Innovative Winston Workstation Desktop Riser: An In-Depth Review

Innovative Winston Workstation Desktop Riser: An In-Depth Review

In the past couple of years, we have seen quite a lot of fitness products aimed to combat the sedentary lifestyle of computer users, we reviewed many of them, and we are often delighted about their innovation and promise of better work environment alternative. However, the trend has not changed drastically since then, as more and more ergonomic products provide the same kind of solutions and bring nothing new to the table, especially in sit-stand desks and desktop risers. But every once in a while, some brands release new product that brings new kind of forward-thinking. The Innovative Winston Workstation Desktop Riser is a good example of this. Read this in-depth review to know more.

Innovative Winston Workstation Desktop Riser: An In-Depth Review

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Who is it for?

If you’re looking for an attractive sit-stand desktop riser with straightforward design and functionality, and thinking of upgrading into multiple display in the future, then, you should definitely consider Innovative Winston Workstation Desktop Riser. This product can support dual monitor, triple monitor, or even quadruple monitor setup. Has enough color options to choose from to ensure you get the right style for your office décor. It’s also fully-equipped with convenient features and functions that will truly improve your work comfort and ergonomics.




Quick and Hassle-Free Height Adjustment Right Out-of-the-Box

Unlike the manually adjustable desktop risers like Kangaroo adjustable height desk and Humanscale QuickStand desktop riser, the Innovative Winston Workstation works with a gas-assisted height adjustment central column with monitor mounts and worksurface. But what makes the Winstone special from the other is its unique height adjustment mechanism: it uses Bowden cable, (similar to those used for bicycle brakes) it connects locking cylinder inside the central column to the lever).

This unique adjustment method is quite a significant feature that sets this desktop riser above its competition, as it really provides easy height adjustment. Switching from sitting to standing position and vice versa is as easy as pushing a button. The lever is placed discreetly and practically underneath the worksurface.

Easy and Straighforward Assembly with a Well-Laid Out Instruction Booklet

As a full-sized workstation, Innovative Winston Workstation requires some assembly and setup. However, the brand is kind enough to package it with a well-written instruction booklet that features detailed diagrams for easy assembly and setup. The main components involve the lifting column, the 30-inch wide worksurface, monitor clamp, and either of the three desk mounting methods you want to use: namely the heavy freestanding steel base, grommet and clamp. The price is the same for all three mounting choices.

The last step of assembly includes attachment of monitor mount to the lifting column. This is where the first problem can occur, as though you can set the mounting clamp anywhere on the column, once you place it, there is no way to adjust the monitor height relative to your worksruface height without having to using the tools and remove the clamp all the way. Thus, before you set this workstation to your desk, make sure you have set it to your preferred height to avoid hassle. Also, we have all different body type and size, other people’s comfortable setting can be uncomfortable for you. This means this Winston workstation is designed for personal use.

If you want a desk riser with independently adjustable worksurface, then you can opt for the Kangaroo products, as their monitor height are easy to adjust and switch from sitting to standing and vice versa.


Pre-Attached Bowden Cables for Improved Lifting Mechanism


 The Bowden cable is pre-attached to this desktop riser’s worksurface, simply insert the other end of the cable to the socket inside the lifting column. There’s a plastic accessory tray on the top side of the worksurface behind, which can hold different important objects for your workstation, such as phones and keys. However, it’s a component that you can do well without.


Solid and Stable Worksurface for Workstation Use

Winston Workstation Desktop Riser has more or less similar set of capabilities and functionalities as the best desktop risers out there. The solid and stable worksurface of this workstation stays in place, without lowering. Thanks to the locking cylinder that secures the worksurface to its place. This is quite a strong feature, as many risers out there, including HumanScale Quickstand, have the tendency to shift out of place when used. Though the worksurface wobbles a bit, it is far better than most risers.


Can Support Not Just Dual Monitor Setup, But Also Multiple Monitor Setup

Innovative Winston Workstation Desktop Riser: An In-Depth Review

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Most desktop risers and workstation out there allow dual monitor setup. This desk riser from Innovation on the other hand, pushed the boundaries by supporting not just two, or three, but also up to four monitors side-by-side. This feature is one of the strongest aspects of Winston workstation, as displays can easily weight more than 10 lbs. each. But thanks to its solid and stable base and sturdy construction, this desk riser has no trouble holding monitor for quadruple setup of monitors with total weight of 58 lbs.


Full 5-Year Warranty to Justify Your Investment

Most high-end desk riser comes with hefty price tag, but very few can justify their cost. The Winston desktop riser is one of these few, as its products come with 5-year warranty for parts.


Design and Features

Sleek and Innovative Desktop Riser

This new solution features sleek overall design with even sleeker lift and adjustment mechanism. It uses a lever (light handbrake set) to lift or lower the worksurface, allowing up to 17 inches of height adjustment, and features a spacious worksurface of 30 x 24 inches. That’s more than enough space for keyboard, mouse and other workstation peripherals, such as smartphone, tablet or reference documents.

Sturdy and Solid Components for Heavy Lifting

Winston caters the need of all types of computer users, as their products range from light, medium to heavy weight capacity. This product in particular, belongs to the former part of selection, as it’s made up of sturdier and more solid components to support heavy lifting or multiple monitor setup. 


With Cable Management Clips to Help Keep Your Workstation Neat and Clean

The cable management clips attaches and helps you keep cables and wires from cluttering your desk. Though they don’t look as elegant as the cable management system from HumanScale QuickStand, they get the job done.


With A Total of 108 Variations of this Model to Choose From

Yes there are only four different models of this Winston desk riser, namely the single, dual, triple and quadruple monitor version. In terms of prices, the number of monitors is its determinant factor. However, there are also three different colors to choose from, with three different weight loading capacity, and three different types of mounting options. That’s a total of 108 version of this single product, which is more than enough for you to choose from.


Tech Specs

Innovative Winston Workstation Desktop Riser: An In-Depth Review
Innovative Winston Workstation Desktop Riser: An In-Depth Review

Bottom Line

The Innovative Winston Workstation Desktop Riser is by far one of the most stable and secured workstation/desktop riser we have in the market today, and that’s totally its biggest selling point – its locking air cylinder keeps the worksurface in place, even when you switch from sitting to standing and vice versa. The hand lever underneath the worksurface makes way for the quick adjustment, and pair that with the impressive weight capacity and the ability to support dual monitor, triple monitor or even quadruple monitor setup puts this product above its competition in terms of functionality and versatility.

The only weakness of this desktop riser is its lack of independent adjustment for the monitor height setting, which is probably what kept this product from being a perfect ergonomic solution.

In assembling this riser, make sure you have the Bowden cable attached right the first time, or you can’t make any height adjustment. Read the instructions carefully and follow attentively.

All in all, the Winston Workstation Desktop Riser is quite an attractive product. It offers great options to fit to your office décor, and has the stability and sturdiness for multiple display setup, a great investment for people looking to attach more monitors in their workstation.

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