MultiTable ModTable Crank-Type Height-Adjustable Desk: An In-Depth Review

MultiTable ModTable Crank-Type Height-Adjustable Desk: An In-Depth Review

One of the better rated height-adjustable desk in Amazon today, the MultiTable ModTable Crank-Type Height-Adjustable Desk deserves all the praises and respects it gets from its reviews. It’s a very well-design and well-built desk that many people say it is as good as having an electrically-adjustable desk minus the electric capability and programmable presets. 

MultiTable ModTable Crank-Type Height-Adjustable Desk: An In-Depth Review

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Who is it for?

Looking for a crank-type height adjustable desk that will not hurt the bank? The ModTable Crank-Type Height-Adjustable Desk is designed to work like its electric counterpart, minus the electric capabilities and programmable presets. If you’re looking for an affordable solution that will provide more flexibility and more comfortable real estate in your work space as you use your computer, then this is the table for you.



MultiTable ModTable Crank-Type Height-Adjustable Desk: An In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

Even at first glance, it is easy to notice that the MultiTable ModTable Crank-Type Height-Adjustable Desk is a well-designed and superbly engineered desk for any workstation. Despite its impressive look and construction, it is one of the most affordable height-adjustable desks available around.

Affordable Solution for Any Workspace

The topless unit is about $480, while completed units (with 3/4 inch beautiful tabletops) are available for only $600 to $700. They also have L-shaped desks options for more workspace real estate and workstation versatility.

Superb Adjustments to Fit Anyone’s Workstation Needs

This desk can adjust from 27.5 inch to 47 inch in height and 39.5 inch to 55.5 inch in width, enough to provide ample work space for anyone’s workstation needs. The hand cranks are “hide-away” types which can be folded up to 180 degrees to keep them out of the way after adjustments, or even remove them completely when not in used.

Made up of Durable and High Quality Steel Frames that Will Last a Lifetime

The legs and most parts of the ModTable Crank-Type Height-Adjustable Desk’s construction is made up of a durable, powder coated, rolled stamped steel frames (available in black, white, red and silver finish), a material that makes the desk solidly stable and is expected to last longer than most of its competition in the market today. This allows the table to support as heavy as 130 lbs in motion, or up to 250 lbs stationary weight.

Switching from Sitting and Standing for More Ergonomic Workstation

This adjustable work desk provides the flexibility of a larger real estate and freedom in switching between sitting and standing, letting users find comfortable and most ergonomic working position throughout the day. Also, because it promotes freedom of movement, it encourages more physical activity compared to sitting, which helps minimize the risk of fatigue, eye strain, back aches and neck pains that are common in long hours of sitting.


Features and Specs

ModTable is one of the leading manufacturers of height adjustable desks for home and office work spaces. The ModTable Crank-Type Height-Adjustable Desk combines the comforts of sitting and health benefits of being able to periodically stand while working, along with the customization and flexibility of making your own work space.


Custom Set the Spacing to Fit Your Needs

The custom set spacing of this table is one of its best features. This feature lets users from all sizes to set the spacing between the legs when constructing the desk. Definitely one of the best ways to find the perfect leg space for each user.

Table Top Made up of Commercial Grade Particle Board

If you opt for the complete model, then you get a high quality top made up of commercial grade particle board and high pressure laminate. You can also choose from various lovely finish to fit your workspace, such as white, black espresso, and honey maple.

Crossbar-Free Design for Optimal Legroom

The crossbar-Free design of ModTable Crank-Type Height-Adjustable Desk provides optimal leg room, allowing users to move and position their feet freely under the table while sitting and doing various tasks, and leave more space for standing.

Smooth Rotating Hand Crank to Fluidly Switch Between Sitting and Standing

This height-adjustable desk allows fluid height adjustments through its smooth rotating hand crank. This lets users raise and lower their desk easily, and conveniently, without shaking things on top of the desk.


Tech Specs

  •  Dimensions: H 27.5” – 47”, W 39 ½” – 55 ½”, D 23 ¼”
  • Height Adjustable Range: 27.5” – 47”
  • Height Adjustable Range with Table Top: 28.25” – 47.75”
  • Width Adjustable Range: 39.5” – 55.5”
  • Top Support: 23.25”
  • Foot Depth: 29.5”
  • Total Weight Capacity: 130 lbs moving, 250 lbs stationary

Note: The ModTable Crank-Type Height-Adjustable Desk base has a maximum weight capacity of 130 lbs when moving, and 250 lbs when stationary. This includes everything put on top of the desk, including the table top, computer, etc.


