Halter Dual LCD Monitor Stand Review

Halter Dual LCD Monitor Stand Review

There are tons of good choices for monitor stands online. Some live up to their claims, while many falls significantly short to what they promise. This is what makes choosing the right LCD monitor stands difficult sometimes, especially for people looking for specific setup such as dual monitor setup for large displays. The Halter dual LCD monitor stand is a good example of a high quality monitor stand. The brand itself is a reputable name in computer solutions and ergonomics market. But how does this product stand against the steep competition? Read this review from Dual Monitors Guide to find out.

Halter Dual LCD Monitor Stand Review

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Who is it for?

If you’re looking for an LCD arm that can support dual monitor setup for large screen as big as 27-inch, but don’t want to spend a fortune for a high quality product, then you can check out Halter dual LCD monitor stand.



Halter Dual LCD Monitor Stand Review

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The Halter dual LCD monitor stand is a high quality stand that support displays up to 27-inch of size. The compact and sleek design, along with the desk clamp, lets users save valuable desk space. It can easily mount on any desktop or different types of compatible horizontal surface.


Easily Mounts and Holds Two LCD Monitors for Dual Monitor Display Setup

Halter dual LCD monitor stand is equipped with a solid and sturdy die-cast aluminum construction, with an equally solid clamp that provides quick and easy mount for desks and various horizontal surfaces. It can be installed in minutes with the use of the included hardware o its package. No need for drilling holes to the desk.


Saves Significant Desk Space by Elevating Monitors

Halter Dual LCD Monitor Stand Review

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The Die-cast aluminum pole of Halter dual LCD monitor stand comes with dual-link swing arm, providing secured and stable support for monitors in an elevated position. Each arm can fully support displays up to 27 inch of size and 16 lbs. heavy. This product features a 36-inch dual-link swing arm for optimized ergonomics and monitor view, as each arm can be adjusted separately. Paired with heavy-duty clamp, the stand mounts to desks securely, making it an ideal choice for office use, home office, IT network, studio, and even security applications.


Fully Adjustable Arms for Improved Ergonomics

Like other high-quality dual monitor LCD mounts out there, this Halter monitor stand also offers excellent adjustability, making it a great option for workstation use. Adjustability includes tilt, swivel, height adjustment, and even tension setting, giving users better versatility for comfortable work setup; helps keep users in good working posture, minimizing back aches, neck strain, shoulder pain, and even eye fatigue.

The arms also allow monitors to rotate 360°, giving users the ability to easily switch their screen orientation from landscape to portrait mode, and vice versa.


Design and Features

Halter Dual LCD Monitor Stand Review

36-Inch Dual-Link Swing Arms with Full Adjustability

This dual monitor stand uses 36-inch dual-link swing arms for full adjustability, such as tilt function, side-to-side movement, height adjustment, and 360° to switch from landscape to portrait orientation, and vice versa.


Tough Die-Cast Aluminum Alloy Pole to Support Dual Monitor Setup

This Hatler stand uses a sturdy and hard-wearing die-cast aluminum alloy pole. This pole is designed to hold and secure two big displays.


Heavy Duty Clamp to Support Secure Two LCD Screens

The solid pole is paired with a heavy-duty clamp, that easily mounts to desktops and different surfaces, while securing the weight of two LCD monitors in place. The clamp mount also allow easy setup and installation, saving users from the hassles of drilling and sophisticated installation steps present in many LCD stands in the market today.


With Cable Management Clips and Trim Caps to Help Keep Your Desk Neat and Clean

Halter Dual LCD Monitor Stand Review

Halter dual LCD monitor stand uses simple cable management system using clips and trim caps, a practical and straightforward way to keep your desk neat and clean.


Tech Specs


Halter Dual LCD Monitor Stand Review

Package includes cable management clips and trip caps, two (2) C-clamp and Thumb screws, two (2) mounting screws, eight (8) monitor mounting screws, installation hardware and hex tools


Bottom Line

Halter Dual LCD Monitor Stand Review

The Halter dual LCD monitor stand is a high quality product made up of     heavy duty materials with very solid construction. As a matter of fact, when you use monitor under the maximum size, you will almost feel like you’re under utilizing the stand.

Installation is simple and pretty straightforward. Should you feel your monitor will not stay angled at the position you prefer, simply tighten the tension. You can also adjust the pivot bolt using the supplied Allen wrench

Leveling two displays is pretty easy in this monitor stand as well. It doesn’t require a lot of adjustment, as it comes down how stiff you set its arms. Switching from landscape to portrait mode is as easy as turning your screen.

Though it lacks the bells and whistles and aesthetic appeal of top-tier dual monitor stands, the Halter dual LCD monitor stand is a solid choice for users looking for a practical solution. The price itself is pretty good for its build quality and functionality.

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