PRO PLPTS25 Laptop Computer Stand for DJ; An In-Depth Review

PRO PLPTS25 Laptop Computer Stand for DJ; An In-Depth Review

Most laptop stands we find in the market today are intended for work use, particularly office use and home use. They provide great convenience for such purposes, thanks to their ergonomics and sit-stand adjustability. Portable alternatives offer more compact sit-stand setup with smaller foot print and foldability features. However, none of these two can work perfectly for DJs on the booth. Enter laptop stands for DJs, a new breed of stands specifically designed for DJs working on their booth and want to put their laptops on an elevated and more secured platform. One good example is the PYLE-PRO PLPTS25 Laptop Computer Stand. What makes this product worth it? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide.


Who is it for?

The PYLE-PRO PLPTS25 Laptop Computer Stand, as its name suggests, is designed especially for DJs. It allows DJs to place their laptops on top of their booth and hover above various equipment and controls. It has small foot print that allows you to slide its base under the controller on the booth. Of course, it can also work non DJs, or any user who simply want to elevate their laptop off their desk and use an external keyboard for more comfortable typing.


PRO PLPTS25 Laptop Computer Stand for DJ; An In-Depth Review

PRO PLPTS25 Laptop Computer Stand (image from Amazon)


As with most laptop stands, the main purpose of PYLE-PRO PLPTS25 Laptop Computer Stand is to provide better viewing comfort and work ergonomics by elevating laptops off the desk, and keeping the display in eye level with its user. This product does a fine job for this task, and its design provides some convenient features that DJs will really need in their gigs.


Stable and Sturdy

The simple and straightforward design of this laptop desk provides sturdy and stable support for the laptop on top. Despite its cheap price tag, the company was able to make a well-balanced and well-built stand using solid and hardwearing metal components.


Good Height Adjustment Range

PRO PLPTS25 Laptop Computer Stand for DJ; An In-Depth Review

PRO PLPTS25 Laptop Computer Stand (image from Amazon)

The 6.3 inches to 8.9 inches height adjustment range is already quite a good aspect. Obviously, you’ll be putting this stand along with your laptop on top of the laptop booth, which means unless you’re really tall, that height adjustment range is pretty decent.

For height adjustment, simply line up two holes and lock them using the crosspiece and turn the knob to lock the thumbscrews.


Design and Features

PRO PLPTS25 Laptop Computer Stand for DJ; An In-Depth Review

PRO PLPTS25 Laptop Computer Stand (image from Amazon)

Design wise, this monitor doesn’t look anything appealing, at all. It looks industrial, and even looks like it lacks some parts. However, it’s pretty much all you need for elevating your laptop, especially if you’re a DJ working on a booth for you gig. Its versatile design allows it to stand alone and on a stable fashion on any flat surface through quick and easy setup. The matte black finish on the other hand, looks great. It give the product that industrial toughness kind of look.


Feels Well-Built, Nice and Sturdy

Despite the simplicity of the design, the PYLE-PRO PLPTS25 Laptop Computer Stand feels really well-built. It’s made up of aluminum, which ensures durability and light weight. It can hold laptops up to 8 lbs., which mean as it can hold your average-sized laptop without any problems.


Extremely Easy to Setup, No Tools Required

This laptop stand needs minimal work on assembly and disassembly. It uses thumbscrews to lock components in place. Should you wish to disassemble the stand, simply undo all four thumbscrews. It breaks up in to 6 pieces, which you can all slide into your bag and bring with you when traveling.


Padded Foam Layer at the Top and Bottom

As with most good quality laptop stands out there, this one also comes with some kind of a cushion on its base to help secure your laptop, minimize wobbling and keep your table from scratches.

For its top (where you will place your laptop), it comes with the same padded foam layer. Again, this helps provide cushion and stability support for your computer so it won’t get scratched.


Piece of Rubber Glued on Top Tier

To help keep your laptop in place, they provided a piece of rubber glued on the top tier layer of the laptop stand.


Tech Specs

PRO PLPTS25 Laptop Computer Stand for DJ; An In-Depth Review

Bottom Line


Packaging is looks and feels cheap, as it only comes with a small box with labels and some specs details of the products. But then again, the product is also quite cheap, but that does NOT mean it’s cheap in terms of build quality.

Considering you can dismantle everything into just six pieces and put all of them in your bag, along with your other stuff, is pretty fascinating. This means you can get that ergonomic benefits anywhere you go, anytime. The tool-less assembly is also quite a plus, especially for people who are always on the go, such as DJs, as you obviously don’t want to bring assembly tools with you when traveling.   

Overall, the PYLE-PRO PLPTS25 Laptop Computer Stand is a good product, even a better product considering its price. It has adjustable height range, which is a plus, as many laptop stands for DJs on its price range only offers fixed height setup. Lastly, it is extremely cheap, and probably the cheapest of its kind in the market today.

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