Omega Olympus Sit-Stand Desk; an In-Depth Review

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Omega Olympus Sit-Stand Desk; an In-Depth Review

Omega is one of the most trusted names in the market when it comes to high-quality top-tier computer desks, particularly in adjustable-height desk category. As a matter of fact is flagship product Omega Olympus Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desk easily topped our best 7 electric height-adjustable standing desk list. And though it’s a relatively expensive product, many people opt for it, both in professional office and home office setup, as it offers revolutionary ergonomic for sitting, standing and even walking. What makes it special? Check out in this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide.

Omega Olympus Sit-Stand Desk; an In-Depth Review

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Who is it for?

Omega Olympus is designed for people looking for more flexibility and versatility in their work setup. The desk is packed with user-friendly and ergonomic features which are all customizable for each and every user. It provides the best of each world as users can setup their whole workstation (even put up a dual monitor setup) and use it in both sitting and standing position, and still large enough to accommodate a treadmill on the side for a more active and healthier work environment.



Treadmill desk workstations have only been available in the market for a few years. But for that short span of time, we have seen quite a transformation in the industry, as more and more standing and treadmill desk have joined the competition. Also, more and more manufacturers are looking into more innovative products to diversify their brand, such as stand-up desks with walking treadmill underneath. This is what the Omega Olympus is about – promote healthier work setup through sitting, standing and even walking.


With SteadyType Keyboard Tray for Comfortable Typing and Ergonomic Hand and Shoulder Position

Omega Olympus Sit-Stand Desk; an In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

Equipped with SteadyType keyboard tray, the Omega Olympus Adjustable-Height Desk allows its users to keep a comfortable position for the hands and wrists and neutral position for their shoulder while typing and working on the mouse and keyboard. It can be adjusted to 85° for a steeper angle without losing the keyboard, but it is particularly designed to be used in 25° to 40° range.

There’s also a pivot bar that is only 10 inches away from lifting legs and desk frame’s crossbar. This keeps the monitor from shaking, even when typing rigorously on the keyboard.


Wide Range of Adjustability and Customizability

Omega Olympus desk is available in five different widths (42 inch, 47 inch, 59 inch, 71 inch and 83 inch), the last two of which can work as full sit-stand-walk workstations, as the legs are spread far enough to accommodate an office chair and a walking treadmill. This means the last two are perfect for people who are looking to squeeze in more activity into their work.

There are also eleven (11) standard colors exclusive 3D-laminated surfaces to choose from, and even choose a black or silver powder coat for the base.

Also, unlike its cousins ThermoDesk and Omega Desk that use single base to hold all tabletops, Omega Olympus use two different bases, with extraordinarily wide range of tabletop dimensions to choose from; from woodgrain colors such as Almond Cherry, Hayward Cherry, Shaker Cherry, Mahogany, Light Maple, Urban Walnut, and solid colors like Shark Gray, Haute Gray, Warm White (Beige), Frosty White, Black, and more. For bulk buyers, there are a total of sixty (60) custom colors to choose from and match with their existing building’s fixture and furniture.


Decent Adjustment Speed with Dampening Feature to Keep Stuff on Top Safe

Adjustment speed of this desk is at 1.4 inch per second, which is slightly better than many of its competitors, especially compared to mid-tier products. However, it is very rare to see fast acceleration in this price range. This is due to the dampening feature than most desks in this price range have – dampening feature keeps everything you place on the tabletop safe and stable, even when adjusting the height of the desk. Your cup of coffee will not topple, while your pens will not roll off the desk.


Whisper Quiet Operation, Perfect for Office Setting

Also, this desk has the quietest operation, registering only 41 decibels of noise when switching to different height, which is typically barely noticeable when air conditioning runs as the background noise. To put things into perspective, its closest rivals Jarvis and Uplift 900 both scored 60 decibels, and they were even considered quiet, despite of the fact that they move adjust slower.


