Ergotron WorkFit-D, Sit-Stand Desk: An In-Depth Review 

Ergotron WorkFit-D, Sit-Stand Desk: An In-Depth Review 

Standing while working on a computer is not something most people think about, or consider doing in their workspace. In the past couple of years however, where more and more studies show the health risks of sedentary lifestyle, many computer professionals found a better alternative and started a trend of a healthier workstation – working with a standing desk. Standing while working offers a lot of health benefits, comfort and ergonomics, and one of the best rated standing desk in Amazon today that maximizes all of these benefits is the Ergotron WorkFit-D, Sit-Stand Desk (light grey). Here’s a comprehensive review from Dual Monitor Guide about this amazing Ergotron product.

Ergotron WorkFit-D, Sit-Stand Desk: An In-Depth Review 

(source: Ergotron)

Who is it for?

If you often sit and work in front of your computer for long hours a day, everyday, then you definitely need a healthier working position in your workstation. The Ergotron WorkFit-D, Sit-Stand Desk will help you counteract the negative effects of sitting without compromising the benefits of a traditional desk. It comes with good height adjustments to fit your preferred height and switch from sitting and standing, with solidly stable and sturdy base, and customizable with other accessories to make a perfectly ergonomic and comfortable workstation.


Designed to meet anyone’s ergonomic standards, the Ergotron WorkFit-D, Sit-Stand Desk is very easy to assemble and safe and easy to use for most types of computing environments. Its robust weight capacity is designed to hold not just one, but multiple displays, while the worksurface has enough space to hold the keyboard, phones, books, and any other things you need for your workstation.

Ergonomic and Healthy Workstation for Better Productivity

Enjoy the best of both worlds of sitting and standing as the Ergotron WorkFit-D lets you switch positions whenever you need. This workstation is designed to allow instantaneous, tool-free, and non-motorized re-positioning to keep you comfortable as you work on your computer. This design encourages healthy movements as you work.

Neutralizes the Negative Effects of Sitting and Sedentary Lifestyle

We all know how sitting all day, everyday, can kill us. This desk is designed to counteract the negative effects of long hours of sitting by encouraging movements. Standing helps people stay focused by keeping energy levels high, minimize the risk of afternoon lulls, along with many health benefits. Also, because it’s a sit-stand desk, you can switch working positions to find the most comfortable and ergonomic position you like throughout the day.

Powered by Ergotron’s Patented Constant Force Technology for Maximum Comfort and Ergonomics

Like other premium Ergotron dual monitor stands and workstations, the WorkFit-D is also powered by the brand’s patented Constant Force Technology. This technology allows Ergotron workstations to provide the best comfort and ergonomics through smooth positioning and re-positioning of the display and keyboard whenever you want it. Also, this technology makes easy and fluid display adjustments, allowing smooth movements for lifting, tilting, panning, rotating and positioning of the display up and down. The one-touch adjustment also offers convenient control for both the monitor and keyboard.

Hassle-Free and Smooth Adjustments

Ergotron WorkFit-D, Sit-Stand Desk: An In-Depth Review 

(source: Ergotron)

Like other Ergotron workstations, the WorkFit-D comes with easy and fluid adjustments. The 23inch by 48inch workspace of this table can be moved up and down up to 20 inches. This means it can stand from 29 inches tall to 49 inches tall in no time.

Features and Specs

Delivering the comforts of a sit-stand desk without losing the benefits of a traditional desk, WorkFit-D comes with ample space to put your coffee, papers and other workstation accessories, while giving you the luxury of sitting and standing whenever you want.

The flexible open architecture of Ergotron WorkFit-D, Sit-Stand Desk is a scalable design to accommodate future computer equipment. The durable and robust structure is designed to ANSI/BIFMA X5.5-2008 standards.


Ergotron WorkFit-D, Sit-Stand Desk: An In-Depth Review 

(source: Ergotron)

Easy Assembly and Setup

Like other good quality standing desks, this WorkFit-D from Ergotron also comes with a huge and heavy box, which can be a challenge to move. Thus, it would be a good idea to ask a friend to help you carry the box inside to your house (or office). Each part are of the workstation is swaddled in heavy Styrofoam and cardboard inside the box though, which is common in any Ergotron products.

