Loctek D7D Dual Arms Desk Monitor Mounts; An In-Depth Review

Loctek D7d Dual Arms Desk Monitor Mounts An In Depth Review 34 9578700

Loctek D7D Dual Arms Desk Monitor Mounts; An In-Depth Review

There are already tons of choices out there when it comes to dual monitor stands and mounts, but one thing is for sure, like other products from other markets, not everything are made the same. Some top-of-the-line dual monitor stands obviously come with a hefty price tag, but they also provide the adjustability and ergonomics you need for your workstation. Cheaper stands on the other hand, can undoubtedly provide the same dual monitor support, but they lack the adjustability to provide viewing comfort. This is where mid-range solutions get into the picture – they provide good ergonomic support without costing too much. One good example of it is the Loctek D7D, the bigger brother of Loctek D5D. And on paper, it provides quite promising solutions. But how does it stack up against dual monitors of its kind and price range? Let’s find out in this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide.

We have reviewed Loctek D5D, you can check it out here.

Loctek D7D Dual Arms Desk Monitor Mounts (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

Loctek D7D is for anyone looking for a dual monitor setup. Each arm allows wide range of adjustments, providing wide variety of ergonomic positions for all types of users.



Loctek D7D Dual Arms Desk Monitor Mounts (image from Amazon)

Compared to its smaller brother Loctek D5D, the Loctek D7D is smoother in both design and adjustments.


Full Adjustments for Optimum Ergonomics

Adjusting and repositioning your mounted monitors in Loctek D7D is easy, but D5D seems to offer smoother and a easier adjustment. The former uses ball hinge system, allowing easy and smooth adjustments for slightly higher tilt range -90° to 15°, and swivel -90° to 90° angle. Thanks to the ball bearing providing wider range of movement, particularly for swivel and tilt adjustment. Also, the arm from its base makes adjustment of the monitor pretty easy and smoothly. Height adjustment is kind of stiff, but it provides substantial hold and support for the mounted displays.

Loctek D7D Dual Arms Desk Monitor Mounts (image from Amazon)

Also, compared to its smaller brother, the D7D has higher height adjustment range, so if you’re looking for a dual monitor mount with a higher height reach, then this is the one for you.


USB, Headphones and Microphones Pass-Through

Loctek D7D Dual Arms Desk Monitor Mounts (image from Amazon)

There is also a dedicated pass-through for headphones, microphones and USB cords, making a convenient solution for users who keep their PC tucked under their desk, as they can plug their devices to their desktop through the pass-through.



Design and Features

Unlike its smaller brother D5D, Loctek D7D comes with a sturdier and more impressive build, as manufacturer advertised it as “aircraft-grade aluminum.” The shiny arms add fantastic appeal to the overall aesthetics of the monitor mount.


Loctek D7D Dual Arms Desk Monitor Mounts (image from Amazon)

Unlike other products that use clunky mounting options, D7D uses gas spring hinge arms, providing slick movements and adjustments.


Easy Assembly and Installation

Loctek D7D Dual Arms Desk Monitor Mounts (image from Amazon)

its clamp or grommet, as well as providing two VESA mounting holes options (75x75mm and 100x100mm). It will take a few minutes to put the whole thing together, secure base to the desk and mount monitors to both arms.

Like other monitor mounts solutions, there are two ways to mount this thing to your desk: clamp and grommet. Both the clamp and grommet provides a substantially strong and stable base, which is crucial for carrying displays as heavy as 20 lbs. in each arm.


Cable Management for Neat and Clutter-Free Desk

Like other good quality aftermarket ergonomic solution, Loctek D7D dual arms desk monitor mount also comes with a nice cable management system through its upper and lower parts of its arms, with a plastic casing that goes over the top.


Tech Specs

Bottom Line

The Loctek D7D dual arms desk monitor mount may be twice the amount of its smaller brother Locket D5D, but it’s definitely worth every penny if you’re looking for a heavy-duty solution to mount your large and heavy display. And it definitely feels twice as substantial as well. It provides wider height adjustment range, with easy adjustment options.


Aesthetics wise, the built and design of Loctek D7D adds significant boost to your desk and workstation, rather than just blending in.

Like other products out there, this too has its drawbacks. Loktek claims their D7D can support up 19.8 lbs., but in actual tests, it has trouble holding 27-inch monitors weighing even just 15 lbs. The mounted monitor would constantly tilt and dip forward, no matter how tight you turn its screws tight. This problem is in the ball joint. There is also a problem in the actual base itself that connects to the base of the arms. It 

All in all, this dual monitor mount is perfect for people looking for substantial ergonomic display solution.

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