Ergotron LX Dual Stacking Arm; An In-Depth Review

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Ergotron LX Dual Stacking Arm; An In-Depth Review

Ergotron has been a household name in computer technology market known for making innovative and practical solutions for improving digital display. The influence of its brand ranges from regular home and office use up to health and mobility products. One of the many products that epitomize the brand’s promise for electronic ergonomics is the Ergotron LX Dual Stacking Arm an innovative dual monitor stand that can hold two displays or a laptop and an extra external display. Made up of the famous polished aluminum construction and equipped with Ergotron’s patented technology, this product is one of the best rated products today in its market.

Ergotron LX Dual Stacking Arm; An In-Depth Review

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Who is it for?

The LX Dual Stacking Arm is quite a versatile tool for dual display. If you’re a laptop user looking for a second display for your computer, or a desktop user looking to expand your display with the flexibility and versatility of moving your monitor anywhere at your desk, then this is quite a good investment.


Made up of the brand’s trademark polished aluminum construction and solid and stable base, the LX Dual Stacking Arm is designed to last for years. This tool is great in holding a notebook and a large display in place, making a productive multi-display configuration. The arms lift screens off the desk to free up desk for an efficient and ergonomic worksurface.

Versatile Solution for A Laptop with Extra Dual Monitor Configuration

Ergotron LX Dual Stacking Arm; An In-Depth Review

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The Ergotron LX Dual Stacking Arm will help you make a productive multi-display workspace as its flexible arms allows you to lift and move the screen wherever you want and get that precious worksurface on your desk. You can reposition your display with a simple touch and move your monitor up, down, forward or back.

The laptop mount also works well, and it can hold up to 25-inch laptops. The mount surface includes three choices to keep your portable computer in place, the non-slip rubber pad, Velcro and clips. The laptop mount however, can’t be brought down parallel to your desk’s surface because of the way the mount was designed. Your laptop has to sit at around 25° angle from the desk if you try to bring it all the way down. If you want your laptop to be parallel to your desk, then it has to sit around 5 inches above the desk.

Easy to Setup and Use

Like other Ergotron monitor stands, the LX Dual Stacking Arm is relatively easy to setup and mount to your desk. Right from opening the box, you can see the basic constructions of the whole setup. Also, the instructions lay out the step by step guide for hassle-free construction and installation.

Improves Workspace Productivity

The dual-display productivity is emphasized with its ultimate positioning flexibility. Monitors can be positioned either stacked or side by side. They can also be rotated to portrait or landscape orientation, making it a perfect tool for specific computing tasks, such as coding, designing, word processing, etc.

Powered by Constant Force Technology for Maximum Comfort

Experience the best viewing comfort you can possibly get for your dual monitor desktop with Ergotron’s patented Control Force (CF) technology. This feature allows you to easily position your display where you need. It requires minimal effort to smoothly lift the arms and tilt and turn your screen in any direction you want. This is the kind of innovation unique to certain Ergotron products.

Features and Specs

Ergotron LX Dual Stacking Arm; An In-Depth Review

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Improved LX Arm for Optimum Durability

The LX Dual Stacking Arm is undeniably a well-built device that holds monitors up off the desk. Arms are perfectly balanced. You can do a laptop and a monitor or two monitors, whichever setup you want.

The middle arm can rotate 360° that can flip all the way around, and can move up and down about 90° to 180°. The base of the arm can also be moved 360°. The monitor can be pan up and down up to 75°, while the monitor itself can be moved left to right up to 180° and spin up to 360° in both arms without limit, which means easy change of orientation (portrait to landscape and vice versa). This means you have all the adjustments you need for a perfect and ergonomically friendly dual monitor configuration.

As far as adjusting the stiffness of the arms and how far to move both arms, Ergotron provide the allen wrench to adjust the tension of the arms. Also, the snap-fit cap secures better stability for interface of arms to extensions.

Solid Construction and Elegant Aesthetics

The polished aluminum construction offers both great durability and improved aesthetics. The bottom arm is incorporated with great cable management system to free your desk from cables and keep your workspace nice and neat. Both parts of the arm has this cable management system (zip tie for the top part of the arm) to completely keep your cables out of the way.

To facilitate stacking of the monitors, the maximum outside display height should not go beyond 14 inches. Most 24-inch displays or less can fit nicely with this specification. Larger displays are allowable when displays are positioned side by side.

The notebook holder has four (4) knobs for holding the laptop plate. Smaller knobs are used for holding the laptop plate, while the outer knobs are used for holding a monitor. At the front of the laptop plate are the metal bars that come in and out, which you can adjust in its bottom knob, depending on your laptop’s size.

New Clamp and Grommet for Solid and Stable Base

Ergotron LX Dual Stacking Arm; An In-Depth Review

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The base of LX Dual Stacking Arm is made up of a nicely polished aluminum construction, with three levels of screwing holes to accommodate variety of desks thickness. The new clamp and grommet mount tightens and secures the whole thing in place, providing better stability for the display and arm.

Tech Specs

  • Package includes two (2) LCD arms and extensions, desk clamp and grommet mount for mounting, pole, one (1) notebook tray, and notebook fastening kit (you can choose from Velcro, non-slip pad or clips for fastening). 
  • This Ergotron device is quality tested: 10,000-cycle test applied to secure the quality of the lift mechanism, ensuring years of trouble-free height adjustment.
  • Mounting Standards: VESA FDMI MIS-D, 100/75, C (hole pattern: 100 x 100 mm & 75 x 75 mm)
  • Weight Capacity: Maximum individual LCD weight = 7 to 20 lbs (3.1 to 9.1 kg)
  • Notebook weight range = 2.5–12 lbs (1.1–5.4 kg
  • Maximum combined weight = 40 lbs (18.1 kg). 
  • Monitor depth may affect weight capacity
  • Desk clamp attaches to edge up to 2.6″ (66 mm) thick; grommet mount attaches through hole 5/16″ to 2″ (7–51 mm) wide and up to 3″ (80 mm) thick
  • 5-year warranty


Bottom Line

Ergotron LX Dual Stacking Arm; An In-Depth Review

(Image from Amazon)

Before you consider purchasing this product, you should know that the Ergotron LX system is all modular in design. Meaning, it doesn’t allow much upgrades other than the arm extensions. They don’t sell the individual parts, as they make just enough pieces to complete the unit as a whole.

All in all, the LX Dual Stacking Arm is exactly what you would expect from a high-quality brand like Ergotron. It’s quite a versatile product for any type of setup. The arms are easy to maneuver, loosen the tension and you can move your displays around with a simple touch. The pole and base are super stable as well, ensuring dependability as it holds your display or laptop on your desk. Each component is solidly built with high quality materials and craftsmanship, designed for daily use and looks nicely to any type of work environment.

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