Ergotech Freedom Arm Mount Single for PC: An In-Depth Review

Ergotech Freedom Arm Mount Single for PC: An In-Depth Review

As one of the world’s leading provider of innovative computer ergonomic solutions, particularly in LCD computer monitor mounts, LCD arms, and workspace solutions, Ergotech has established its name in the industry through quality product design and exceptional tool-less engineering. Like any other highly rated brands, their products are well-designed to revamp anyone’s workspace; make it more comfortable, functional, and above all, ergonomic. And the Ergotech Freedom Arm Mount Single for PC lives up to this reputation. A quality LCD arm that mounts to standard desks, gives you the freedom to move your display around and set it at the perfect position, and leave you the desk real estate you deserve. Let’s take a closer look of this highly-rated monitor arm in this Dual Monitors Guide’s in-depth review.

Ergotech Freedom Arm Mount Single for PC: An In-Depth Review

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Who is it for?

If you’re looking for a solid, hard-wearing, and stable LCD mount to mount your 27-inch monitor, but you don’t want to spend a fortune unreasonably expensive LCD arm, then you should check out Freedom Arm Mount Single for PC from Ergotech.



The Freedom Arm Mount Single for PC basically gives you the ability to extend your monitor forward, allows 180° pan and 360° rotation. It’s a wonderful product made by one of the most reputable brand names in computer ergonomics industry today.

Gives Your Display the Floating Look

The Ergotech Freedom Arm Mount Single  may look simplistic in a lot of ways, but it can improve anyone’s workstation by simply holding monitor and give it a floating look – works all the time for elegant and productive workspace. More importantly, this kind of setup frees up precious desk space that you can use for other important stuff, or just keep your work desk neat and free from clutter.

The arm moves around easily and smoothly, allowing you to position your display at your most ergonomic position.

Comfortable and Healthy Viewing and Working Experience

This flexible stand lets you position your display anywhere you want, and for users of large screen monitors such as 27-inch displays, it’s quite a great upgrade for more comfortable movie viewing and computer working experience. Unlike other products in the market today, this LCD arm doesn’t drop, no matter how much and how often you move it around.

Easy Installation for Your Convenience

One of the many things Ergotech products beat other products is in its easy and hassle-free installation. This particular product for example, is very easy to put up, and users won’t need an extra hand to assemble the whole thing. The product is well-packaged, making the unboxing relatively easy. The product comes into two main parts, which makes assembling straightforward. The whole body of Freedom Arm Mount Single is already pre-installed by the manufacturer, and comes with the accessories and tools you need for easy assembly, including the standard Allen wrench.

Ergotech Freedom Arm Mount Single for PC: An In-Depth Review

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Depending on your desk setup, this mount can be installed to your desk in as fast as three (3) to ten (10) minutes in just five (5) easy steps. Also, the package comes with the installation manual, with comprehensive, easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide instructions.

Adjustable Clamp Mount to Fit Most Desks

The Freedom Arm Mount Single mounts to your existing office desk through the desk clamp mount that you can attach easily and firmly to the back of your desk. The clamp is adjustable, which makes it very versatile for mounting to desks of different depth.

Good Wire Management System to Keep Your Workstation Nice and Neat

One of the most common complaints about LCD arms is dealing with cables entangling all over the place. This can be really frustrating, especially if you often move your display around your desk, or you switch between standing and sitting position often. Ergotech’s Freedom Arm Mount Single has an answer for this dilemma though, as it the product comes with a good wire management system that will keep your cables in one place and out of the way as you work, making way a clean, neat and hassle-free setup.

Design and Features

Ergotech Freedom Arm Mount Single for PC: An In-Depth Review

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At first glance, the Ergotech Freedom Arm Mount Single for PC looks very simple and unassuming. Yet, its straightforward approach gives it the ability to stand solid and stable on your desk. This product comes in three great colors to fit to your workstation, namely Black, White, and Grey.

Built Like a Tank

The simplistic design of Freedom Arm Mount Single gives you a good idea of how the manufacturer emphasizes more on the built quality of the LCD arm. Like many products from Ergotech, this one is also built to last and withstand the rigors of daily use. It stands firm and usable in almost any type of work environment. Both the arm and the base of this product are incredibly solid, as it combines aluminum and steel construction, giving you full confidence that this arm will last.

The Clamp and Main Pole

Ergotech Freedom Arm Mount Single for PC: An In-Depth Review

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The clamp comes with a heavy duty knob, which you can turn and tighten easily based on the fitness of your desk. You can also change the location of the knob by unscrewing and screwing it to any of the three sets of holes. It can support desks up to 55mm thick, or go as thin as 5mm of spacing. Each end of the clamp has properly padded, with foam at the bottom support to protect your precious desk or other surfaces and provide better support for superior hold.

The main support pole is removable, in case you’re looking for a replacement. This feature is one thing that Ergotech does really well, making their products compatible and expendability right from its base. For example, you can setup a dual monitor workstation on its pole.

The Arm

Ergotech Freedom Arm Mount Single for PC: An In-Depth Review

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The arm is covered with metallic silver that both looks great and feels really solid. There is spring inside the arm which controls the vertical resistance. It also comes with a few hooks for cable management system without affecting the arm’s flexibility.

Tech Specs

Ergotech Freedom Arm Mount Single for PC: An In-Depth Review

Package includes VESA plate, aluminum articulating arm and desk clamp with an 8″ pole OR wall mount based on which model ordered.


Bottom Line

The Ergotech Freedom Arm Mount Single comes with a great value for its quality and features, especially the flexibility that you get. The Freedom Arm got its name for a reason, there is so much flexibility that this LCD arm provides, it can pan your display 180º, rotate 360º and even set the display parallel to your desk (pretty impressive).

Its support base is incredibly small and compact, which consumes so little space from your desk. Make no mistake about it though, as it is very capable of standing solid on your desk and supporting your display. It is also very elegant and can totally fit to any work environment.

If you’re looking for dual monitor solution, then all you have to do is purchase to Freedom Arm Mounts and stack one on top of the other on the included 8-inch pole. This configuration works pretty well, and better than many dual monitor LCD arms in the market today. For Mac users, Ergotech also has the Ergotech Freedom Arm Mount Single for PC Mac.

Ergotech Freedom Arm Mount Single for PC: An In-Depth Review

(Image from Amazon)

All in all, the Ergotech Freedom Arm Mount Single for PC is a great addition to anyone’s workstation – it’s very convenient to have and it provides clean and neat look to anyone’s desk. It has outstanding build quality, small and compact footprint, easy assembly and expandable design, cable management system, and excellent value.

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