HP EliteDisplay E271i: An In-Depth Review

HP EliteDisplay E271i: An In-Depth Review

Often times when we search for new computer monitors to update our system, we want to get the best bung for our buck and look for models that will work well in all types of computing tasks. This is usually the biggest challenge for people using their computers for business, as many business-class monitors are hardly suited for gaming and entertainment. Fortunately, the competitive market of display providers has come up with some great solutions for this dilemma. One example of which is the HP EliteDisplay E271i a business-class monitor that also works well for entertainment purposes. This AH-IPS panel doesn’t only perform well for its purpose, but also come with unique features and offers great value. Know more about this monitor here at Dual Monitors Guide’s review.

HP EliteDisplay E271i: An In-Depth Review

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Who is it for?

This monitor is perfect for people looking for a display to pair with their performance-oriented computers. Wider color gamuts, fast refresh rate and great factory calibration, HP EliteDisplay E271i is a solid business-class monitor for users who sit in front of their computer screen eight or more hours a day. The wide viewing angles of this display also makes it an ideal piece for entertainment viewing, like watching movies, streaming sports events, etc. Most gamers will also love its fast response rate and high resolution needs.




Monitor that’s All About Business


The IPS-panel HP E271i delivers accurate colors out of the box and does a good job in displaying the lightest and darkest shades of gray. It maintains bright and colorful images at any point of its wide viewing angle and distance. It comes with a built-in USB hub for convenience, making a solid business-class monitor.


Improve Your Viewing Experience with Clear and Crisp Display

The HP E271i is a 27-inch display made up of an IPS panel that performs quite admirably. This monitor shows crisp and clear contents and videos through its Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, 250 cd/m2 rated brightness, 5,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 7ms gray-to-gray response time, and  178° horizontal/vertical viewing angles.

It can show all shades of gray without signs of tinting or color tracking errors, while colors are accurate out of the box and looks sharp and against the dark black background of the panel. Colors look well-saturated, while skin tones look natural.

HP also did a great job in displaying small texts on this monitor, as words as small as 5.3 on Arial style still look crisp and well-defined, which is quite a big plus for users who view and use multiple pages and word files on their screen.


Basic Picture Adjustments for Basic Business Needs

This HP monitor doesn’t come with a lot of pre-set picture settings, and has limited picture adjustments, maybe because it’s been factory set to work on its premium settings. Aside from the basic Brightness, Contrast, Color and Temperature settings, users can also adjust the display’s Sharpness, allow video overdrive (minimize blurring), Dynamic Contrast Ratio, and Set Black Stretch for black level setting adjustments.

The power management of this monitor consist the basics, namely Sleep Timer and Power Saver mode, which turns off the backlight when the device is unable to detect video signal. While the Advance Mode options opens up more features and adjustment settings.


With HP Display Assistant Feature

Included in the package is the HP Display Assistant CD-ROM. Install this feature and get full advantage of HP’s display conveniently. It’s a monitor management software that puts all the controls from the monitor’s OSD right to your desktop, with some extra functional features. This monitor display adjustments far easier than manually accessing the buttons and navigating through the options. You can also do a calibration by eye with the app’s internal test patterns and wizard feature.


Excellent Anti-Glare Coating to Save your Eyes from Annoying Glares and Reflections

The HP EliteDisplay E271i screen is coated with an excellent anti-glare layer that rejects lights from causing glares and reflections. The good thing about this coating is it does what it’s supposed to do without compromising the screen’s picture quality.


Great Viewing Angle to Let You See Everything

One of the biggest upsides of this HP monitor is its solid viewing angle performance. Users can see images from the screen clearly, in vivid colors and in crisp details, thanks to its extra-wide viewing angle that works up to 178° both horizontal and vertical, making it a good display for many different computing environments.


Environmentally Friendly Display

The HP EliteDisplay E271i is ENERGY STAR certified and EPEAT Gold Registered, which means it lets you take your part in helping save the environment by controlling and reducing environmental impact even as you use your computer. It only consumes 26 watts of power, which is similar to ViewSonic VG2732-LED and more efficient than most of its competitors of the same size.

Also, the display’s panel is made up of mercury-free display lights, with very low halogen components, while its glass is built with arsenic-free display glass.


Dual Monitor and Multiple Monitor Setup Options 

The base of HP EliteDisplay E271i, which makes mounting the display on wall or to an LCD monitor arm possible and easy, as it comes with a 100mm VESA mount. VESA screws are located underneath the edges of the upright, simply remove the base so you can use the bracket of your choice.

