Ergotech Dual Horizontal LCD Monitor Arm Desk Stand; An In-Depth Review

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Ergotech Dual Horizontal LCD Monitor Arm Desk Stand; An In-Depth Review

Having two monitors is better than one, that’s a well-accepted fact. Two displays sitting side-by-side doubles your work screen, allowing you to open several applications and do multiple things simultaneously. However, simply putting two monitors side-by-side can be more of a hassle than help in your work desk, especially if you’re trying to squeeze everything to a limited space. This is why we have dual monitor LCD arms (and triple monitor or even multiple monitor LCD arms), to effectively hold two displays side-by-side without taking too much of your desk’s space. The Ergotech Dual Horizontal LCD Monitor Arm Desk Stand is one practical example of such ergonomic solution. It is easy to setup and install, and very easy to use. But is it worth the investment and the desk space? Let’s take a closer look at Dual Monitors Guide’s in-depth review of Ergotech Freedom Dual Monitor Desk Stand.

Who is it for?

If you’re looking for a basic and simplistic dual monitor stand with great build, easy to assemble, and has the reputation for value and quality, then you should check out Dual Horizontal LCD Monitor Arm Desk Stand from Ergotech. The brand’s tool-less assembly makes installation a breeze, while everything from its base, up to pole, crossbar and pivot step are designed to improve your dual monitor setup’s ergonomics and viewing experience.



Ergotech Dual Horizontal LCD Monitor Arm Desk Stand; An In-Depth Review

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The Ergotech Dual Desk Stand offers remarkable adjustability, it’s a flexible and expandable dual monitor mounting stand strategically designed by one of the world’s leading ergonomic solutions provider. It’s engineered by experts to provide durable and stable support for your two 24-inch monitors, while its freestanding system will give you the effortless monitor adjustment and personalized ergonomics for your own workstation.


Remarkable Flexibility and Good Range of Height Adjustability

Ergotech Dual Horizontal LCD Monitor Arm Desk Stand; An In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

This dual monitor LCD arm is designed to adapt and expand to your changing needs and ergonomic requirements. It comes with a 16-inch pole that will allow any user to raise their display at the perfect height, something that is impossible with stock monitor stands. Also, the arm also allows a 360° rotation that will let you switch your monitors from landscape to portrait mode, and vice versa, with reassuring tight hold – perfect for people working on dual monitors and multi-tasking different applications and programs.


Patented Design Monitor Quick Release Pivot Step for Display Flexibility

The patented quick release pivot step of Ergotech Dual Horizontal LCD Monitor Arm Desk Stand is one of its key features. It allows flexibility for your display as it can tilt up and down and swivel left and right. This can be loosened or tightened with another Allen key (included in the package), plus the package includes a small and handy tool that you can attach your Allen key and easily stick to the bottom of the base so you never lose it.

The way this mount works is pretty clever; it’s equipped with a small lever on top which releases its hold to the pole and is used to secure the pivot to the crossbar. It’s attached to the crossbar in a slide angle and easily snaps into position. To remove the pivot from the crossbar, simply raise the lever and remove the pivot in reverse fashion. This allows quick swabs and simple assembly. Just like the cable management clips, the pivot slides across the crossbar and moves with fluidity, enough to give you ample space between two monitors.

It has the standard 75mm and 100mm VESA mounting holes, with appropriate screws included. It wobbles a little when you shake it, but it doesn’t compromise the stability of your displays. Also, setting your display at the best position may need a little extra work and some trial and error. But once you get a hang of it, it becomes pretty easy and straightforward to do.


Decent Cable Management System to Help Keep Your Workspace Nice and Neat

The Freedom Dual Monitor Desk Stand comes with some cable management features right on its crossbar, which can roll and slide based on your configuration and workstation setup needs. There is also another one that you can attach to the pole to keep the pole clean and neat routing of cables and cords.



