Ergotech 7 Flex HD; An In-Depth Review

Ergotech 7 Flex HD; An In-Depth Review

We have seen quite a big boom in ergonomic solutions in the past couple of years, with newer brands, product lines and models coming to the market on a regular basis. However, we all know not all these products are made equal, and some can’t even meet their own claims. Also, we know that many lesser-known brands actually have high-quality products that can compete with the premium brands. One good example of this is the Ergotech 7 Flex HD from Innovative Office. It’s a premium monitor mount with the budget-friendly price tag. But how does it stand against the steep competition? Let’s find out in this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide.

Ergotech 7 Flex HD; An In-Depth Review

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Who is it for?

The Ergotech 7 Flex HD is designed for anyone looking for larger and heavier monitors without the hefty price tag, as it can hold monitors up to 40-inch of size. Also, if you’re an iMac user, with or without VESA, you can use this mount.



Ergotech 7 Flex HD; An In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

Ergotech 7 Flex HD from Innovative Office Products offers excellent alternative for its expensive competitors, while providing excellent features and range of adjustments for convenient office use. This monitor mount is a fully articulating powered by gas cylinder for smooth and easy adjustments.


Excellent Sit-Stand Solution

The wide range of height adjustment provides a freedom for sit-stand setup. This means you can get the best of both worlds; you can stand when you feel like to relieve tension from your lower back and feel active while counteracting the negative effects of sitting, and sit whenever you feel tired.


Gas Spring System for Smooth and Secured Adjustments

Ergotech 7 Flex HD; An In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

It’s an all gas-spring mount system, which is an excellent system for smooth adjustments and secured hold.


Comes with All the Ergonomic Adjustments You Need

In terms of ergonomic adjustability, Ergotech 7 Flex offers all the things you can expect from a quality articulating arm; swivel, pan, height adjustment and pivot. It offers 16-inch height adjustment (top to bottom), but the only way you can get the lower travel is to use the wall mount, or anything similar, which will let you move the display below. It’s a great feature if your desk is positioned in a corner. On full extension, it can go up to 24 inches.

It also folds up completely, should you decide to push it away from you and make room for your desk. For pan and tilt, this monitor offers wide movement range for freedom, 200˚ range for tilt and 180˚ of pan.



Design and Features

Ergotech 7 Flex HD; An In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

Ergotech 7 Flex arrives in all matte-black finish, and brags a slim profile that will only occupy around 3.5 inch of space when completely folded flat. This means you have enough desk space to work with should you decide to make room for something important on your desk.


Heavy Duty Build to Carry Big and Heavy Monitors


The Ergotech 7 Flex can hold monitors up to 31 lbs., and a minimum of around 12 lbs. So if your display is lighter than 12 lbs., then you may need the other version of this mount, as it uses a different gas spring that works perfectly with lighter monitors.


With Cable Management System for Clutter-Free Desk

This product is bundled with cable management system, an excellent solution for keeping your desk space neat and free of cable clutter. It runs down through the length of the arm, and uses some sort of bracket. Depending on how you choose to mount this thing, you may not be able to use the cable management bracket, except for clamp mount or a side angle mount where you can use the bracket to clip on the back of the metal and have it running off the back of your desk.


Six Mounting Options for Mounting Flexibility

Ergotech 7 Flex HD; An In-Depth Review

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Many monitor mounts are only either desk mount or wall mounts, the Ergotech 7 Flex on the other hand, can be anything you want. Unlike most monitor mounts that only offers clamp and grommet mounting option, the Ergotech 7 Flex offers six mounting options. The multiple mount kit includes desk clamp, thru desk, grommet hole, wall mount, reverse wall and side bolt (reverse to mount upside down). This means users have all the freedom and flexibility to make this monitor mount work with their workstation and current desk setup.

It also comes with a rubber gasket, which is quite convenient, as it helps you protect your desk from scratches, or whatever you choose for it to hold to.


75x100mm VESA Mounting System

For the VESA mount, it comes with 75 x 100mm, which is quite standard. Though it would be nice to have a 200mm VESA mount for more flexibility of monitor size choices. However, most monitors up to 40-inch of size only use 100x100mm VESA mounting holes.

One of the many good things about this mount is that, its VESA mounting system uses a nice thick piece of metal, which would easily give you a hint of its durability, It’s a great deal, as many VESA system of monitor arms in the market uses steel that gives up a little bit.


Tech Specs

Ergotech 7 Flex HD; An In-Depth Review
Ergotech 7 Flex HD; An In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

Package includes the Flexmount with 6 mounting options, VESA adapter plate for 75x75mm and 100x100mm.


Bottom Line

Ergotech 7 Flex definitely provides premium quality. Price wise, it’s one of the most aggressively priced solutions out there. Most high quality arms comes with hefty price tag, which is understandable, considering the engineering and materials used to assemble the product. This monitor mount however, offers an excellent deal for its price.

Built wise, the Ergotech 7 Flex feels heavy, which would give you a good idea of its durable built quality.


If there’s anything we can complain about this product, it would be in its monitor cap. If it would have been taller, it can certainly provide more lift, especially for larger monitors. Also, it would be nice if the cap is placed on the desk, or about twice as tall as it is for more lift.

The fast spring lets you move the arm to the full 16 inches of motion. But then again, you will only get that full 16 inch of adjustment if you mount it on a wall, or anything that will lower the arm pass the plane of the desk or where its mounting cap.

All in all, the Ergotech 7 Flex is a solid mounting solution, especially for larger displays, such as 40-inch monitors. The Ergotech 7 Flex HD belongs to Innovative Office Products 7000 and 7500 series arms, allowing the manufacturer to make similar-looking monitor mounts for different needs.

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