NEC MultiSync E243WMi; An In-Depth Review

NEC MultiSync E243WMi; An In-Depth Review

More and more monitors today pack power and amp their performance through high specs, extra features and add-ons. This of course, consequently adds to the monitor’s power consumption. Though many models come with really good power saving features, they’re of very little help for standard use, as they pretty much just dim the screen, making it hard to work at. This may be the inspiration behind NEC’s 24-inch monitor NEC MultiSync E243WMi, an all-around, business monitor with good overall performance, and excellent power saving features. What makes it the more ideal and cost-effective choice? Let’s find out in this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide.

NEC MultiSync E243WMi; An In-Depth Review

NEC MultiSync E243WMi(image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

The NEC MultiSync E243WMi is for anyone looking for a decent business monitor for their corporate environment. It is designed to improve work performance, and it uses AH-IPS panel technology for excellent all-around performance.



The NEC MultiSync E243WMi is a 24-inch all-around monitor especially designed for the business and corporate environment. It comes equipped with AH-IPS panel for better image performance, on-point colour accuracy and viewing angle. Its biggest selling point however, is its improved power savings, which is far better than its previous generation models. It promises users to save money, not on its initial cost, but for its Eco power saving mode.



Impressive Colour Accuracy and Overall Image Performance, Fit for Variety of Use

As with most IPS panels, NEC MultiSync E243WMi has no trouble in its viewing angle performance – the screen is viewable from all directions, and fine texts can still be read clearly.

For Display Performance, the E243WMi scored 98% sRGB, 74% AdobeRGB and 69% NTSC Colour coverage, based on Datacolor Spyder 4 calibrator test.

For its Brightness, the screen was able to reach 264 cd/m^2, which can still be quite dim, but definitely enough for most applications and tasks.

For its Contrast Ratio, it scored 650:1 when set at 100% brightness level, which is pretty good.

Luminance uniformity is at impressive 100% brightness, only the right side of the screen showed a little variation (under 10%). Dropping brightness to 50% causes around 5% on the screen’s edges.

Colour uniformity is good, as expected for an IPS panel. There were some varying issues on the top right corner of the screen of Delta-E 3.0 and 3.1 at 100 percent brightness. This causes to much improved 2.2 and 2.4 on the right side at 50% brightness level.

Overall, the monitor has an average Delta-E 1.59 for colour accuracy, which is pretty commendable.


Cost-Effective and Low Power Consumption to Help You Save in the Long Run

The NEC prides its MultiSync E243WMi for its cost-effective feature, which is specified at 13W, proving the display to be cost effective in the long run. Typical specified power drain is at 19W on Standard mode, which is pretty low for a monitor of its kind. Factor that for everyday use for years, and you will definitely appreciate the money you can save in your energy bill.


Design and Features

NEC MultiSync E243WMi; An In-Depth Review

NEC MultiSync E243WMi(image from Amazon)

As what we can expect from any monitors aimed for corporate environment, the NEC MultiSync E243WMi’s design is indeed for function, rather than for aesthetics. The chunky telescopic stand provides a solid and stable base.

The power supply is integrated to the back panel, both are chunky. However, it is very easy to say that this monitor indeed comes with good all-around build quality; no perceptible light leak or darkening of the corners in the panel. It also makes use of LED backlighting for light and slim profile, and comes with highly-adjustable stand for improved comfort and ergonomics in work setup.


Buttons and Controls

NEC MultiSync E243WMi; An In-Depth Review

NEC MultiSync E243WMi uses touch-sensitive button to reveal the OSD (on-screen display), which are all located on the front bezel. They are quite intuitive to use, unfortunately, they don’t illuminate, which can be problematic at times, since they are obscured by the light coming from the screen, especially when you’re new to it or working in a darkened room. They were labeled, yes, but an illuminating buttons would really seal the deal


Basic Connectivity Options

NEC MultiSync E243WMi; An In-Depth Review

NEC MultiSync E243WMi(image from Amazon)

NEC MultiSync E243WMi comes with wide range of interfaces, including the analog D-Sub to DVI-D and DisplayPort, and a headphone jack for your external speakers or headphones. 

NEC MultiSync E243WMi; An In-Depth Review

NEC MultiSync E243WMi(image from Amazon)

With Integrated Speakers

The built-in 1W speakers is far from impressive, still, it’s a welcome addition for users who aren’t looking to use their computers for entertainment. They’re decent for streaming videos online or listening to music while working, but should you need quality audio, then you can stick to your trusted headphones or external speakers.


Fully Adjustable Stand for Ergonomics

NEC MultiSync E243WMi; An In-Depth Review

NEC MultiSync E243WMi(image from Amazon)

As a business monitor, we expect this NEC display to provide comfort  and work ergonomics, and definitely meets that expectation, as they pair it with a fully adjustable stand, conducive for work settings. The tilt and rotate comes in handy for everyday computing.


Tech Specs

NEC MultiSync E243WMi; An In-Depth Review

Package comes with the Power cord, DVI cable, audio cable, 15-pin D-sub cable, setup sheet, and user manual.

Bottom Line

The NEC MultiSync E243WMi is indeed, a high-quality monitor that anyone can run all day, without worrying of their electric bill. Image performance is pretty impressive; accurate colours and impressively good display. Construction wise, it may lack the aesthetic appeal when compared to modern models with sleek design, but it’s pretty functional and well-built, which means it can last for many years.


If there’s anything we can say NEC can improve on in this product, it most definitely its menu system. The buttons can be pretty hard to see, while the menu is poorly implemented, which can cause issue on navigation. Also, this NEC monitor is more expensive compared to budget monitors of its kind.

But NEC promises their MultiSync E243WMi will actually make you save more in the long run for its amazing power-saving mode, which is actually a good pitch on their part.

It comes with fully adjustable stand as well, making it quite a convenient companion for workstation. Plus, it does come with VESA 100x100mm mounting holes for more versatile and comfortable ergonomics.

All in all, NEC MultiSync E243WMi is definitely something worth considering when you’re looking to invest in a monitor you will use for extended period of time on a regular basis.

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