Philips Brilliance MultiView 298P4QJEB Review; Stylish 29-inch Monitor with Panoramic View and Crystal Clear Display

Philips Brilliance Multiview 298p4qjeb Review Stylish 29 Inch Monitor With Panoramic View And Crystal Clear Display 40 4903409

Philips Brilliance MultiView 298P4QJEB Review; Stylish 29-inch Monitor with Panoramic View and Crystal Clear Display

If you feel the typical widescreen monitor is not enough for your needs and doesn’t give you the screen real estate to work and use it comfortably, but you don’t have room for a dual monitor setup in your workstation, then your next best option is the ultra-wide monitor. One of the better choices out there is the Philips Brilliance MultiView (298P4QJEB).

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Philips has joined the 29-inch market with their Brilliance 298P4QJEB, an IPS panel display with 2560 x 1080 resolution, and it’s their way of saying they are moving beyond Full HD resolution. Take a closer look of this monitor here at Dual Monitors Guide’s review.


Who is it for?

If you’re looking for a big 29-inch display with an impressively big 21:9 aspect ratio for your gaming and graphics design, entertainment and work requirement needs, then you should check out the Philips Brilliance MultiView 298P4QJEB monitor. It has crystal clear images, panoramic ultra-high resolution brilliance, packed with features and comes with a stylish design



Stylish 29-inch Monitor with Panoramic View and Crystal Clear Display


The Philips 298P4QJEB is a stylish widescreen IPS display that offers good grayscale robust color performance, wide viewing angle and generous set of features. Its Ultra-wide 29-inch screen works as a panoramic screen that gives users plenty of room to work on multiple pages and enjoy videos in Full High Definition.


Crystal Clear Ultra Wide HD Panel 

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Philips Brilliance MultiView 298P4QJEB is equipped with the brand’s latest Crystal Clear Quad HD 2560 x 1080 resolution. Its Ultra Wide High Performance HD panel is utilized with high density pixel count, while the AH-IPS (Advanced High Performance In-Plane Switching panel does a good job in displaying shades of gray on DisplayMate 64-Step Gray Scale test. Light and dark images look sharp in photos, while shadows are well detailed with darker blacks, very helpful in giving colors more life and darker scenes look better defined.


Superb Color Accuracy 

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Though not perfect, the color accuracy of Philips Brilliance 298P4QJEB is still considered excellent. CIE color test shows red to be very close to its ideal coordinates, while blue is on point. Green is a little off, but not far to cause any saturation, tinting, whatsoever. Unless you’re looking for a new monitor for your color critical work, you will not notice the slightly off green.


Panoramic 21:9 Aspect Ratio for a Wider Screen Real Estate and More Brilliant Images

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The aspect ratio of Brilliance 298P4QJEB is at 21:9, which means it is far wider than the usual 16:9 aspect ratio of Full HD, WQHD, and Ultra HD monitors, while keeping the same vertical space, making it easy for your eyes. This monitor is very close to become a super-widescreen (which is at 2.39:1). This means users can watch films in this display without experiencing those annoying black bars that usually stretches on top and bottom of the screen.

Also, with True 8-bit color depth and Philip’s TrueVision technology, this display is able to achieve 99% sRGB color space with a delta-E of less than 3, far tighter than the Windows specification.

298P4QJEB has 178/178 viewing angle, which means it’s perfect for graphic designing , various web applications, photo retouching, etc. Users can even open two (2) full-size side-by-side Internet pages, open and navigate through multiple applications and multi-task on their computer with relative ease.


Excellent Viewing Angle for Variety of Use

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The Ultra Wide screen of Philips 298P4QJEB gives users excellent viewing angle. Color stay sharp and well-defined even when viewed from top to bottom and side angles, and they don’t show any signs of dimming or washouts. Small texts stay clear and legible, even at 5.3 points size.


Fast Pixel Response Making the Monitor Good for Action Packed Videos or Even Gaming

With 5ms (gray to gray) pixel response time, the 298P4QJEB does a great job in handling videos. Though it is not the best there is for demanding games, it is very capable of running games without obvious ghosting.

