Ergotron WorkFit-C; An In-Depth Review

Ergotron WorkFit-C; An In-Depth Review

Countless of research shows sitting is dangerous for our health, even those who exercise for an hour a day are still at risk to the health damages of sitting. Ergotron on the other hand, leads the world in the anti-sedentary lifestyle movement. It made tons of ergonomic solutions aimed to provide people working in front of their computers all day, everyday, a better alternative from sitting. The Ergotron WorkFit-C offers quite a unique alternative from other Ergotron products, as this workstation comes with wheels, making it mobile while keeping all the qualities we love about Ergotron. Know more about this sit-stand mobile workstation in this Dual Monitors Guide’s in-depth review.

Ergotron WorkFit-C; An In-Depth Review

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Who is it for?

The Ergotron WorkFit-C is for anyone who works in front of their computer for extended period of time daily. Unlike other ergonomic solution that are virtually fixed in your workstation, this one comes with wheels, making it easy to move around and transfer from one spot to another. It’s both great for SOHO and office work settings.


Benefits and Features

Cart-Based Workstation to Easily Relocate Your Workstation

One of the first things you will notice in Ergotron WorkFit-C is the four wheels attached on its base. It’s a cart-based workstation that lets you relocate your computer desk anywhere and anytime you want. It’s a perfect solution for people who don’t want to stay fixed in one spot and often want to have a change in scenery in his workstation.


Sit-Stand Function to Negate the Health Risks of Sitting and Sedentary Lifestyle

Ergotron WorkFit-C; An In-Depth Review

(image from Ergotron)

As an advocate of healthy workstation alternative and strongly emphasizes the dangers of sitting, Ergotron’s WorkFit line allow sit-stand work setup options for its users. This model is no different, as it can switch from sitting to standing height position and promote provide better workstation alternative for its users. This function promotes healthy movement throughout the day, as users can stand as long as they can and sit when they need to. It also helps alleviate back pain and promote fitness, as standing burns more calories and allow better blood circulation throughout the body compared to sitting.

As a matter of fact, people can burn an average of 340 more calories a day in an 8-hour workday standing compared to sitting. That’s a total of 1700 more calories burned a week, which can be 29 lbs. in one year. Also, standing forces engages our core than sitting on a slumped position. Walking around and moving helps tone the lower body as well.

Also, research shows that ergonomic workstations that emphasizes active and healthier work positions help people stay focused, alert, and energized. This results to better work efficiency and productivity.

Comes with the Brand’s Patented Constant Force (CF) Technology for Smooth Adjustments and Secured Display Mount

Like other premium Ergotron products, the WorkFit-C comes equipped with the brand’s patented Constant Force (CF) technology which holds the display in place securely and still allow fluid one-touch adjustment for easy repositioning.


Moveable Keyboard and Mouse Tray for Comfort and Easy Customization

Like most Ergotron ergonomic solutions, especially the WorkFit line, Ergotron WorkFit-C comes with great customizable features to fit to anyone’s comfort needs. The keyboard and mouse tray are moveable, and as easy as touching a lever in changing the setup. This means users from all height and sizes will find themselves comfortable working on this workstation, as they can adjust the height of the keyboard and mouse tray, as well as the monitor. It also allows users to flip the mounts to display monitor or laptop on any side they prefer. The height adjustment comes with integrated brake system that easily locks and releases the wheels when you adjust the height of the desk.

Small Footprint and Compact Body Ideal for Space-Constrained Offices

The wheel-to-wheel base dimension of WorkFit-C is only 17″W x 20.5″D, that means it doesn’t take much space, making it easy to move around and fit even into space-constrained offices spaces. Despite its small footprint, it is very compact and stands sturdy, keeping your display and CPU safe and secured in place, even when you move the cart-based workstation around.


Counterbalanced Adjustment for Convenient and Instantaneous Positioning

Many Ergotron products comes with counterbalanced adjustment feature, allowing instantaneous and too;-free adjustments and re-positioning of the workstation as users work. An additional feature is also included, which covers 25 inches total height adjustment, along with advanced cable management to keep the workstation neat and clean as move it around.


Flexible Open-architecture Design for Future Upgrades

The WorkFit line is basically a workstation line, and all of them come with open architecture design, giving people better flexibility when it comes to upgrades and changes in their workstation. The WorkFit C is scalable for future computer equipment


Tech Specs

Ergotron WorkFit-C; An In-Depth Review

Package includes cart, LCD pivot, integrated worksurface, keyboard tray with left/right mouse tray, wrist rest, mouse holder, cable storage box, CPU holder, four dual casters (two locking).


Bottom Line

Ergotron WorkFit-C; An In-Depth Review

(image from Ergotron)

The Ergotron WorkFit-C may be pricey that fixed workstation or sit-stand desks, but it does offer a lot of things that justifies its price tag and give users great value.  Also, it requires assembly, which means you users need to have basic building knowledge or spend some time reading its setup guide.

For people working in offices, self-employed individuals working in their SOHO, the Ergotron WorkFit-C really provides better alternative than the traditional chair and table setup. It encourages switching between sitting and standing, helping negate the negative effects of sitting and sedentary lifestyle in general, as users can stand and move around when they want and switch to rest their feet when they need to.

The mobile design of this workstation makes gives it great flexibility in offices as well, as users can easily push their workstation to another spot and even bring their whole workstation to conference meetings.

For employers and business owners, Ergotron WorkFit-C provides a mobile workstation alternative they can lend for employees or use between offices and conference rooms. It’s more practical than putting cubicles with built-in desks, as the workstation can be shared easily. Also, because it promotes healthier work setup, employees are more active and energized, making them more efficient and productive at work.

The long-term health benefit of sit-stand workstation is a no-brainer, but if you’re looking for something to fit into your small space, move around anywhere and maintain the same comfort, then the Ergotron WorkFit-C is a good choice for you.

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