HP EliteDisplay E271i: An In-Depth Review

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Ergotron Neo-Flex LCD Arm adds dynamic flexibility to your workstation. It works with a simple push operation to let you move and position your display anywhere you want on your desk. It provides an ergonomic function to improve comfort for a very affordable price. It is an ideal solution for use single display, as screen can be personalized to find the perfect viewing angle. The Neo-Flex LCD Arm comes with all the position adjustment standards, including height adjustment, rotation, pivot and tilting. Display can also be rotated for portrait or landscape orientation to fit various computing needs, perfect for HP EliteDisplay E271i.

HP EliteDisplay E271i: An In-Depth Review

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For dual monitor setup, you can opt for, Ergotron LX Dual Side-by-Side Arm is a great choice. This dual LCD monitor arm is fully adjustable, and it’s made up of solid polished aluminum construction and high quality materials. Each arm can support displays of up to 27 inches, and can be adjusted independently. It also comes with Constant Force (CF) technology, which allows users to reposition the display with one simple touch, and still hold them in stable and secured fashion.


Design and Features

There’s nothing very fancy about HP EliteDisplay E271i, but like most good monitors in the market today, it was designed with functionality and productivity in mind – combining comfort and ergonomics to make it a great forefront display for business users.


The monitor weighs 10.8 lbs. and everything is housed in a business black cabinet with 0.75 inch bezels. The IPS panel is layered with a non-reflective anti-glare coating. There’s a small round HP logo fixed at the bottom of the bezel, while the right part houses the five buttons for adjustments and setting controls.

The heavy plastic component feels extremely well-made, which is quite a welcome update from HP’s past efforts in terms of designs for their display. This monitor doesn’t have gray accents, and the entire panel is thinner and sleeker, making it very suitable for business use.


Basic Connectivity for Business

HP EliteDisplay E271i: An In-Depth Review

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This HP display comes with two (2) downstream USB ports located on its left, and another upstream port around the back, all of which are USB 2.0. The rear part of the monitor’s cabinet houses the DVI, VGA and DisplayPort 1.2 video outputs. There are NO HDMI ports or speakers in this display, which is quite understandable, as it’s designed for business use rather than for entertainment. Though of course, you can always use an HDMI adapter to make use of the DVI port should you choose to connect your display to a DVD or Blu-ray player.


Large and Heavy, Fully Adjustable Stand for Comfort

HP EliteDisplay E271i: An In-Depth Review

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This monitor is TCO Certified Edge requirements for innovative products at the forefront of environmental and ergonomic stand design. It is supported by a flexible black hinged stand that offers customizable adjustments to fit anyone viewing comfort and ergonomic needs.

The stand allows up to 5-inch height adjustment, tilt monitor up to 35°, rotate 90° in either left or right to switch from landscape to portrait orientation and vice versa (display doesn’t automatically shift the orientation mode though. You have to flip the image yourself through your graphics card).

There’s a small round pad at the base to allow users to swivel the whole monitor, including the base, up to 360°. Though the large and heavy stand make it feel awkward, it secures the monitor in place as it stands solid in any flat surface. The stand is also easy to remove, making it convenient for people looking to make use of its VESA compliant mounting holes. The stand requires no assembly, simply place the base until its perpendicular to the screen.


Tech Specs

HP EliteDisplay E271i: An In-Depth Review

Bottom Line

HP EliteDisplay E271i: An In-Depth Review

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While display enthusiasts today look for the Quad HD or Ultra High-Definition at 2560 x 1440 or higher (up to 4K), many business users still opt for the tested and proven 1920 x 1080 resolution of business-class monitors simply because of its good balance in screen size, pixel density and value for money. This simplicity is the idea behind the HP EliteDisplay E271i, as it doesn’t offer anything fancy or extraordinary, just reliable quality for flexible use in both working environment and entertainment.

This display is a good choice for anybody looking to have a bigger screen, but can’t spend too much for their computer. The ergonomic stand allows optimal adjustments for viewing comfort, while its IPS panel displays accurate and rich colors with good grayscale reproduction. One good hint that this monitor is tailor-made for business users is its clear display of small texts. Users working on multi-page documents and navigating through multiple Windows on their screen will surely love how words and numbers stay clear in this display.

If there’s any drawback for this monitor, it would be its lack of HDMI port and USB 3.0 port. We surely love to have those two for convenient use. Also, the monitor allows switching between portrait and landscape mode, but it doesn’t come with automatic image flip.

All in all, HP EliteDisplay E271i is a solid business-class monitor with reasonable price tag. As a matter of fact, it is one of the affordable options of its kind.

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