Omega Everest Sit-Stand Desk; An In-Depth Review

Omega Everest Sit-Stand Desk; An In-Depth Review

Treadmill desks have only been commercially available in the market for a couple of years, and from there, we have seen quite a transformation. More and more products have come to the scene, as more and more people now embrace the idea of sit-stand workstations. People now realize the health risks of prolonged sitting and sedentary lifestyle and understand the benefits of standing and physical activity. This is why the adjustable-height desks are more popular than ever before. One of the biggest names out there is the Omega Everest Adjustable-Height Desk, also known as Omega Everest Sit-Stand-Walk Desk. This table sets the deal straight in ergonomics, as it provides quite a revolutionary option for computer users with a sit-stand desk conducive for sitting, standing and even walking. How does it stand against the best of the best in its market? Check out this in-depth review.

Omega Everest Sit-Stand Desk; An In-Depth Review

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Who is it for?

Omega Everest adjustable-height desk is for anyone looking to invest in their workstation with an excellent sit-stand desk that can also accommodate treadmill desk. The tabletop is wide enough to support both standing and walking, and provide comfort and ergonomic in either setups. It’s also a great choice for dual monitors users, as the desk is wide enough to accommodate two monitors side-by-side.



Omega Everest Sit-Stand Desk; An In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

We have seen quite a lot of innovative ergonomic solutions for computer users in the market, from desktop risers to sit-stand desk mounts, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the table itself. While many adjustable height desks have become more reliable and quieter, and electronic controllers have added convenience, tabletops remained largely the same.

Sure many manufacturers have customized their products to accommodate more workstation peripherals and upgrades, and others have improved on their tabletops, but the form and shape of the desk has not changed much. iMovR looks to change this in their Omega Everest standup desk, an electric height-adjustable sit-stand desk that retains the many impressive feature of its cousin ThermoDesk Elite, but takes the table top a different level, raising the bar for office comfort and ergonomics.


Gorgeous and Hardwearing 3D Laminated Tabletop

Most tabletops for adjustable-height desks out there use high-pressure laminate top and PVC or vinyl strips on its edges. Though they’re pretty popular choices for their practicality, Omega Everest sit-stand desk takes it a step further for durability, aesthetics and quality by using 3D laminated MDF tabletop, with separate keyboard platform. It also keeps the woodgrain design over the edges. This material is almost impervious, which resists moisture, keeping the surface free from damage. Also, it allows the edges to get that gently-sloping edges and rounded corners, making it more comfortable than many regular adjustable-height sit-stand desks in the market. The tabletop is 1.125-inch thick, thick enough for all types of office use.


SteadyType Keyboard Tray for Optimal Ergonomics in Standing, Sitting and Even Walking

Omega Everest Sit-Stand Desk; An In-Depth Review

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There’s a huge difference in proper positioning of hands over the keyboard in sitting, standing and walking. And this is what iMovR tries to solve – provide optimal ergonomics for all three work positions in this sit-stand desk. The company itself conducted their own research and discovered the nuanced differences, and claim that their Omega Everest Sit-Stand-Walk is designed to bridge the ergonomic gap in all three setups.

Thanks to the adjustable keyboard tray, the keyboard can be set to a negative angle, allowing users to position their wrist in neutral position, reducing the flexing and tension on the wrists, hands, forearms, shoulders and upper back. This minimizes the risk of undue strains on the muscles that often leads to rotator cuff soreness, low back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

The keyboard tray also works as a lever attached to the desk, rendering and emphasizing the swaying the human body makes as we walk. It provides a cockpit feel that provides both comfort and aesthetic appeal. There is however, a little wobbling, especially when setting the desk too high. This means taller users may need to get used to slight wobbling.

Also, the keyboard tray is roomy enough form almost any keyboard imaginable (except maybe a few rare gaming keyboards).


Fast and Whisper Quiet Height Adjustment, Perfect for Office Setups

Omega Everest Sit-Stand Desk; An In-Depth Review

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This desk is both easy to use and difficult to stay away from. It adjusts quickly in height as it moves 1.5 inches per second and operates at 46dB in ascent and 42dB in descent. This means its noise is hard to notice with air-conditioning working on the background.


Impressive Load Capacity

As said earlier, the Everest desk is a tough and hardwearing desk, and one the many reasons of that is its solid built. The desk can support up to 220 lbs. of weight on its tabletop. Though most users will not put that much weight on their workstation, it is a testament of the desk’s durability. Also, unlike its brother Omega Olympus, both the frame and tabletop of Everest is made in USA.


