Guide to Standing Laptop Desk

Guide to Standing Laptop Desk

It is no secret that working on your computer for long hours a day, everyday, can hurt your back, neck, and overall posture, body integrity and health. This is the reason why there is growing number of offices and business establishments who are switching from traditional desks to standing desks and sit-stand workstations. But what about the laptop users? Dual Monitors Guide is a strong advocate of comfortable and ergonomic workspace, and it’s a strong supporter of standing desk and sit-stand LCD arms. In this entry, we will talk about how to get the standing laptop desk that fits right for you.

As a wise consumer, we all weigh the pros and cons of a product before we purchase them. We determine their benefits, cost and quality, and how they can make a difference in our daily lives. The comfort, ergonomics, and health benefits of standing desks are the reason behind its growing popularity. As more and more researches and studies emphasize the perils of sitting, and how standing can counteract its negative effects, more and more people are embracing the idea of having a healthy workspace. If you’re one of the millions of people out there who is considering switching from traditional table to a standing laptop desk for your, then this buying guide is for you.

Guide to Standing Laptop Desk

Safco Products Muv Stand-up Adjustable Height Computer Workstation (image from Amazon)

Fixed vs. Adjustable Desk

Fixed desks are way cheaper than the adjustable ones. As a matter of fact, some fixed desks are up to three times cheaper, but then again, cost is just one out of the many things you need to consider.


Flexibility and Versatility

Guide to Standing Laptop Desk

Ergotron WorkFit-P Sit-Stand Workstation (image from Amazon)

If you are working from a laptop rather than a desktop computer, then you obviously have more freedom, as laptops can be picked up and stacked on various fixture and furniture. However, in comfort, convenience, and ergonomic stand point, you need something that gives you flexibility and versatility throughout the day.

While fixed desk provide an affordable cost, it doesn’t always seem the more practical choice, especially if you’re working on your computer for hours, every day. You obviously need flexibility and versatility, such as being able to switch from standing to sitting down. Experts agree that standing for hours, without rest, can also cause harm to your body and can do more bad than good to your health, as standing too long can cause problems to your skeletal tissues, particular in your feet, lower back, shoulders and neck.

Though fixed desks can offer the basic advantages that you are looking for, most of them don’t provide the flexibility and versatility you need for your workspace. As someone who uses the computer all day, you need something that will put you in a comfortable and motivating work environment. Before you choose for a design and style, the most important aspect you need to look at is the ergonomics.

Remember that your goal of getting a standing laptop desk is to equip your workspace with healthy upgrades. Being able to stand when you like and sit when your feet starts to hurt is the best way to use a standing desk. Adjustable desks give you the best of both worlds. From here, you can ask yourself: what type and model of desk will improve my productivity and help me in the long run? Fixed desk may seem like the cheapest choice, but they are not necessarily the more practical. You don’t get wrong in investing in a good adjustable standing laptop desk.


Your Best Available Options

At first glance, the pricey price tags may easily turn you off. However, you should remember that these are elite standing desks, the best in the market that boasts uncompromising quality and unbeatable features. These products provide comfort and quality, which earns them a spot in this Dual Monitors Guide’s buying guide.


Ergotron’s Neo-Flex LCD and Laptop Lift Stand is another versatile choice for people looking for a dual monitor setup – it allows you to put your laptop and an extra external monitor side by side, giving you more display real estate for multi-tasking with your laptop. It’s designed for extensive laptop use and a a perfect solution for business travelers and people on-the-go, as its compact and lightweight body allows you to bring it and use it anytime, anywhere. Also, it’s among the affordable options around (around $175).

Guide to Standing Laptop Desk

Ergotron’s Neo-Flex LCD and Laptop Lift Stand (image from Amazon)

Other Ergotron solutions that let you work with dual monitor laptop are the products from their WorkFit line, such as the Ergotron WorkFit C, an LCD and Laptop Sit-Stand Workstation. This workstation is a fully functional computer cart that doubles as a mobile standing desk. It comes with a large desktop and a height-adjustable working platform that lets you place your laptop alongside with your second monitor. As a mobile stand up desk, it also comes with an integrated brake which secures the table’s height in place.

Guide to Standing Laptop Desk

Ergotron WorkFit C (image from Ergotron)

Ergotron WorkFit-P and Ergotron WorkFit-PD are both sit-stand solutions that provide comfort and convenience in any computing environment. They are both designed to encourage users who sit for long hours a day, to stand more often, and promote more physical activity through freedom of movement. They are equipped with easy-adjust levers that let you switch from sitting to standing position easily. While the WorkFit-P is great for people with existing desk, as it’s an LCD Arm Desk Mount that can be integrated with any existing desk. While the WorkFit-PD is a complete workstation that can hold everything you need. Both are affordable solutions; the WorkFit-P is sold at $230, while the WorkFit-PD is priced at around $537.

Guide to Standing Laptop Desk

Ergotron WorkFit-P and Ergotron WorkFit-PD (image from Ergotron)

NextDesk Terra – this standing laptop desk has received praises from almost every expert in the field. As a matter of fact, is it one of the highest rated products in its category in today. The desk features 12 outlets, and they are available in three finishes, giving users more convenient options to fit the desk with their décor. When you see and get to use on of its products, you will understand all the praises and the hype behind despite its $1500 price tag.