Table Top Dimensions:

  • Small Table Top: 24” x 40” x ¾”
  • Medium Table Top: 24” x 48” x ¾”
  • Large Table Top: 29” x 57” x ¾”
  • XL Table Top: 29” x 72” x ¾”



  • 2 Years Warranty for Moving Parts
  • 5 Years Warranty for Steel Parts
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Accessories and Add-Ons

MultiTable ModTable Crank-Type Height-Adjustable Desk: An In-Depth Review

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One of the good things about this height-adjustable desk is its ability to be upgraded and be mounted with workstation accessories and various add-ons. Here are the different accessories you can use with this table from ModTable:

The ModTable Crank-Type Height-Adjustable Desk can be moved easily from one place to another with the use of wheels (except the L-shaped version). For only $75, the ModTable Wheel Kit gives you the freedom and flexibility of changing how and where you want to use your height-adjustable table. Equipped with durability bar, the wheel allow users to easily move the desk anywhere in the room to suit one’s preferences and needs.

Wheel Kit Dimensions

  • Small Top Base width set to 39.5”
  • Med & Lrg Top Base width set to 43.5”
  • Note: Not compatible with Extra Large Table Tops

Looking to put your keyboard and mouse in better position? If yes, then the Keyboard & Swivel Mouse Tray is for you. This add-on attaches under the top of the desk and can be adjusted to fit your comfort level and ergonomic needs. It comes with a sleek design for both aesthetic and function, as it moves smoothly under the desk and can be pushed out of the way when not in use. It also comes with wrist support for both the keyboard and mouse, keeping your hands and wrists comfortable for various computing tasks.

MultiTable ModTable Crank-Type Height-Adjustable Desk: An In-Depth Review

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Keyboard & Swivel Mouse Tray Dimensions:

  • Height Adjustable Range: 6” under table top
  • Keyboard Platform: 19.75” x 9”
  • Mouse Platform: 9” x 8”
  • Table Top Mount: 17” x 6”
  • Radius: 360°


CPU Holder

Put your computer’s CPU to a more stable and safer spot, off your desk and off the floor with a CPU holder. This accessory mounts easily to the underside of the height-adjustable desk and holds your CPU in place, it leaves you more desk real estate while moving the CPU out of the way while still keep it accessible from your desk. Also, you don’t have to worry about running your computer cables, as you switch from sitting and standing position, as this accessory has the solution for height adjustments.


MultiTable ModTable Crank-Type Height-Adjustable Desk: An In-Depth Review

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CPU Holder Dimensions:

  • Height Adjustable Range: 13” – 21”
  • Width Adjustable Range: 5.5” – 9.5”
  • Depth: 9.5”


Revamp your display with a Single Monitor Arm and Dual Monitor Arm and save yourself from suffering neck and back discomfort as you work with your computer all day. Both types of arms securely attaches your monitor in place with 180° lockout feature, with weight capacity of 6.5 – 17.6 lbs to accommodate most sizes of widescreen monitors and VESA 75mm and VESA 100mm compatible. They are stylish and sleek and designed to improve your viewing comfort and productivity. The Dual Monitor Arm for example, doubles your display, giving you more screen space to work on, making way for better productivity.

MultiTable ModTable Crank-Type Height-Adjustable Desk: An In-Depth Review

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Single Monitor Arm Dimensions:

  • Height Adjustment Range: 6.5″ – 19.5″ (13″ total)
  • Monitor Extension: 21″
  • Monitor Retraction: 3.5″
  • Monitor Tilts: +30/-25°


Dual Monitor Arm Dimensions:

  • Height Adjustment Range: 6.5″ – 19.5″ (13″ total)
  • Monitor Extension: 21″
  • Monitor Retraction: 3.5″
  • Monitor Tilts: +30/-25°
  • Dual monitor mount with independent monitor adjustment

Bottom Line

There really is not much to say in terms of the drawbacks and shortcomings of the ModTable Crank-Type Height-Adjustable Desk, which is why it is one of the best rated desks of its kind in Amazon and many online stores today. Though some users may prefer the electric desks with counterbalance height adjustment systems, this desk is capable of doing manual adjustments to secure balanced and steady platform for all your workstation needs, while some of its parts allow width adjustments as well.

Made up of beautiful and sturdy frame, this height-adjustable desk is designed to withstand that daily grind of office and computing work. Package also comes with good instructions, while the whole table is very easy to put up.

All in all, the Multitable ModTable Crank-Type Height-Adjustable Desk gives the best buck for your money.

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