Mount-It! MI-318B TV Wall Mount; An In-Depth Review

Mount-It! MI-318B TV Wall Mount; An In-Depth Review

Mount It! is a mounting solution brand that has been around for quite some time, and it’s one of the popular brands that has established their name through good quality products and satisfied customers. The Mount it! MI-318B tilt TV wall mount for example, cracked a spot as one of the best TV wall mounts in TopTenReviews, and one of the highest rated mounts you can find in Amazon today. It is cheap, no-nonsense mount that gets the job done. Know more about this affordable and efficient mount here at Dual Monitors Guide.

Mount-It! MI-318B TV Wall Mount; An In-Depth Review

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Who is it for?

Whether you’re looking for a mounting solution for living room, entertainment room, bedroom, office or other public places, the Mount it! MI-318B tilt TV wall mount is for you. Its ultra-low profile design lets you position your TV nicely in any wall, while its tilting range gives you the viewing comfort you need from any position.



Affordable High Quality TV Mount Solution

The brand has a very unique perspective approach to the wall mount industry. Not only do they offer office company products and personal home use, they also cater businesses as well. Thanks to its wide selection of TV mounts, they can offer well designed display mounts to almost all types of environments. The Mount It! MI-318B tilt TV wall mount is a good example of the brand’s perfect balance of commercial and residential use.

Robust TV Wall Mount that Will Last

Mount It! mounts take huge pride in their product’s construction quality, and MI-318B tilt TV wall mount is no different, as it made up of robust materials designed for holding displays ranging from 32-inch to 60-inch screen size, or up to 175 lbs. heavy.


Easy and Hassle-Free TV Adjustments

Adjusting your TV while mounted on MI-318B is a breeze, as it comes with a built-in horizontal adjustment feature that lets you unlock your TV, slide it horizontally to your preferred position, and then lock it back into place. This feature lets you fit your TV to your room’s specification and your viewing needs, not the other way around.


Highlights the Beauty of your Flat Screen TV

It may seem unlikely at first glance, but the steel construction and mounting hardware of this mount can make your TV stick out from the wall where it’s mounted, thanks to its 1.5 inch profile. You can also make use of its tilt and improve your viewing angle. This mount can tilt down your TV up to 12°, which may obviously increase the profile size.

Easy Cable Access to Let You Keep Your Wall Neat and Clean from Cables and Cords

Located at the wall plate side of the mount are the holes for easy cable and electrical outlet access. Of course, the best way to sort this out is to have an electrical outlet installed behind your TV, rather than running cords behind your wall. This way, you can keep your cables safe. Most electronic cables are not designed to be put inside a wall, as it can be a recipe for disaster (cause fire).


Great Customer Support

Like most highly-rated TV mount brands, Mount-It! takes good care of its customers. Their website has all the information you need for your installation and mounting issues. Each product has its own page, laid with data for you.

Also, Mount It! is one of the very few brands out there that includes a Tools Needed list for smooth and hassle-free installation. This is a testament of their dedication to user-friendly mentality.

If that’s not enough, then you should know that all Mount-It! products are subject to five-year warranty.


Design and Features

Mount-It! MI-318B TV Wall Mount; An In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

The Mount It! MI-318B tilt TV wall mount is designed to support Plasma and LED TVs from 32-inch to 60-inch size. And its tilt system is optimized to give you the best viewing angle from your couch.


With Wide Range of VESA Compatibility

This TV wall mount can hold quite a lot of models and brands of flat-screen TVs, thanks to its VESA compliant of up to 700 x 400mm size. If you need a larger VESA pattern for your display to ensure maximum support, then this mount is perfect for you.


Includes All the Things You Need for Hassle-Free Installation

Package includes every tools and hardware you need to attach the mount to your wall and hang your TV, including the easy-align bracket, and a unique wall plate that can be used for mounting two wood or metal studs, concrete or brick.

Also, this Mount-It! wall mount uses universal mounting brackets, allowing you to fit it to nearly all types of flat-panel TVs. It uses a built in bubble level in the backplate for added convenience.

With Locking Bar to Keep Your TV Safe

If you’re going to put your TV outside your house or in a business place accessible by the public, the locking bar system of MI-318B tilt TV wall mount will ensure the security of your TV, as your TV can be padlocked into place to prevent theft.  Even if you use your TV inside your house, say in your living room, the locking bar system is a great feature to protect your precious investment. The best thing about this security feature is it works in whichever position you have chosen, tilted or fixed.


With Tons of Mounting Hardware Options

Open this TV mount and take out all of its components to find tons of mounting hardware and options. Though it is true that you may never use all these available options, it’s quite a nice gesture from Mount It! to ensure you have all the right hardware you need for your mounting situation.

Mount-It! MI-318B TV Wall Mount; An In-Depth Review

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Package includes the hardware that lets you attach the wall plate to different types of walls. There is a specific attachment you can use for brick walls, concrete walls, metal studs, or wood walls.

There’s also a built-in bubble level along the top bar of the mount, but it is highly recommended that you use a larger and more reliable level on hand, just to be sure.


Tech Specs

  • Finish: Black powder finish
  • TV size capacity: 32″-60″ LCD TV
  • Weight Capacity: can carry TVs up to 175 lbs.
  • Tilt: Tilts up to 12°
  • Product Dimensions: 31.5 x 19 x 1.5 inches
  • Hole Patterns: attaches to any flat screen with a mounting hole pattern up to 31″ wide by 19″ tall
  • Profile Design: Ultra-low-profile design, only 38mm/1.5″ from the wall
  • Installation: 31.5″ wide wall plate supports block wall installation or installation on either 8″, 12″ or 16″ wall studs.

Package includes the installation instructions included (English), Mounting hardware included to fit most TV models. Safety screws to prevent the TV from sliding out from the side.

Bottom Line

Mount-It! MI-318B TV Wall Mount; An In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

All in all, the Mount It! MI-318B tilt TV wall mount is a fantastic product in Whether you’re looking for a mounting solution to set up your TV in your office, bedroom, home theater or motel, the MI-318B will get the job done. It has all the important components to hold and support your TV, and a few extras along the way for convenient mounting and adjustments.

The locking bar is a strong upside, as it will keep your TV safe, very important for TVs in public areas or for your expensive new flat screen TV that you want to secure when you’re away.

The horizontal and tilting adjustment adds to the TV’s functionality, which lets you personalize your own entertainment setup.

The brand has made a name for itself as one of the leaders in plasma and LCD TV mounting industry. It’s been known for making innovating mounting solutions that emphasizes easy installation, quality, and functionality, while keeping a pleasing look and great value for money. Check out Dual Monitors Guide for more practical and affordable mounting solutions today!

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