Excellent Height Adjustment Range

Omega Everest Sit-Stand Desk; An In-Depth Review

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Omega Everest standup desk has a height adjustment range of 50.5 inches (including tabletop), which is a couple of inches taller than most electric desks, allowing tall users to get their best height setting, with or without the treadmill underneath.


Tons of Tabletop Different Widths to Choose From

Like its cousin ThermoDesk Elite, Omega Everest also has plenty of different tabletop widths to choose from, namely 48 inches, 60 inches, 72 inches and 83 inches. For the smaller widths, the keyboard tray is centered; while the larger two has the tray can be set on left, right or center of the desk. There is also a dual tray variety for the 83 inches, perfect for ultimate sit-stand and walk desk setup, one keyboard tray on each side.


Design and Features

Omega Everest Sit-Stand Desk; An In-Depth Review

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Easy to Assemble, Change and Customize

Assembling and setting up the Omega Everest desk is pretty easy. The product comes pre-assembled, while its base uses two lifting columns with precision Bosch motor which adjusts the table’s telescopic leg segments, along with a width-adjustable crossbar that connects the two.

Attaching the tabletop to the base is as easy as lining up the underside of the tabletop to the base. The width of the base is telescopic, which means if you want to switch the size of the desk in the future, all you need to do is swap the tabletop and then reset the width of the base.


Electronic Adjustment with Programmable Preset Heights

Omega Everest Sit-Stand Desk; An In-Depth Review

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Users can adjust the height of their desk using the Up and Down buttons of the electronic controller. For easier setup though, there are four programmable preset heights users can set to save their preferred height for sitting, standing and walking.


Unprecedented Keyboard Tray Tilt Adjustment Range

The built-in keyboard tray also makes the Omega Everest unique and simply better than many of its rivals. They call it SteadyType keyboard tray and it is an infinitely-adjustable keyboard platform. The front edge opens up like a cutout shaped Greek letter ‘Omega’ where users will position themselves. The tray is attached to a solid steel pivot bar that runs underneath. While knobs underneath lets you tighten or loosen the attachment, allowing tilt of up to 90°, either forward or backward. That’s a great range compared to most traditional keyboard trays that only offers 5° forward and 20° backward tilt.

There are two settings for the keyboard tray’s mounting bracket height, one is set at 3/8-inch under the desk while the other is 1-1/8-inch. This allows users to find the best tilt angle for their specific ergonomic requirements, particularly helpful for treadmill users.


Beautiful Grommet Hole to Route Cables

The 48-inch tabletop comes with a single grommet hole, while the three larger varieties come with two. Holes are 3-inch wide and fully wrapped with 3D lamination, which shows the beautiful natural color of the wood. There is also a grommet-mounted dual-AC power node that fits nicely to the 3-inch grommet hole, making it convenient for users to bring in their laptop and mobile phones charger plugs to the desk.


Uses Recessed Insert Nuts for Easy Screwing

Most desks provide pre-drilled holes; Omega on the other hand, takes it a step further by using recessed insert nuts with easy-insert machine screws. This means there’s no need to drill the wood, and the tabletop is protected from wear as all users need to do is attach the base and keyboard to the tabletop. There are three pre-drilled holes which are dedicated for the hand controller mount.



Tech Specs

Omega Everest Sit-Stand Desk; An In-Depth Review
Omega Everest Sit-Stand Desk; An In-Depth Review

Bottom Line

Omega Everest desk is definitely the ultimate desk for sitting, standing or walking. It comes with a really impressive SteadyType keyboard tray that makes working on a computer so comfortable, even while walking on a treadmill. The tilt range keeps users’ wrist, forearms and shoulder at a neutral position, making it perfect for people who work extended hours on their computers on daily basis. The platform is also one of its strongest assets; it surpasses any other desks in the market when it comes to quality, ergonomic adjustability and stability. Also, the desk is wide enough for dual monitor setup.

The Everest platform keeps your wrist in the most comfortable and ergonomic position possible, whether you sit, stands or walks on your treadmill. Also, the desk offers the same comprehensive warranty coverage as its high quality cousin ThermoDesk Elite – generous 10-year warranty on all moving parts, and 5-year warranty for both the tabletop and electronics.

Its strongest feature also causes a little drawback, the tray reduces the space you can work with, which can be an issue if you spend most of your time typing. Also, the keyboard tray doesn’t work well with keyboards with “tenting” feature, such as Kinesis, unless you lay it flat. But that’s pretty much it, it works pretty well with 99% of other keyboard styles.

All in all, the Omega Everest Adjustable-Height Desk is easily one of the best electric sit-stand desks out there. It is a little pricey, but iMovR made sure it’s worth every penny with its quality and performance.

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