This monitor also comes with a Smart Response setting, which can help improving gaming experience in a lot of games. But it can’t completely eliminate artifacts, especially if games are set too high. After all, the 21:9 aspect ratio is very appealing to gamers as it shows them more peripheral vision of the environment of their games; great choice for racing games, RPGs, and even FPS games and tactical games. 

Very Efficient Energy Consumption for its Size and Capabilities

This monitor is Energy Star compliant, and with only 34 watts power consumption at Standard mode, with Smart Image setting turned off, the display is right in line with the most energy efficient competition in the market today. Switching the settings to Economy mode will pull the energy consumption down to 24 watts without compromising image quality as it maintains bright picture.


TCO Edge Certification Lets You Do Your Part in Saving the Environment

This Philips monitor goes beyond eco-labeling program as it’s made up of 65% post-consumer recycled plastics, 100% recyclable packaging for easy recycling, energy efficient operation and uses minimal hazardous materials. This means both you and the planet benefits in your purchase of this display.


Zero Power Switch for Zero Power Consumption

This monitor is equipped with the Zero Power Switch at the back. When flicked, users can completely cut off the appliance from its AC power source. This means zero power consumption, helping you reduce your carbon footprint even further.


Design and Features

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With bezel-free design, brushed metal trim and textured finish, the Philips Brilliance MultiView 298P4QJEB is quite a stylish 29-inch display device. Its screen is layered with a matte coating to minimize glares and reflections, while the massive 12.5 lbs heavy cabinet is supported by a robust and ergonomic stand that offers a lot of adjustments. It is also equipped with built-in speakers, quite a bonus considering all the features it already has.


Bezel-Free Design and Low Bezel-to-Table height for Excellent Reading Comfort

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The bezel-free design of Philips 298P4QJEB makes its edges look seamless, while the low bezel-to-table height aspect makes it a very comfortable display for reading. Thanks to its ergonomic base, the screen can be lowered to your desk and provide the best solutions for biofocals, trifocals, and progressive lens glasses.


SmartConnect Feature Showcasing Multiple Input and Connectivity Options

The 298P4QJEB has all the video inputs you will need for all sorts of use, as it is equipped with multi connections such as Dual link DVI, DisplayPort and universal HDMI connector. This means you get to enjoy uncompressed, high-resolution video and audio content.

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This monitor also comes with USB 3.0 ports that ensure convenient high-speed data transfer while having global connectivity. The super-speed USB 3.0 deploys 5.0 gbit/s transfer rate, about 10 times faster than the normal the usual USB 2.0.

Also, this monitor from Philips is equipped with Sync-N-Go technology, which means you won’t need to wait for bandwidth to be freed up. It is also backward-compatible with USB 2.0 devices, which means you can still use your good old storage devices.


SmartErgo Base for Better and More User-Friendly Ergonomics

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Equipped with Philip’s SmartErgo stand, this monitor is able to deliver more comfortably ergonomic adjustments for all types of users. The stand offers variety of adjustments that can’t be found in some monitors of its size, such as height adjustment, swivel, tilt, and rotation angle adjustments at the base to make way for more ergonomic setup, perfect for a long workday as adjustments minimizes the risks of neck strains. 

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In addition to its wide adjustment features, the stand also provides cable management feature for a clean and neat workspace.


Built-in Stereo Speakers for Multimedia

This Philips monitor is equipped with a pair of high-quality stereo speakers with PC audio-in and headphone out ports for all your audio and entertainment needs.


Tech Specs

Bottom Line

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The Philips Brilliance MultiView 298P4QJEB is a very solid performer in both aesthetics and function. The 29 inch screen is massively wonderful as it delivers images in great details, good shadows and colors, plus it is also packed with features such as the four (4) USB port hub, fully-adjustable stand, video inputs. Though its colors are not perfectly accurate, but they remain vibrant and true at any viewing angles. 

It is a little more expensive than its rivals. It even faces very tough competition against ViewSonic VP2770-LED and Acer B296CL. It has however, the build quality, image performance and wide selection of features you can expect from displays of its price. If there’s anything we can complain about this product, it would be its tinny speakers. Aside from that, this stylish IPs monitor is a very good choice for people looking for an ultra-wide display.

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