MonMount Dual LCD Monitor Stand; An In-Depth Review

Monmount Dual Lcd Monitor Stand An In Depth Review 305 3675109

MonMount Dual LCD Monitor Stand; An In-Depth Review

Studies show that an extra secondary monitor can improve work productivity by 30%. But not all of us have the luxury of desk space to accommodate a dual monitor setup. Also, having two monitors sitting side by side with individual stands can cause clutter to anyone’s work desk. This is where the importance of a dual monitor arm gets into the picture. However, the challenge of most dual monitor stands in the market right now is they often come with a hefty price tag. Enter MonMount LCD-194 Dual LCD Monitor Stand Desk Clamp one of the most affordable brands of its kind in the market today. But is it really a bargain? Check out this review from Dual Monitors Guide.

MonMount Dual LCD Monitor Stand; An In-Depth Review

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Who is it for?

Whether your goal is to save precious space in your desk, improve your workstation ergonomics for better productivity, or you just want to have two monitors sitting side-by-side, the Monmount LCD-1940 Articulating Dual LCD Mount is a great choice for you. It’s one of the most affordable solutions around



MonMount Dual LCD Monitor Stand; An In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

With fully articulating arms that can support two 14-inch to 24-inch displays, the MonMount LCD-194 Dual LCD Monitor Stand is the most popular mount of its brand. It allows users to lift your two displays independently up to eye level and adjust their angle and position in any direction you like.

Two Articulating Arms to Hold Two LCD Monitors

The MonMount LCD-194 Dual LCD Monitor Stand Desk Clamp has two fully articulate arms that can be moved independently with full range of motion. Each arm can move forward and back, left to right, and can rotate a complete 360° for switching between landscape to portrait orientation and vice versa.

Adjustable Mounting Brackets

The mounting brackets of this MonMount LCD arm also allow adjustments to help users find the best angle and position for their displays. The bracket can be raised or lowered on its pole for optimal height setting.

Also, each of its mounting brackets can be panned 180° left to right, allowing users to easily find the best viewing angle for the two monitors.

Well-Designed Clamp to Secure Your Monitors in Place

The expertly-designed c-clamp of this dual monitor stand closes tightly on its mount, securing the right support for anyone’s work desk.


Design and Features

MonMount Dual LCD Monitor Stand; An In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

Like any other MonMount products, the MonMount LCD-194 Dual LCD Monitor Stand comes in pretty well-packaged. Everything is individually wrapped in plastic, with their own compartments inside the boxl.

All the moving joints of this monitor stand are appropriately tight to allow easy movement while holding the monitors in place.

Solid and Well-Designed Structure

The build quality of MonMount LCD-194 Dual LCD Monitor Stand is solid. It is made up of high-quality material. It is protected by a durable exterior coating that keeps it safe from nicks and scratches. Arms may flex a little, depending on the weight of the monitors you attach, but a few adjustments on the tension can solve the issue.

Easy Setup and Installation

MonMount Dual LCD Monitor Stand; An In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

This monitor stand is fairly easy to setup and install to your desk, it can be completed in minutes. Ideal for office, studio, IT network, and security applications – no drilling required. The high-quality clamp easily attaches to the desk, while the VESA standard brackets makes attachment for the two monitors conveniently easy. Simply fasten the mounting arms to the screens’ screw holes, take the mounting bracket and match the holes of the bracket to the back of the cabinet, and then screw the monitors in place using a standard Philips screw driver and the provided little black screws.

To attach the bracket to the pole, simply slide it into the pole. You can raise and lower the bracket using the tension adjustment at the back. The best way to position the height of your monitor is at eye level. Once you have your monitors at the right level you want, all you need to do is tighten it up using the provided Allen wrench.

Everything you need mount the stand to your desk and attach your monitors to the stand is included in the box. So you won’t need any extra screws and tools.

With Cable Management System

This MonMount monitor stand comes with plastic wire-management clips for cable management system. These wires are good enough to keep any workstation nice and neat. The arms come with cable clips for you to run your cable wires on.

The plastic wire-management clips provided are even very nice. They’re substantial enough to do the job, and have an easy-to-use but strong clipping-closed arrangement. Some other monitor stands I saw route the wires down through the pole, but I like the way this unit does it better.


Tech Specs

  • Max width of display supported is 26 inches (66 cm)
  • Max height of display supported is 34 inches (86.4 cm)
  • Max weight capacity 22 lbs. (10 kg) per monitor; 44 lbs. (20 kg) total
  • VESA Standard: VESA 75 (hole pattern: 75 x 75 mm), VESA 100 (hole pattern: 100 x 100 mm)
  • Shipping Weight: 20 lbs. (9 kg)

Package includes the Dual LCD Articulating Mounting Arm, 17-inch Mounting Pole, one-page Installation Sheet (with illustrations), mounting Screws and the C-Clamp.

Bottom Line

The whole thing is very easy to put up together and install in most types of desk, without requiring any drilling or extra hardware and tools. The multi-way adjustments lets you display exactly how you want it, both screens can be swiveled where you want it.

What holds the mount in place is the pressure. If your desk is too thing to be clamped on, a solution you can try is to get a piece of wood about 1 to 2 inches thick, that you can put on the bottom, to make your desk a little thicker to easily tighten the screws up. Of course, you have to be careful not to twist the screws too tight, as it may damage your desk, especially if it’s made up of a softer wood.

The MonMount LCD-194 Dual LCD Monitor Stand is quite a great solution for anyone looking to maximize their work desk or workstation with n affordablea dual monitor setup. 

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