More Budget-Friendly Options

Though it is undeniable that most great solutions out there come with pricey price tags, there are still some steals out there worth checking around. The key here is to be patient in doing your research and be creative in your idea a perfect workspace. Never look back on something without giving it a closer look. After all, diamonds in the rough do exist. All you have to do is search.


VariDesk Pro Plus – This sit-stand workstation is a ready-to-use desktop riser. Meaning, it’s a standing laptop desk for people who doesn’t want to get rid of their existing desk. Using this product is as simple as pulling it out from its box and putting it on your existing office desk. It is adjustable, which allows you to switch between sitting and standing, and it’s fully assembled right from the box, saving you from the hassles of setup and installations. It has enough desk space to accommodate dual monitor setup (two monitors or a combination of a laptop and second monitor). It’s quite a decent product that combines aesthetics and function. It is a bit heavy, which means it sits solid and sturdy on your existing desk. It is an inexpensive solution for anyone looking to revamp their workspace with ergonomic upgrades.

Guide to Standing Laptop Desk

VariDesk Pro Plus (image from Amazon)

Ninja Standing Desk ­– this multi-shelves and minimalist standing desk is one of the cheapest (under $160) options out there. Though it can only support 30 lbs. of weight, it does come with the all the basic things you need and the easy-to-use design for convenient and easy setup. What makes this stand even better is it is completely portable, allowing you bring the standing desk with you as you travel and work in hotel rooms. Its small footprint is also great for users with tight and limited space.

Guide to Standing Laptop Desk

The WorkEz Standing Desk Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk is another cheap option, much like most of the product the brand Uncaged Ergonomics offers. This desk riser in particular is very affordable ($145 in Amazon) and ergonomically functional. It is compact and features two articulating trays; one to support your monitor stand or a laptop, and the other for a keyboard. The desk can be a little shaky at times, and it doesn’t adjust as quickly as it’s supposed to. But it is equipped with all the basic things you need for a desk riser, and the cheap price tag makes it very hard to overlook.

Guide to Standing Laptop Desk

WorkEz Standing Desk Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk (image from Amazon)

Standee Bamboo Standing Desk – if you’re looking for something very simple and versatile (something you can put on top of almost any fixture you have at home or in your office), then this one is for you. This product is a desktop riser costs a lot less (around $179 and $230 includes a standing mat in Amazon) than your traditional sit-stand desktop riser and is definitely more durable and rigid against most of its sophisticated counterparts. The bamboo wood material gives it a simple, yet gorgeous look that can fit nicely to any interior décor and workspace design. It’s handsomely made and can be assembled in as fast as 30 seconds, and you can bring it with you and use it anytime, anywhere, whether outdoor or indoors.

Guide to Standing Laptop Desk

Standee Bamboo Standing Desk (image from Amazon)

DIY is Always an Option

IKEA parts is a very popular budget option, and if you know what you’re looking for, you have basic idea of building things, and you have the creativity, it should not cost you more than $30 to make a good standing laptop desk that fits your needs and workspace. Some of the things you will need include a side table, an Ekby Valter bracket, and Viktor shelf. Make sure you connect your shelf to your bracket securely using good quality screws.

Another practical idea is to get an adjustable lap desk. It’s inexpensive and can be used or placed almost anywhere. This will let you lower your laptop when you need to sit, and stand when you use it on counters or workstations. 

Guide to Standing Laptop Desk

Adjustable Vented Laptop Table (image from Amazon)

You Can Also Make a Makeshift Stand

Quality and sophisticated computer stands can cost up to $1000, which is quite expensive. If you want to save money and still want the benefits of standing, and if you have the DIY skills, tools and creativity, then you should consider making your own makeshift stand around the house. Not Sitting has a pretty detailed DIY standing desk guide.


Bottom Line

Guide to Standing Laptop Desk

VariDesk Pro Plus (image from Amazon)

Putting your laptop on top of boxes or on a kitchen counter can be a good idea to start your way to standing. But as you get used to standing, you will notice the need for more comfortable and ergonomic setting. Kitchen counter and boxes will not effectively raise your display at eye level, and this can hurt your shoulders, back and neck. A good standing laptop desk or desktop riser on the other hand, can let you enjoy all the benefits of standing as you work comfortably on your laptop. Adjustable standing laptop desksdesktop riser with different height options and sit-stand workstation can also give you the best of both worlds, as you can stand as you like, and sit when you need to rest your feet.

Generally, standing is always better than sitting, but standing all day can also be detrimental to your body and health. The key to standing while working is doing it right, with the posture, work environment and freedom of movement to be able to move as you like.

If you love DIY projects, then you can always make your own standing laptop desk with things and tools you can find at home and in your nearest DIY shops. This is obviously a lot cheaper and effective, as you can make something that really fits your body and personalize it to suit your space and workstation needs. However, for office workers, business travelers, and people on-the-go, a good quality desktop riser is the more practical choice. You can fold it to fit in your bag and bring it with you anywhere you go. Check out Dual Monitors Guide for more ergonomic solutions now!

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