Design and Features

The whole construction of Ergotech Freedom Dual Monitor Desk Stand is made up of either steel or aluminum, so you can expect excellently solid build quality. There are few unique features incorporated into this stand, and for its affordable price tag, the dual monitor stand seem like a bargain.

Its packaging is not the best, as a matter of fact, it looks quite poor on the outside. However, it compartmentalized all the components nicely (with plenty of bubble wrap) and it arrived complete and sound.

One of the many things you will love about this product is how everything can be packed in your backpack if it needs transport.


The Base

Ergotech Dual Horizontal LCD Monitor Arm Desk Stand; An In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

The base of Freedom Dual Monitor Desk Stand arrives in a unique V-shape and curved design, and it provides the stand stability and security. However, it is not the most space-saving design as it won’t allow you to put anything on top. It feels quite solid, as it is made up of solid steel, but it’s bulky and can take a big chunk of your precious space on your desk. It also comes with rubber pads at the bottom to protect your desk’s surface from scratches.


The Pole

The pole is inserted into the base and tightens with one screw on the back using the provided Allen key. It stands 19 inches long, which mean it will allows height adjustment.


The Crossbar

The crossbar is 25 inches long, and can hold two (2) mid-monitors of up to 24 inches side-by-side. While its entire system is also expandable, which means adding some parts will let you attach two (2) 27-inch monitors at this dual monitor stand.

The crossbar is tightened with the help of a very sturdy clamp mechanism, which also allows height adjustments based on your ergonomic and comfort needs. However, you have to make sure you adjust the height of the crossbar without them your monitors attached to it.

Located at the both ends of the crossbar is a small screw that prevents the pivot from sliding off the bar.


Designed to Work with Other Ergotech Products

Another great feature of this dual monitor arm’s design is that, it is interchangeable with other Ergotech products. This means you can add new components and improve your workspace according to your needs and ergonomic requirements to make the ultimate workstation.


Ease of Assembly

Assembling the Ergotech Dual Horizontal LCD Monitor Arm Desk Stand is extremely simple, and putting it up together to your work desk is hassle-free. Like other products under its belt, this dual monitor LCD arm requires no additional tools to assemble and install to your desk. It comes with very few components, and you will be guided by the comprehensive instructional manual on how to assemble the whole arm. Putting up everything can be done in as fast as five minutes.


Tech Specs

Ergotech Dual Horizontal LCD Monitor Arm Desk Stand; An In-Depth Review

Bottom Line

Sure the Ergotech Dual Horizontal LCD Monitor Arm Desk Stand has its limitations, but these limitations are compensated by the product’s great quality and value. It has tons of things to offer, and it certainly can improve any workstation with its simplistic and functional design.

Some of its limitations include the lack of individual plane adjustment, lack of height individual adjustment, and a very limiting base which is not designed to complement or work with other tabletop objects, as it’s quite a space-hugging feature.

Also, when you’re not using two identical monitors, there is no way to adjust the plane of the monitors, which means one will stick out more than the other. Also, the standard pivots can adjust the height reach panel, but Ergotech has height adjustment pivots you can purchase separately that will allow you to get past these limitations and level everything out.

All in all, there is nothing extraordinary about the Ergotech Dual Horizontal LCD Monitor Arm Desk Stand, but its basic and simplistic approach gets the job done, and it delivers its promises very well. It has excellent built quality that you can expect to stand the rigor of daily use, good range of height adjustment, simple pivot removal for display flexibility that lets you tilt, swivel and position your monitor at the perfect position, cable routing clips to keep your work desk nice and neat, modular design that allows expandability and lastly, a lifetime warranty – something you don’t find often in many LCD arms, let alone ergonomic solution products today. Something that will give you a peace of mind as the brand certainly stands behind their product. Considering its price, this dual LCD monitor arm from Ergotech is quite competitive, and really a good alternative for your dual monitor setup needs.

For more in-depth reviews of dual monitor LCD arms or multiple monitor LCD arms, or other computer ergonomic solutions, check out Dual Monitors Guide today.

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