This standing desk comes in straightforward assembly and setup. Package comes with full and clear instructions. Putting all the pieces together is impressively easy, thanks to the quality of the desk and all its components. The only tool you will need is a Philips head screwdriver. Including the unpacking, this desk can be assembled and setup in as fast as 40 minutes.

Roomy Worksurface

With the worksurface of 23.5in x 47.6in, this workstation leaves users a roomy space to put their gadgets and tools, such as books, phones, tablets, and water bottle along with the usual space for keyboard and mouse.

All Components Made Up of High Quality Materials

The desk weighs 85 lbs, and when setup nicely in a good spot, it stays rock solid as the heavy top and welded steel frame makes a very stable workstation. The uprights are made up of heavy steel boxes, while the desk’s feet are nicely welded in place. The top is a made up of a heavy particle board, finished in both top and bottom. All parts are nicely painted without any razor sharp edges.


Tech Specs

  • With Ergotron’s patented Constant Force (CF) motion technology
  • Minimum height = 30.6″ (78 cm); maximum height = 50.6″ (129 cm)
  • Weight capacity: up to 65 lbs (29.5 kg)
  • Note: the listed weight capacity means the total load capacity of the worksurface . When calculating load, make sure to include the weights of accessory mounts for both display(s) and keyboard.
  • Lifts up and down up to 20 inches (51 cm)
  • Four (4) leveling glides establish a firm footing and adjust to install the desk even on uneven floors
  • For proper ergonomic keyboard placement, Ergotron’s Neo-Flex Underdesk Keyboard Arm, 97-582-009, is recommended
  • Add Ergotron LCD and laptop display mounts as needed to accommodate individual workflows
  • Complies all international environmental regulations related to design, manufacturing and packaging.
  • Shipping Dimensions: 51″ x 30″ x 17″ (129 x 75 x 43 cm)
  • Shipping Weight: 108 lbs (48.9 kg); actual product weight: 85 lbs (38.6 kg)
  • Five (5) years warranty
  • Package includes the height -adjustable platform, steel base, MDF worksurface with Melamine surface, hand-brake system and four (4) glides.



One of the best things about Ergotron is it provides all the accessories and add-ons you need to make a perfect workstation that fits to your preferences and needs.

Ergotron WorkFit-D, Sit-Stand Desk: An In-Depth Review 

(source: Ergotron)

The Neo-Flex Underdesk Keyboard Arm for example, is a good addition for WorkFit-D. It provides full range of adjustments by lifting and lowering the keyboard for optimum comfort to accommodate wide range of computer users, particularly designed for word-processing and various office applications. This can also be paired with a Mouse Holder to conveniently store the mouse, save space on your desk as you keep it secured.

Ergotron WorkFit-D, Sit-Stand Desk: An In-Depth Review 

(source: Ergotron)

This standing desk can also be paired with one of Ergotron’s best-selling LCD mount – LX Desk Mount LCD Arm an LCD mount made up of durable aluminum polished construction designed to improve viewing comfort, reduce eye strain, back and neck pain. Like the desk, this product also comes with the patented CF motion technology for premium ease-of-use and unbeatable display adjustment. If you want to work with two monitors and have two displays sitting side-by-side, then you can opt for the LX Dual Side-by-Side Arm.


(source: Ergotron)

If want to stand more often in your work station, then you a WorkFit Floor Mat will be a great addition in your work station. This mat is specifically designed to reduce fatigue while you are on your feet, allowing you to stand more.


Bottom Line

Ergotron WorkFit-D, Sit-Stand Desk: An In-Depth Review 

(source: Ergotron)

This sit-stand desk is almost perfect, but Ergotron can make a few improvements to make it better. The height of the keyboard tray for example, can be improved so it will feel closer to the worksurface. Right now, it can feel a little low for some users, but it’s not really a big deal for most types of computing tasks.

The table can’t snug as close to the wall as you would want. This is because of the crosspieces that make up its feet (sticking out and beyond the top desk at about 2 inches). The upside of this course means more stable and solid base for the desk.

Also, you may have to use a mousepad for your optical mouse, as the smooth surface of this table is a bit reflective.

All in all, the Ergotron WorkFit-D is a solid and well-made standing desk with no-frills height adjustments. This platform works well for anyone without the need to buy expensive height-adjustable chairs. It may be a little expensive, but the flexibility and freedom to change working positions easily and conveniently makes it well worth its price. It promotes wellness in the daily work routine, as standing encourages healthy neck and back conditions.

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