OXOQO Cooler with Vacuum Fan; An In-Depth Review

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OXOQO Cooler with Vacuum Fan; An In-Depth Review

More and more vacuum laptop coolers are gaining popularity from their laptop cooling pad counterparts, as more and more people realize the benefits and convenience of this pocket-sized wonder. They’re light, compact and extremely easy to use. But perhaps their most important aspect is that, it sucks hot air out of the laptop, instead of pushing outside air in. This results to optimal cooling, something most laptop users really need for their computers. The common complaint among vacuum coolers however, because most are catered for gaming, they usually come with gaming-centric designs. And this is basically what OXOQO Cooler with Vacuum Fan tries to address with its simple, neat and professional-looking design. Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide to know more.

OXOQO Cooler with Vacuum Fan; An In-Depth Review

OXOQO Cooler with Vacuum Fan (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

OXOQO Cooler with Vacuum Fan is designed for laptop users who don’t want to bring around futuristic/gaming-centric gadgets when working on the go. It doesn’t come with fancy blue LEDs and LCD screen, rather, it looks simple, neat, and slick, making it a great solution for professional users who use their laptops for work and business.



As expected, the OXOQO Cooler with Vacuum Fan will help save your laptop from overheating. It is equipped with quality vacuum fan to keep your laptop running effortlessly, even when under heavy load of running multiple apps and programs or playing big title games.


Dual Ball Bearing for More Efficient Cooling

OXOQO Cooler with Vacuum Fan comes equipped with a dual bearing feature which supports the efficient sucking of hot air from inside the laptop. The result is rapidly reducing both surface and internal temperature of the computer for around 18 ˚ up to a whopping 50˚ F in a couple of minutes.


Low Noise Even at Highest Setting

OXOQO Cooler with Vacuum Fan; An In-Depth Review

OXOQO Cooler with Vacuum Fan (image from Amazon)

The most common complaint we hear among laptop coolers is the noise of their fan. That’s for both vacuum coolers and cooling pads. But as we all know, not all products are made the same, and this one right here caters to the need for noiseless operation, as it can run its maximum fan speed with a noise of only around 15 to 45 dB. That means anyone can use this tool quietly, in their home office, or shared office spaces, without causing any distractions.


With Automatic Sensors for Efficient and Automatic Cooling


This tool comes equipped with automatic sensors which work great when temperature starts to rise. Workhorse laptops may come with bigger and more efficient built-in cooling system, but their heat can still be substantial enough to cause annoyance for users. Those who are too busy on their work can depend on the automatic sensors of this vacuum laptop cooler which works wonders by automatically increasing the fan speed until the temperature inside the laptop starts to decrease. It is so effective you can even feel the hot air blowing out of the laptop.


Design and Features

Rather than coming with the usual gaming-centric, if not futuristic design, the OXOQO Cooler with Vacuum Fan is packaged with a nice, sleek and professional-looking design, making it an excellent everyday tool for laptop users. It’s a great tool for users on-the-go, and its simplistic and smooth design goes very well with almost any laptop designs.


Easy VCT Manual Operation

Unlike most vacuum laptop coolers that come with buttons for controls, this one simplified everything with the use of a wheel (rotary switch) for On/Off and controlling the speed of the fans. It helps adjust speed evenly based on your needs, be it heavy work or for playing video games.


Firmly Holds On To Your Laptop


OXOQO Cooler with Vacuum Fan; An In-Depth Review

OXOQO Cooler with Vacuum Fan (image from Amazon)

As with most vacuum laptop coolers, this one is designed to fit and attach to the vent of the laptop firmly on either side. It comes with a silicone cover which is excellent for suction, and the arms to hold to the laptop, making it suitable for traveling or home use. It however, not recommended for MacBook or ultrathin notebooks (laptops thinner than 0.4 inch).


Super Easy Installation

OXOQO Cooler with Vacuum Fan; An In-Depth Review

OXOQO Cooler with Vacuum Fan (image from Amazon)

To install, simply choose the right silicon cap size to cover the exhaust vent of your laptop. Then, match the exhaust inlet with the cooler’s body. Next, insert and mount into holes of upper exhaust inlet in turn. Then, put the 3M sticker on the bottom. Placed the equipped exhaust inlet into the side of laptop vents and then connect the cooler and the laptop. Connect the USB and turn the switch On. It’s that simple.


Tech Specs

OXOQO Cooler with Vacuum Fan; An In-Depth Review

Package includes the laptop cooler, three silicone covers, a USB power cable, two metal tablets, two screws, an exhaust inlet and a user manual.

Bottom Line

This vacuum laptop cooler doesn’t offer anything fancy; it doesn’t come with LCD screen that shows the temperature or the setting of the fan, and don’t come with LED light that suggests gaming tool. However, it does what it claims to do – provide efficient cooling to keep you laptop’s temperature cool. The fans are powerful enough to provide substantial cooling, it mounts nicely to the laptop and doesn’t cause too much noise, which is nice for office setups.


It comes with a professional and sleek design with smooth finish, which makes it an excellent travel buddy, or tool for work. As expected, it does require draw power off the computer, but this can be easily solved when you keep your laptop plugged.

All in all, the OXOQO Cooler with Vacuum Fan is a good tool to have, it doesn’t bright lights and no blow out coming from the back, compact and lightweight, making an excellent travel tool. Definitely a good deal for its price, and it’s quite affordable.

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