjustable Desk allows you to set your specific settings for convenient and comfortable use via upgrade. Upgrading the control panel of this desk will give you the luxury to set three programmable height presets, a feature that can come really handy in the long run, particularly if you’re looking for a multi-user desk.


Above-top and Under-top Power Stations and Cable Management System

This desk has optional above-top and under-top power stations, along with cable-control gutters and sleeves to help you keep your workstation neat and free of cable clutter.


Great Choices of Tabletops

The different tabletop options are probably the biggest draw of RISE Height-Adjustable Desk. There are 14 colors to choose from, 4 edge trim styles, and a lot of edge trim color options and different sizes users can choose. You can actually choose a desk wide enough to accommodate both a chair and a treadmill side-by-side to make a full sit-stand-walk workstation. It’s the very first desk in the market that can stretch to these widths and provided a welcome alternative to some outdated models like the Steelcase Walkstation. Because of which, iMovR added a few improvements on its ThermoDesk options to the mix which are better-priced and better-featured than the ISE offering. But then again, the RISE’s desk is still the original.


Tech Specs

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Bottom Line

The RISE Height-Adjustable Desk is the first true sit-walk capable desk we have ever reviewed here in Dual Monitors Guide, and it’s quite a refreshing thing to know that products for workstation ergonomics are now becoming more diverse and functional than ever. This height-adjustable desk has quite an impressive load capacity (can lift up to 300 lbs. of weight), with smooth and quiet lift operation. Many consider it as a great choice for corporate buyers looking to purchase large quantities of the unit and have the desks installed by professionals. However, it also works great for small office home office settings, particularly for people who wants to have the luxury to sit, stand and walk while working on their computer.

Build wise, one can easily say that RISE Height-Adjustable Desk is built to last. It’s made up of high quality materials and strong and hardwearing components designed to withstand the rigors of everyday workstation use.

It has its own share of shortcomings as well. One example is that, when using long top desks (83-inch table top), the desk feels shaky when desk is set at highest elevation. Shorter tabletops set at lower elevations of course, has solid and more stable base.

For more in-depth reviews such as this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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