Philips Brilliance 288P6LJEB; An In-Depth Review

Philips Brilliance 288P6LJEB; An In-Depth Review

Though there are still not a lot of 4K content available today, 4K display is really starting to get attention in all types of computer users. The big display and ultra-high definition resolution has convinced a lot of users to jump into the trend. Philips understands the demand in this market, which is why they released their very first Ultra-High Definition display and one of their many 28-inch monitors in the name of Philips Brilliance 4K Ultra HD Display 288P6LJEB. But does it really address the demands set by the trend? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide now!

Philips Brilliance 288P6LJEB; An In-Depth Review

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Who is it for?

Anyone looking to plunge into the 4K bandwagon is in for some great treats in Philips Brilliance 4K Ultra HD Display 288P6LJEB. It’s a well-equipped widescreen display fit for any work and entertainment environment. It doesn’t fall short in high definition features and functions, and its fully adjustable stand makes it great for both home and office use. Gamers and professional users will certainly enjoy the stunning quality of this display.



Absolutely Stunning 4K Display

Philips Brilliance 288P6LJEB; An In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

Being Philips’ very first 4K Ultra HD Display, the Philips Brilliance 288P6LJEB has lots of promising things to offer. To start, it’s a 28-inch display with TN (Twisted Nematic) panel, delivering images in high details and with an impressive 3840×2160 resolution. It has mostly accurate colors and comes with lots of connectivity options.


UltraClear 4K UHD Resolution Shows Vivid and True Colors

Philips Brilliance 288P6LJEB; An In-Depth Review

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Philips Brilliance 288P6LJEB delivers vivid and true colors with its UltraClear 4K UHD (ultra-high definition) 3840 x 2160 resolution. This lets users enjoy the best of what UHD can offer, from high density pixel count enabled with high bandwidth sources such as DisplayPort input, HDMI, and Dual Link DVI, making your images and graphics come alive.

Whether you’re a professional computer user looking for a great display that can run with your powerful CPU and perform extremely detailed work for CAD-CAM solutions, a graphics artist working on 3D graphics, a hardcore gamer, a finance professional working on multiple spreadsheets all at once, Philips 288P6LJEB will give you the clearest images and most detailed images you can ask for. This display supports over 1 billion color at excellent accuracy to show images exactly as you want them, without any signs of gradations or visual abnormalities.


SmartResponse 1ms Refresh for Fast Gaming Tailor-made for Hardcore Gaming

Philips Brilliance 288P6LJEB; An In-Depth Review

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This gaming display has a standard pixel response of 5-milliseconds (gray-to-gray), but Philips is serious in making 288P6LJEB their ultimate gaming monitor, which is why they equip it with SmartReponse 1ms Refresh, to address the demanding needs of big titles and hardcore gamers. This technology is an exclusive overdrive from Philips that when used, automatically changes response time based on the specific requirements of the application, whether it’s games or movies. Action-packed movies and big game titles require faster response time to show the best images without noticeable ghosting and time-lag, and this is what the 1ms response time is all about – giving gamers the competitive edge they need to get the best gaming experience and dominate the battlefield.

For some reason however, input lag seems inconsistent. Leo Bodnar Input Lag Tester shows lag jumping from 10 to 45 to 75 milliseconds. Generally however, gameplay seems smooth, with very little trace of blurring, without any sign of controller lag.


With MultiView Technology for Active Dual View, Multi-Tasking for Better Productivity

Philips Brilliance 288P6LJEB; An In-Depth Review

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With the help of the UltraHigh resolution quality, this Philip display can help users utilize their computer more for better productivity through its MultiView function. Users can enjoy world of convenient connectivity and multitask whether it’s at work or at home, as this feature enables active dual connect and view so users can see and work files and data from multiple devices, such as PC and laptop side-by-side at once. Or watch movies or live sports feed from the other side while browsing the internet on the other side.


Great Color Accuracy for Striking Videos and Beautiful Images

4K test photos and videos look striking in Philips 288P6LJEBthe colors look bold and well saturated, while details are sharp even when viewed close up. Though a little short from the ideal, color accuracy of this display is also pretty decent, as chromaticity test shows that colors, red and blue are close to their ideal coordinates, while green is just a little outside the box. This is a common thing among good quality monitors today, even its closest rivals Asus PB287QLenovo ThinkVision Pro2840m and Acer B286HKhas this issue. This however, doesn’t affect the color quality of the image on screen in any way.

Like most TN panels too, this monitor is able to display most of its dark shades without a problem. DisplayMate 64-Step Gray-Scale test shows it performs well in its showing dark shades, but it struggles in showing the lightest and the darkest shades. The two lightest gray shades look whitewashed, while the two darkest gray shades just look black. This however, is a minor issue that won’t cause serious concerns. If you’re looking for excellent gray-scale reproduction for work purpose, then you should check out IPS monitors such as NEC MultiSync EA244UHD.


Mixed Viewing-Angle Performance

The viewing-angle performance of this monitor seems pretty mixed out. Wash out at vertical angle starts from around 45° of the top angle, the same goes with the bottom angle. Side viewing angles on the other hand are pretty better, as slight color shifting starts at around 50° from the center.


Decent 3-Watt Speakers for Your Games

Built-in speakers seem to be a staple in most gaming displays nowadays, and it’s always good to have some extras hardware to help you clear out your workstation from clutter. Obviously, a built-in speaker saves you from the hassle of having an external set of speakers on your desk or workstation.

The down-firing 3-watt speakers of Philips 288P6LJEB are quite loud and can be cranked up without distorting sound. Of course, it doesn’t have the good bass response.


