Monitor Screen Magnifier

Monitor Screen Magnifier

Do you look at small text or numbers all day long and suffer eye strain from being on a computer all day? Or perhaps you have eye problems that limit your ability to read small text and data.

A monitor screen magnifier is simple to fit to your computer screen and magnifies your page up to 50%, as well as blocking UV rays and reducing glare on your screen.

A screen magnifier easily mounts onto the top of your screen with simple hook and loop fasteners. Monitor magnifiers are generally of a simple lightweight design which sits a few inches (about 10cm) in front of your computer screen to enable the magnification to occur.

They are suitable for home use, in office environments as well as libraries and public areas where users with different vision quality will be using publicly available computers.

Most browsers and computer operating system allow users to increase the size of the text and web pages on their computer screen to make them more visible and readable for users with vision problems.

Here are some few text adjustment/magnification tips:


For Windows XP:

Go to “Start” > “All Programs” > “Accessories” > “Accessibility” > “Magnifier”. 

The top of the screen will show a magnified view of where the mouse is or where you are typing.  Experiment with settings like “Magnification level” and “Invert colors”.  Click on “Exit” to close the Magnifier.


For Windows Vista and Windows 7:

Go to “Start”> “All Programs” > “Accessories” > “Ease of Access” > “Magnifier”


For Macintosh OS X:

Go to “Apple menu” > “System Preferences” > “Universal Access” > “Seeing” > “Turn Zoom On (or Turn Zoom Off)”

On most PC Operating System and browsers, you can enlarge the size of the web page by simply holding the Control (Ctrl) button on your keyword and tap the “+” key. For Mac users, press the Command key.

To zoom out, simply tap the “-“ key while holding the Ctrl or Command key.

To get back to the actual size of the page, hold the Ctrl key or Command key and tap the “0” button.

You can also minimize or maximize the size of things within window or the browser by simply holding the Ctrl key and use the wheel on your mouse.

Many browsers also offer users the ability to adjust text size within the web page, but not the size of the images. Check this section at the “View” menu.

When you use Outlook application or other email programs in Windows, search for the “Zoom” option at the Help menu. Find the instructions for enlarging text emails. The same goes for Microsoft Word and other Word-processing programs.


Monitor Screen Magnifier

Having difficulties seeing, reading and understanding texts and things on your screen? You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars for a new and bigger monitor. Your best and most practical option is a computer screen magnifier. A tool that can be installed on your computer screen in minutes and magnify your display by 1.5 times up to 2 times its original source.

Monitor Screen Magnifier

This computer tool are proven to be effective and durable, and can even block harmful UV rays from your monitor to protect your eyes from risks of sitting in front of a computer for hours every day.


Benefits of a Monitor Screen Magnifier

  • High quality lens
  • Lens can be generally be adjusted to increase characters from 30% up to 50% larger
  • Lightweight design
  • Simple to install (or remove)
  • Reduced glare and UV
  • Easy to clean


Different computer monitor magnifiers are available depending on the size of your monitor and whether you have a CRT or LCD (flatscreen monitor).

Be sure to buy the magnifier that fits your specific type and size of screen, otherwise it will not fit. Certain screen sizes may be difficult to source, particularly widescreen monitors.

More common monitor magnifier sizes are for 15”, 17” and 19” LCD screen sizes.

If you suffer with eye strain or headaches from long hours at a computer monitor screen or just want improved reading clarity, then a screen magnifier may be the answer.

If you have recently started to experience difficulties in reading texts on your computer screen, having a hard time reading and composing emails or playing your favorite computer games, then maybe it’s time for you to get some help. A good-quality computer screen magnifier will boost the visibility of your computer monitor, provide sharp and crisp images to increase the sizes of the characters, and adjust its feature for choosing desired magnification level.

They are very easy to install and use and fits most computer sizes nicely. Some even come with elegant and lightweight design with non-glare surface for comfortable viewing and working experience, provide anti-reflection. They cost around $100 or less, making them the most practical solution for your viewing problems.


Laptop Screen Magnifier

A laptop screen magnifier works the same ways as a standard monitor screen magnifier – magnifies display on computer monitors. This computer accessory simply hangs on top of the monitor and provides crystal-clear and sharp image and filters harmful UV rays.

Monitor Screen Magnifier

Some laptop screen magnifiers in the market today can magnify up to 3 times. This is aside from the anti-reflective coating that reduces glares. This feature alone makes laptop screen magnifier a worthwhile investment, as it helps protect your eyes.

Optical Monitor Screen Magnifier vs. Computer Monitor Magnifier Software


Optical Monitor Screen Magnifier

This option comes with a lot of advantages; first off, it is not electronic dependent, which means it will work instantly every time you put it on your computer monitor. Once you set the magnifier, you can leave it on your screen and get the magnification you need each time you use your computer.

Also, this option helps increase the viewing angle of your monitor simultaneously, something that software can’t do. This means wherever you position your head, you will still be able to see and read information displayed on your computer screen.

Computer Monitor Magnifier Software

This option offers better versatility. With a software magnifier, you have the power to choose the extent of the magnification of your computer’s display, even enlarge specific parts of your screen. Screen magnifier software can enlarge specific parts of your display, texts and other elements.

Good example of its versatility is keeping half of the screen intact to determine the starting point and magnify the other half of the screen. It can also enhance particular set of texts from a certain page, lengthen the mouse cursor, lengthen the selected word, or entire whole block of text.

Also, monitor screen magnifier software can easily adopt on-screen colors to the particular vision disability of its user. It can make gentle tints for the whitened skills to significantly reduce glares, the whitened on deep red color could be cited with only a couple of clicks, and etc.

Lastly, it is quite easy for monitor magnification software to help readers read the text. This includes both reading through and writing from the text. Many programs come with robot voices that could be used to read a particular text displayed on your monitor, be it in a browser window or even from an email. When composing an email, the software can see the letters you type, magnify these letters and help you in composing the email properly.

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