How to Keep Your Home Office Cozy Warm for Winter

How to Keep Your Home Office Cozy Warm for Winter

It’s no secret that our energy consumption skyrockets during cold months, as we constantly use our heaters to keep home cozy and warm. But did you know there are actually more ways to keep ourselves warm without cranking up the heat? This entry from Dual Monitors Guide will talk about some practical tips to cozy up your home office during winter.

How to Keep Your Home Office Cozy Warm for Winter

A survey conducted by small business owners through the National Federation of Independent Business showed that, small businesses experience a spike in their energy consumption of about 35% during cold season. And it is one of the three main concerns for operating a business. Those who work at home can certainly agree with this issue, as their home energy consumption rises as well during winter.


Adjusting for Winter Season

Important Notes About Power Pricing

First and foremost, it is important to understand that energy prices differ throughout the year. As a matter of fact, winter electricity price tend to be lower, and doesn’t fluctuate as wild as in the summer, but the price increase slightly in the morning, when people are waking up and businesses are opening. This is according to Power Smart Pricing. The price also change through December and January due to the holiday’s demands for energy, as establishments put up electricity-powered decorations, and retail stores extend their business hours. Energy prices during winter increase when sudden cold occurs, as people turn up their thermostats to keep their home warm.


Preparing Your Home and Home Office for Cold Season

Typical energy-saving tips are tested and proven to help reduce your energy consumption for your entire house. However, you still want to feel warm and comfortable as work in your home office. Aside from bundling up (hard to imagine no one heard of this advice before), there are inexpensive ways to keep your house warmer and save money at the same time too. A few adjustments and inexpensive improvement can make a huge difference, and can even make enjoy winter at home. Here are our practical tips.


Let the Winter Sunlight In

Try to open up the curtains or blinds on the west and south side of your house during the day to let the warmth of low winter sun in. Sunlight can also improve your mood and energy for work, helping you feel more energized and productive. Of course, close those windows shut once the sun is down to keep the heat inside your house.


Invest In A Good Quality Area Rug or Carpet

How to Keep Your Home Office Cozy Warm for Winter

Swivel chairs are best used in bare floors, as it allows the wheels to easily turn, giving you better movement in your workstation. However, barefoot floors can be really chilly for your feet. Your home can also lose heat through the floor, and as a matter of fact, the National Energy Foundation said house with uninsulated floor can lose room warmth for up to 10%. This can be a bad news for old houses and houses wood tiles or hardwood floors, but fortunately it can be easily dealt with area rugs. Also, good quality area rugs and carpets feel much comfier.


Block Gaps Under Your Door with Draught Excluder

How to Keep Your Home Office Cozy Warm for Winter

There are endless ways to make draught excluders for doors and windows, you can check out some inspiration from Pinterest. You can make in almost any design, from cute dogs and tigers to a straight-up no-nonsense foam tube.


Light Up Your Room with Candles

How to Keep Your Home Office Cozy Warm for Winter

Though there are still debates on how many candles are needed to keep a small room warm, there is no debating on how Aroma therapy candles can affects our mood and energy. Plus, a candle’s soft glow can add warm and fuzzy feeling that can easily make any room feel cozier. There are tons of choices out there, experiment on aroma therapy candles and see which one works best for you.


Have a Pair of Comfortable Slippers Under Your Desk

How to Keep Your Home Office Cozy Warm for Winter

Most of us would always opt for bargain slippers, but we know that during cold season, those cheap footwear can never be trusted. You may have to invest in a pair of comfortable sheepskin fleece lined slippers, soft and warm coral velvet slippers, or anything that provides foot-warming comfort. Your feet deserve to have good slippers to wear under your desk.


Clear Your Heating Vents and Radiators

You may have unknowingly covered your home heating equipment with furniture, so check around your house and make sure all your vents are not blocked. While your loveseat may look nice covering up the radiator, all it is doing is blocking and absorbing the heat that should have been dispersed all around your house.


Cook Something in Your Oven

If you love to bake, broil or roast, then winter is one of the best seasons to turn up the oven and cook something for yourself or for the whole family. Using the oven in your kitchen will reward you of tasty food, while simultaneously keep your house warm, particularly the room nearest to your kitchen. Make sure you keep your oven open after cooking to pull some of its heat to your house.


Check Out For Drafts in Non-Obvious Places

You may have already sealed off your doors and windows, but drafts can sneak through the smallest and tightest of spaces. Thus, make a meticulous round of inspection around your house, and look for potential air leaks. Leaks are usually found around electrical outlets, and you can use insulation to seal them properly. Keep flue closed when you’re not using the fireplace, check letter boxes, dog doors, cat doors or even keyholes for cold air coming through. You can also put weatherstrips around your doors to keep cold from getting in and keep your home nice and warm.


Use Electrical Baseboard Heaters

How to Keep Your Home Office Cozy Warm for Winter

Electrical baseboard heaters are cheap solutions for keeping your home office nice and warm. Traditional space heaters may still be popular, but they are expensive and unreliable in long-term basis. Thus, you should opt for modern space heaters with safety controls in case they tip over and thermostats with timers. This will let you set the thermostat and timers to warm your office and other parts of your house in specific time of the day.


Get a Ceiling Fan for Your Home Office

How to Keep Your Home Office Cozy Warm for Winter

You may think this will only make your room colder, but not, because you will not use the ceiling fan for its traditional purpose during winter. Rather, use the ceiling fan to push the warm air near the ceiling down to your space. You can do this by reversing the blades of the fan. Of course, it goes without saying that you should secure enough insulation in your home office to minimize the heat loss. Also, make sure you choose a reversible ceiling fan for this to work.


Choose More Energy Efficient Lights

How to Keep Your Home Office Cozy Warm for Winter

Winter season have shorter day, and that means you will be using the light a little longer. You can save big in your energy consumption by replacing your old incandescent and fluorescent bulbs with more energy efficient option, such as compact fluorescent light bulbs and LED bulbs. They may be more expensive initially, but their efficiency can offset their expensive price tag, as they can consume 75% less electricity that its older counterparts, and they can last longer. Some products are said to last up to 10 times longer.


Keep Your Home Office Separate for Your Clients

If you do business in your home office with clients, then you might want to have a private entrance dedicated into your office, so your clients don’t have to walk through your home. Of course, like in any other doorways in your house, make sure the door between your home office and home is properly sealed to minimize heat loss from your house. Also, to make your bathroom comfortable for everybody, use a small space heater. This will save you from heating the whole house just to make your bathroom warm.

For more tips on keeping your workstation and home office warm and conducive for work, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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