NEC MultiSync PA322UHD: An In-Depth Review

NEC MultiSync PA322UHD: An In-Depth Review

MultiSync PA series has been NEC’s flagship line for quite some time now. Thanks to excellent color reproduction and gray-scale performance, paired with generous set of features, MultiSync PA series line has been a favorite choice of professionals, especially those who require accurate colors in their workflow. The NEC MultiSync PA322UHD is the newest addition to this growing line of professional display, and like its predecessors, it lives up to its tradition of quality – delivers extremely accurate colors with highly detailed imagery. But what separates this new model from the previous models? What makes it stand out from its competition? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide now!

NEC MultiSync PA322UHD: An In-Depth Review

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Who is it for?

If you’re looking to future-proof your workstation and jump into 4K UHD resolution kind of display, then you may have quite a lot of products to look into. One product you should not miss is NEC’s newest entry to the highly competitive market of ultra-high definition, with its NEC MultiSync PA322UHD. This product is for someone looking for superior UHD experience, and it comes with a very generous 4-year warranty, which gives you a good idea how much the brand trust its product.



To start with, NEC MultiSync PA322UHD is a stellar performer, which offers excellent color accuracy right out of the box. It has superior screen performance of 1000:1 contrast ratio at 3840×2160 UHD native resolution and 350cd/m2 brightness.

Excellent Out-of-the-Box Color Accuracy and Equally Impressive Grayscale Performance

As said earlier, NEC MultiSync PA322UHD is a stellar performer, particularly in showing out-of-the-box colors. Based on Chromaticity test shows colors, red, green and blue are all right on the spot in their ideal CIE coordinates. PA322UHD’s closest rival Dell UltraSharp 32 Ultra HD UP3214Q, also delivers accurate colors, but not as accurate. Also, the IPS (In-Plane Switching) panel of this monitor allows it to deliver bold colors and darker blacks, which remains intact from any angle, along with luminance.

For its grayscale performance, PA322UHD also registered flawless score, as it nails DisplayMate 64-Step Gray-Scale test. This NEC monitor correctly displays each and every shade of gray, without any signs of clipping (where shades of light gray appear white) and crushed blacks (where shades of dark gray appear black). Also, because it’s a UHD monitor, it doesn’t have any problem displaying photos in 4K quality. Images in Ultra High-Definition looked well-defined in both highlight and shadow details, and incredibly sharp.

Decent Pixel Response for All-Around Use, But Not Designed for Gaming

NEC MultiSync PA322UHD has a pixel response time of 10ms (gray-to-gray), which is far from being an ideal display for great gaming experience. This is understandable, as other UHD displays in the market. There will be moderate ghosting when playing with big action-packed titles like Crysis 3.

This NEC UHD monitor scored an input lag (the time it takes for the display to response to controller commands) of 39ms, which is again of course, far from being ideal, but not terrible either. This however, doesn’t mean games and action-packed movies don’t look awesome in its massive screen. It’s good to note that the UHD resolution is paired with the G-Sync technology, which helps its pixel response performance, especially for gaming.


With Robust Set of Features

NEC didn’t hesitate in packing their latest UHD product with robust set of features. The MultiSync PA322UHD in particular, has the smart features you would want in your workstation.

It has PiP (Picture-in-Picture) and PbP (Picture by Picture) modes, which helps in improving workstation productivity by displaying two or even up to four display sources simultaneously.

It also has MultiProfiler software, which provides complete control over the display’s five (5) picture modes, including the loading of any ICC profile directly into the monitor for optimal color space matching.

The DisplaySync ProTM on the other hand, lets you controls two (2) different computers with only a single set of keyboard and mouse.

The NaViSet Administrator 2 is another free software solution, which conveniently eases both administration and management of larger display device installations


Extensive Calibration Settings

The NEC MultiSync PA322UHD has a 14-but 3D internal programmable lookup tables (LUTs) for precise calibration, along with SpectraViewII Color Kit for better color calibration. It also has wide color-gamut coverage (99.2% of the Adobe RGB color spectrum).


Good Power Consumption Rating for a Monitor of its Capabilities and Size

NEC PA322UHD at Standard mode consumes 91 watts, which is right in line with one of its closest rival Dell UP3214Q (88 watts) and another model in its line NEC MultiSync PA301W (98 watts), and a little higher than  Asus PQ321 (72 watts). This NEC display however, has Eco 1 mode, which lowers the power usage down to 82 watts, and Eco mode 2, which drags it down even further to 53 watts, but can be really too dim for most types of users.

Wide Viewing Angle for Better In-Room Viewing Experience

The PA322UHD has a wide viewing angle of 176° vertical and 176° horizontal. (88U/88D/88L/88R) at CR>10. This means you get to enjoy excellent image quality consistently, anywhere you sit in the room.