State-of-the-Art Digital Controller with Customizable Height Presets

Like most top-tier electric height-adjustable desk, Omega Olympus comes with a digital controller with LED height readout with four programmable height presets that lets users set and save their preferred height settings. This can be your desk height for sitting, standing and walking. Simply press the button of your choice to set the desk to your preferred height setting.


Generous Warranty

Also, as a rule of thumb, desks with higher weight capacities also come with longer warranties. This gives you a good idea of the manufacturer’s confidence in its product’s quality and reliability. Indeed, Omega Olympus has the most considerable warranty in the market as it provides lifetime warranty for the frame, while the motor and other components are covered with five (5) years warranty.


Design and Features

Omega Olympus Sit-Stand Desk; an In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

Beautiful and Hardwearing 3D Laminated Tabletop Thick Enough for Conference Rooms

The tabletops in this adjustable-height desk come with 3D lamination feature, wrapping the hardwood with solid and more reliable desk that is moisture-proof, keeping the quality overtime. It is resistant to scratches, chemicals, and dings that many desk manufacturers use in laminating their tabletops. Also, 3D laminate is significantly better than powder-coated paint which many of its low-cost competitors use, such as the Evodesk.

Each of Omega Olympus’ tabletop is made with recessed nuts, making it easy for users to assemble and disassemble the desk. Putting the tabletop is as easy as screwing it using the machine screws. This feature also helps keep the screw holes from degradation from disassembling the desk too many times. The tabletops are also extra thick (1.125-inch), which adds lateral stability to the desk, especially at wider setups.

Tabletops with Gorgeous Grommets

The edges are contoured, and come with grommet holes (3.15 inches), which make workstation upgrades such as nodes for power through AC sockets, USB ports, Aircharge wireless mobile phone chargers, or a simple cable pass-through. The grommets are nicely done, no exposed wood to hide with a cheap plastic cap.


Wide, Strong and Stable Base

This electric adjustable-height desk comes equipped with a strong, solid and stable base, with the quality and performance you can expect from a product of its price and intended purpose. Though the UpStage 30 base underneath it is made in China – like almost all top-tier standing desks in the market today, the iMovR made sure they have the most hard-wearing base in this desk as it is manufactured in the biggest and most technologically-advanced linear actuator manufacturing plant in the country. It can stretch up to 50 inches high (including the desk top), exceeding the specs of many stand up desks in the market. This means Omega Olympus desk has no problem providing comfort and stability for taller users, or even adding a treadmill underneath.


Impressive Load Capacity

Omega Olympus has an impressive weight capacity of a whopping 360 lbs., and though it is highly unlikely that people will put loads of stuff that equals to this weight capacity, it is a testament of the desk’s quality. This means anything you put on its table top, be it your computer complete with heavy gaming-style CPU tower, huge monitors and various desktop stuff, the motor and linear actuators of this electric height-adjustable desk can take it.


Tech Specs

Omega Olympus Sit-Stand Desk; an In-Depth Review
Omega Olympus Sit-Stand Desk; an In-Depth Review

Bottom Line

Omega Olympus is iMovR’s newest flagship desk in the mid-tier race, and it is quite an impeccable choice in terms of cost and quality. The added digital programmable controller easily makes it one of the best choices out there, as it adds great convenience to anyone’s workstation. Also, it provides wide range of customizability, which is makes it an easy choice for different work environment of office settings. Like other iMovR products, it takes pride in ergonomics, and thanks to its SteadyType keyboard tray, users can keep their neck, shoulders, arms and wrist in the most ergonomic position possible for comfortable computing. Also, this product is great for office setups, as noise in height adjustment is almost a non-factor.

If there’s anything negative we can say in this electric adjustable-height desk, it will be also in its keyboard tray. Though the keyboard tray adds great ergonomics, it takes some desktop space. But that’s pretty much it, quality and performance wise, this product is right there with the best desks.

All in all, Omega Olympus adjustable-height desk is a great mid-tier choice for anyone looking to invest in a sit-stand desk. The frame may be made in China, but it is made in a state-of-the-art factory that ensures highest level of quality, with impressive weight capacity. Also, the tabletop is made in USA.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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