iCraze Adjustable Vented Laptop Desk; An In-Depth Review

Icraze Adjustable Vented Laptop Desk An In Depth Review 115 8808941

iCraze Adjustable Vented Laptop Desk; An In-Depth Review

Laptop desks are always a good investment for laptop users, especially for people who work for hours in front of their computers on a daily basis. Also, most laptop desks, if not all, are great alternative for standing desks, as they function as desktop risers and raise laptops off the existing desk and allow user to work standing. One of the better laptop desks out there is the iCraze Adjustable Vented Laptop desk – it has the excellent combination of cheap price but high quality build. Also, it’s ventilated, which means it helps cool down laptops, particularly helpful for long hours of work. What makes this product special? Check this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide to know more.

iCraze Adjustable Vented Laptop Desk; An In-Depth Review

iCraze Adjustable Vented Laptop Desk (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

Designed for multi-functional use, the iCraze Adjustable Vented Laptop desk is an all-around portable laptop desk. The simple, straightforward and open architecture design makes it’s not only conducive for on-the-go laptop users, but can also serve as a portable bed tray or bookstand.



Good Quality for an Affordable Price

Considering its price, the iCraze Adjustable Vented Laptop desk offers great deal for your money for its impressive quality. You need not to worry about it getting broken, or the adjustable legs starting to malfunction and collapse to the desk, as it’s definitely built to last.

Offers Sit-Stand Solution

This table desk also provides sit-stand solution, which means it can lift your laptop off the desk, and let you work on a standing position. This is a great ergonomic option to counteract the risks of sedentary lifestyle, and ease back, shoulder and neck pain caused by prolonged sitting.

The spacious desk surface of also works great for people who want to feel comfortable as they use their mobile devices and gadgets for leisure and entertainment.


Efficient Fans to Help Cool Laptops of Any Size

iCraze Adjustable Vented Laptop Desk; An In-Depth Review

iCraze Adjustable Vented Laptop Desk (image from Amazon)

As said earlier, this one comes with fans that helps keep your laptop on good working temperature, regardless of the size. Simply position your laptop on top of the work surface and let the fans do their job. 


Design and Features

iCraze Adjustable Vented Laptop Desk; An In-Depth Review

iCraze Adjustable Vented Laptop Desk (image from Amazon)

iCraze Adjustable Vented Laptop desks design is very basic, which is actually what gives it a sturdy and hardwearing build. The rigid platform is perfect for any laptops, even for the heavier ones, as the product has a holding capacity of 30 lbs. Tablets up to 15.4 lbs. can also be placed on the table. The straightforward design however, is a testament for its stability, efficiency and versatility, not to mention portability.

The vital parts (legs and other parts) are made up of high quality, hardwearing aluminum alloy, while the rest of the body is made up of solid and hard plastic. The latter material makes the tabletop desk light weight, making it easy to carry around, perfect for laptop users who always use their computers in both their house and in the office.

There’s also a separate tray for holding the mouse, putting the arms and hands of users at the most ergonomic and comfortable position. There are also two vents to keep laptops from overheating, more on this later.


Light Weight But Feels Really Durable

iCraze Adjustable Vented Laptop Desk; An In-Depth Review

iCraze Adjustable Vented Laptop Desk (image from Amazon)

iCraze Adjustable Vented Laptop desk is cheap, but don’t mistake its cheap price for low quality, as it is actually one of the better products out there for its price. It is light to carry around but extremely durable, ideal for users who sit and work on their computers all day, and take their work home or on the road on a regular basis.

The build may not seem solid, but it does come with some quality plastic parts that really contribute to its quality build. It may feel flimsy, but there isn’t really any noticeable shaking, even when you place a 15-inch monitor on top.


Legs Offer Multiple and Complex Adjustments

iCraze Adjustable Vented Laptop Desk; An In-Depth Review

iCraze Adjustable Vented Laptop Desk (image from Amazon)

The legs offer multiple adjustments and complex positions, allowing users to set to find their most comfortable and ergonomic work position for their laptop, wherever or whatever surface they wish to work, be it on the floor, on their existing office desk, dining table, sofa bed, chair, etc.

It offers height adjustment, but it’s somewhat limited, as it doesn’t go over 20 inches. So if you’re a tall person, then you might want to steer away from this product, especially if you prefer to work standing from time to time.


iCraze Adjustable Vented Laptop Desk; An In-Depth Review

The mouse try is a welcome addition, but it feels flimsy and unstable, and definitely not big enough to accommodate larger hands.


The vents are great in keeping the temperature of your laptop stable, but it needs to relate to the vents of your laptops, or it will be inefficient.

Bottom Line

Price is definitely the biggest selling point of iCraze table desk. It’s one of the cheapest of its kind, and definitely one of the better deals out there when it comes to price and quality. And for that, this product is one of the most popular, if not the most popular adjustable desk on Amazon, garnering stellar reviews and praises.

The basic and simplistic design is also a plus, as it contributes to quality. It’s very versatile and has no problem holding larger and heavier laptops. Plus, its light weight makes add to its portability.

Of course, iCraze table desk is far from perfect. For one, because it’s made up almost entirely of plastic, some find it flimsy and wobbly. Also, it’s so light that it feels like a strong wind can blow it over topple the stand over. The latter part would be hard if there’s a laptop on top of its work surface though. Also, package does not include instructions, which many users find trouble with in setting and adjusting its legs.

All in all, iCraze Adjustable Vented Laptop desk is easily one of the most impressive desktop risers out there, in terms what you get for its price – efficiency, versatility, portability, and stability. It’s also a great beginner product if you’re slowly transitioning to standing or sit-stand desk kind of lifestyle. It has its shortcomings, but its upside can surely outshine flaws. Its simplistic design and light weight is what makes the more popular mobile solution; allowing users to carry and use it anywhere – something many Ergotron and Varidesk product don’t often offer. This product is truly a gem for laptop users.

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