Gear Head CFS8800BLK; An In-Depth Review

Gear Head CFS8800BLK; An In-Depth Review

Laptop coolers’ job is pretty simple – to keep laptops from overheating by helping the computer cool off. However, the best ones out there does more than that, as they provide more things to the table, such as expand the functionality and improve usage comfort. One of the good ones out there is the Gear Head CFS8800BLK, as it comes with a soft finish that feels comfortable on your lap, and an easy height adjustment system that allows users to use the cooling pad on their desk. All these while still providing the much needed air circulation for a reasonable, if not affordable price. For this reason, we have decided to take a closer look at this product. Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide to know more.

Gear Head CFS8800BLK (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

Gear Head CFS8800BLK comes in a simple, but versatile design for almost any type of laptops, and can support laptops up to 17 inches of size. It comes with a couple of high quality fans, providing optimal cooling for laptops, along with other convenient features that makes it really a nice tool to have. It’s light and compact, perfect for traveling and working on the go.


The biggest selling point of Gear Head CFS8800BLK is definitely its comfortable design and versatility. It may come with an affordable price tag, but don’t mistake it for low quality, as it comes equipped with high quality parts for dependable performance and features that provide the convenience and comfort you look for your laptop.


Whisper Quiet Fan Technology

With an airflow of 22 CFM, the Gear Head CFS8800BLK definitely doesn’t have the powerful fan you expect for gaming and CPU-heavy use. As expected, the fans are not as effective as other cooling pads with high-powered fans. Its slower speed however, provides whisper quiet operation, making this cooling pad the perfect partner for office spaces that can’t tolerate loud noise. It’s enough to provide good cooling for laptops and keep them from overheating, though we can’t expect it to really cool down hot laptops when running CPU-heavy tasks or during long hours of heavy gaming.


Lifetime Warranty and Excellent Customer Support

This brand probably has the best warranty in the laptop coolers market, as each of their cooling pad products, including Gear Head CFS8800BLK, comes with an impressive lifetime warranty.

Also, the manufacturer’s website may not come with downloadable manuals or tutorials. However, you can send your questions straight to them via email, social media outlets or through phone.

Design and Features

Gear Head CFS8800BLK (image from Amazon)

As said earlier, the Gear Head CFS8800BLK is easily one of the most comfortable and versatile products of its kind in the market. It comes with a wedge design that properly elevates the fans from the surface, raising the laptop and allowing good air circulation, whether you’re using it on the desk or even on your bed. This means you don’t need to worry about obstructing the vents and reducing the airflow of your portable computer when working on soft surfaces.


Wedge To Help Keep Your Laptop In Place

Gear Head CFS8800BLK (image from Amazon)

Many consumers and manufacturers tend to overlook the benefits of this simple, but extremely useful feature. Fortunately, this product comes with, keeping your laptop from sliding off and stay on top of its surface at all times.


Neoprene Wrap

The exterior of the wedge is nicely covered with a neoprene wrap, making the cooling pad soft to touch. Unlike most cooling pads, this one comes with nicely rounded edges, giving it a softer and smoother look. The combo of neoprene and rounded edges also makes the tool extremely comfortable for lap use.


Built-In Adjustable Notebook Stand

Gear Head CFS8800BLK (image from Amazon)

Should you wish to use this product on your desk, all you have to do is elevate the whole top panel. It comes with five (5) different height setting options, allowing users to find the best height position and angle setup for their laptops. It can even set the laptop display at eye level, minimizing risk of shoulder and neck pain.


Tech Specs

Bottom Line

Gear Head CFS8800BLK doesn’t offer anything extraordinary; it’s a straight up, basic but efficient laptop cooling pad that does all what is expected to do. It may not be as powerful as other pads, and it doesn’t have the useful USB ports which would have been convenient for office use, but by far, one of the most comfortable to use out there.

The neoprene covering is a simple, but effective design feature that adds comfort to this product.

All in all, the Gear Head CFS8800BLK is neither the most powerful, nor the most feature rich out there, but it comes with solid performance and extremely comfy to use. If you’re not into heavy gaming, video editing, or other forms of intensive tasks, then this laptop cooler may just be for you.

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