Very Generous 4-year Warranty

One of the many good things NEC puts to its products is they don’t shy away on giving generous warranty. The UP3214Q in particular, comes with a 4-year parts, labor and backlight warranty, and includes a 48-hour advanced exchange policy. Talk about confidence in product quality.


VESA Mounting Standard

Like a large LCD monitor, NEC MultiSync PA322UHD comes with VESA mounting holes at the back side of the cabinet. This means you can even improve the ergonomics and comfort of this display with the help of third party workstation ergonomic solutions, like LCD arms, monitor stands, desk mounts, and wall mounts.


Design and Features

NEC MultiSync PA322UHD: An In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

Humongous display – this is certainly one of the first things you will think of the first time you see NEC MultiSync PA322UHD. The cabinet measures 17.4 x 29.3 x 3.9 inches (HxWxD), and weighs a massive 32.3 lbs. (without stand). The stand adds another 14 lbs., making it quite a heavy piece of appliance to push around on your desk. The matte-black cabinet looks nothing extraordinary, but then again, this display is designed to become a workhorse, not as a pleasing and attractive-looking LCD display on your desk.

The screen comes with a non-reflective, anti-glare coating, and housed in a 0.8-inch bezels. The bottom bezel has the navigating buttons and ambient light sensors, while the right-hand bezel has the Picture-in-Picture button and navigation button.


Buttons and Controls

As said above, the buttons of this massive display are well-placed for convenient use. The bottom bezel has the Power button, ambient light sensor, menu and input select buttons, along with the left and right rocker (navigating menus). The right hand bezel holds the Picture-in-Picture button and navigation button, which you can use to arrange multiple windows, great for viewing contents coming from multiple input sources.

These buttons gives quick and easy access for the monitor’s image settings, such as Brightness, Contrast, Color Temperature, and Sharpness, along with numerous advanced picture settings. The display also has 6-axisa adjust menu that lets users tweak their picture’s Hue, Saturation, and Brightness for each color, namely red, green, blue, magenta, cyan and yellow, as well as Gama settings to adjust grayscale brightness levels.

For the picture presets, this monitor has Full, High Bright, Adobe RGB, srGB, and DCI (Digital Cinema). The monitor also has settings for Aspect Ratio, Black Level and Eco Mode. And like other models under MultiSync line, see NEC MultiSync PA322UHD includes Eco information menu which measures and shows the display’s electricity usage and carbon footprint.


With Fully Adjustable Stand for Good Workstation Comfort and Ergonomics

NEC MultiSync PA322UHD: An In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

The massive cabinet of NEC MultiSync PA322UHD is supported by a black stand, which comes with flexible adjustment options, providing better workstation ergonomics and comfort. These flexible adjustments are credited to the telescopic arm, which allows tilt, swivel, height adjustments, and pivots the orientation from landscape to portrait mode. And like other models from PA series, namely NEC MultiSync PA242W-BK and the NEC MultiSync PA271W, NEC MultiSync PA322UHD has an auto-rotate feature, which is a great convenient feature, as it automatically adjusts image orientation as you pivot the display.

NEC MultiSync PA322UHD: An In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

I/O Ports

NEC MultiSync PA322UHD: An In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

The backside of the cabinet holds quite a lot of connectivity options, including four (4) HDMI video inputs, two (2) DVI inputs, a DisplayPort, and four (4) USB 3.0 ports (2 downstream and 2 upstream ports), and a headphone jack. The USB 3.0 ports and the second DisplayPort input are mounted on the right hand side of the cabinet.

NEC MultiSync PA322UHD: An In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

Also, this NEC PA322UHD has a built-in KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) switch, which allows users to control two computers with a keyboard and mouse while using two upstream USB ports.


Tech Specs

NEC MultiSync PA322UHD: An In-Depth Review

Package includes two (2) DisplayPort cables (one full size and one mini DisplayPort), a USB upstream cable, and a Power cord. It also comes with a setup guide and a resource CD that contains the drivers, color profiles and the display’s user manual. The brand also sells an optional SpectraViewII Color Calibration kit ($299) that will help any user calibrate the monitor to their specific settings.


Bottom Line

The NEC MultiSync PA322UHD is all something we can expect from a true 4K UHD display – impressive image quality performance through accurate color reproduction, impressive grayscale performance, and excellent edge-to-edge consistency, which can be a little bit shocking for a display its size.

Everything about this display is big, from its dimensions up to its price tag, which is justified with its wide array of robust features, huge performance score, and stunning Ultra-High Definition imagery. If you’re a graphics professionals, photographer, or anyone who demands excellent color accuracy and extensive settings, then you will surely love the extensive calibration settings of this display, particularly its 14-bit LUT, as well as its wide color-gamut coverage.

The NEC MultiSync PA322UHD performs better than many of its rivals, like Dell UltraSharp UP3214Qand even comes with a built-in KVM switch and highly adjustable monitor stand to pair with, making it a great choice for workstation display.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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