Decent Power Consumption

Philips Brilliance 4K Ultra HD Display 288P6LJEB consumes only 57 watts of power (SmartImage feature turned off). Switching to the Economy setting pulls the power consumption down to 43 watts, with the screens looks a little too dim. Office presets on the other hand, offers better all-around luminance, and uses 52 watts. To compare, both Acer B286HK and the Asus PB287Q have better energy efficiency, as the former operates at 43 watts in Standard mode and 28 watts in Eco mode, while the latter runs at 40 watts in Standard mode and 28 watts in Eco mode.


Dual Monitor and Multiple Monitor Setup Options


 Big computer monitors like Philips Brilliance 288P6LJEB is great for stand-alone use. However, with VESA mounting capability, some people want to double their screen real estate and even expand their viewing. In this case, the Ergotron LX Dual Side-by-Side Arm offers a perfect solution.

Philips Brilliance 288P6LJEB; An In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

It comes equipped with the brand’s Constant Force technology, which keeps the screen mounted on arms secured and stable in place, but very easy and convenient to move and adjust. Both arms fully adjustable and can be moved independently. It’s made with high quality materials, solid construction, with nicely polished aluminum to fit nicely to any environment.

Philips Brilliance 288P6LJEB; An In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

If you want to use this monitor as a standalone display, then there is the Ergotron LX Wall Mount LCD Arm. It offers the same adjustability, flexibility, and versatility as other Ergotron products.


Design and Features

From first glance, the Philips Brilliance 4K Ultra HD Display 288P6LJEB looks quite attractive, yet understated. The non-reflective panels are housed inside a nice matte black cabinet. It weighs 11.5 lbs. and supported by a black and silver mounting arm with a sliding hinge that gives it flexible adjustments and stands on an almost-round base. The bezels measures 0.6-inch thin on the top and the sides, while the bottom bezel measures 1.25 inches, with a slice of silver trim running along its upper edge.


Buttons and Functions

This Philips monitor has five (5) touch-sensitive buttons located on its lower bezel. These buttons allows easy access and navigation to the monitor’s Menu settings and Power controls. They can also act as hot keys to choose Picture-in-Picture mode, choose audio source, and choose between the six (6) SmartImage picture presets, namely Office, Movie, Photo, Game, Economy and Off.

The Picture menu offers access to the basic and more advanced display settings, such as Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, Black Level, and Gamma settings, as well as the monitor’s very own SmartResponse feature, which automatically speeds up the pixel response of the display to handle big title games and minimize blur.

For the color adjustment, setting options are pretty limited to Color Temperature, sRGB, and User-Defined settings which adjust the intensity levels of colors red, green and blue.


I/O Ports

Philips Brilliance 288P6LJEB is equipped with wide variety of video Inputs/Outputs, including the ones you can expect from new monitor models today, such as DVI, VGA, HDMI (comes with Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL)) charging capabilities, and DisplayPort inputs. All these ports are strategically located at the back side of the cabinet, alongside with the audio input and headphone jacks.

Philips Brilliance 288P6LJEB; An In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

The right side of the cabinet on the other hand, holds USB 3.0 upstream port and two USB 3.0 ports (one of the ports has sleep-and-charge capability) and two USB 2.0 ports.


Fully Adjustable and Flexible Stand with Good-Looking Mounting Arm, with VESA Mounting Holes

The 11.5 lbs. is supported by a black and silver mounting arm, which comes with a sliding hinge assembly, giving you all the versatile adjustments you need for your workstation. The screen can adjust in height up to 5.9 inches, tilt up to 25°, swivel 130° (65° each side) and pivot 90° to switch between landscape to portrait orientation, and vice versa.

Philips Brilliance 288P6LJEB; An In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

The backside of the cabinet, beneath the mounting plate, also holds the four VESA mounting holes, which users can use for optimum ergonomics, as third-party ergonomic solutions can be used with the screen, such LCD monitor arms, desk mounts and wall mounts, or even for dual monitor or multiple monitor setups.


Tech Specs

Philips Brilliance 288P6LJEB; An In-Depth Review

Package includes with DVI, VGA, HDMI, and DisplayPort cables, user manual, and Philips SmartControl utility resource CD to let users manipulate settings straight through their mouse and keyboard.


Bottom Line

If you’re considering a plunge into the 4K UHD, then Philips Brilliance 4K Ultra HD Display 288P6LJEB is certainly worth a look. It does an excellent job in a lot of aspects, particularly in delivering 4K-kind of quality. Its wide selection of connectivity options gives you all the flexibility you need for your workstation; the four USB ports makes it convenient for your to connect your gadgets and various devices to your monitor and view contents on a larger and better display.

If there’s anything this display can improve, it would be it grayscale performance. Though it doesn’t significantly affect the display quality, it could be better, such as in both Asus PB287Q and Lenovo ThinkVision Pro2840m. They are a little more affordable than this Philips monitor as well.

For gaming, this monitor is certainly a great choice. Response is accurate, even in fast-paced games like in MOBAs (League of Legends for example). Colors may look a little bland in some games like Final Fantasy XIV, but with the help of SweetFX boost, you can easily get the best 4K quality. The sharpness that 2160p produces is too beautiful to ignore, and pair that with 60Hz refresh rate, you will get smooth images and video rendering, with no signs of ghosting or delayed responses.

For professional users looking for accurate color performance, Philips 288P6LJEB has no trouble showing colors as well. Though not as accurate as IPS, this TN panel here has almost similar quality. This makes the monitor ideal for programming and multi-tasking.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide now!

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