Dual Monitor Wallpaper

Dual Monitor Wallpaper

Working with dual monitors and still want to get the background and wallpaper customization? Well, you don’t need to look any further, this page will show you some quick and easy tips to span your favorite widescreen images.

Dual Monitor Wallpaper

Once you have your dual monitor setup complete you will probably want to customize your screens so that you have a dual monitor wallpaper and screensaver that reflects your unique personality, your mood, or even the seasons. The problem is that, Windows doesn’t have a default option to accommodate dual monitor setup. Those using the same size of monitors will get decent wallpaper. However, those who are using different screen resolution, it won’t be pleasing to use the same wallpaper on both sides of the screen.

Dual monitor wallpapers are specially designed with extra wide screens in mind so that your wallpaper stretches across both (or even more) screens and at super high resolution to produce a crisp and clean display on even the biggest screens.

Dual screen wallpaper resolutions are generally in the range of 3200 x 1200px or 2560 x 1024px. Images generally are formatted with an aspect ratio of around 8:3, as opposed to the usual 4:3.

Here’s how you can customize wallpaper in Windows 7.

  • Make sure you have wide images saved in your computer. You can also search the internet for wallpapers dedicated for dual monitor setup. The dimensions (height and width) of the image will depend on the size of your monitor and the resolution. Ideal image size for widescreen dual monitor set up is at 2560 X 1024 pixels.
  •  Press the Windows button on your keyboard or click the Start button on your desktop. Go to Control Panel, then choose Appearance and Personalization. From Personalization window, click Desktop Background.
  •  Browse through the saved files to find the wallpaper of your choice and then select the image. You can also choose and use multiple images and have them in slideshow format on your desktop.
  •  Set the picture as “Tile.” This is a simple trick that lets you use the wallpaper to extend over two monitors.


Wallpaper customization is a common dilemma among dual monitor users. Fortunately there are customization options and ultra-wide wallpapers to save the day, and they can cover both screens. Windows has enough functions and options to let you customize your desktop background the way you want. However, there are some drawbacks.

One is that, Windows doesn’t allow you to have different wallpaper in each of your monitors. Second is that, unlike in one monitor setup, Windows can’t automatically change the wallpaper for dual or multiple monitors.


What Good Dual Monitor Wallpapers Can Do

Ease up Eye Strain

A soothing desktop background help minimize the eye strain. Those who spend long hours sitting in front of their computers daily can definitely benefit from relaxing wallpapers. There are many different high-quality images you can choose from for your desktop wallpaper. Bold and beautiful photos of nature, such as a beautiful grass field or a cool waterfall for example, is great in stimulating visual senses

Reduce Stress

Having wallpapers that shows happy and hopeful images can make a significant difference in your mood and energy. It’s like getting an escape from the reality of work even for just a couple of seconds. Images of blue and green will help your brain chill for a minute or so while at work. Again, beautiful nature-inspired wallpapers can lift someone’s mood, relaxes the mind, and relieve stress by dazzling your senses and taking you far away from your workspace.


Get You Organized

If you wish to shift from relaxation and become productive, simply shift from nature images to an organizational tool. There are many productivity-based types of wallpaper out there that will help you clean up, categorize and prioritize things in your desktop.

This dual monitor wallpaper for example, will help you organize your desktop into four quadrants. Here you can categorize things like apps, docs, Media, etc.


Popular Dual Monitor Wallpaper Subjects

Popular dual screen wallpaper subjects include:

  • Landscapes and Panoramas – favorite subjects because of their natural widescreen superiority, a landscape can be breathtaking on your dual or multi-screen setup
  • Flowers – get up close to your favorite flowers or discover some new ones
  • Sunsets – the simplest things in life are sometimes the best! The magic of colors, clouds and a setting sun.
  • Space and Planets – do you prefer a realistic view of the planets or something fantasy inspired?
  • Art – do you love art? Choose from modern art, impressionists, renaissance art, and more..
  • Architecture – enjoy the clean lines of modern buidlings, or sharp contrasting shadows as the sun moves its way across a building? Take a look at some architectural wallpapers and pick your best
  • Patterns and Abstracts – explore your favorite color, or the entire color spectrum in abstract patterns
  • Fantasy – go beyond reality to something truly spectacular


Tips To Improve Desktop Wallpaper

Desktop Backgrounds or Wallpapers may not seem very significant, but they play quite a huge role on how you use your computer and can do a lot of things. The most common benefit is that, beautiful wallpaper can cheer you up, and for some extent, may motivate you to keep your desktop tidy, or get you going in your task at hand. Basically, all the benefits of a good desktop lie in your imagination and creativity. In this part of the page we will talk about how you can improve your desktop background.


Have the Right Resolution

Regardless of the design and artistic beauty of your chosen image, wallpapers that don’t match the aspect ratio and required resolution will still look awkwardly distorted and grainy. To avoid this, make sure you understand the specs of your dual monitors before you start searching for the best backgrounds out there.

Screen resolutions are referred as pixels, 800 x 600 for example. This figure represents the number of pixels your monitors can display (800 for horizontal, 600 for vertical). Also, in this case, the monitor is an aspect ratio of 4:3 (horizontal pixel : vertical pixel). Therefore, a perfect desktop background has to meet two criteria: the required resolution and match the monitor’s aspect ratio.

But how do you identify your computer monitors’ screen resolution and aspect ratio?


For Windows 7

Right click anywhere on the desktop and click Screen Resolution. Right from the menu, check the number next to the second option “Resolution.” Windows displays the recommended resolutions for your monitors.

For computers with Windows Vista Operating Systems: Right click anywhere on the desktop. Choose Personalization > Display Settings. Click the inactive monitor from the two choices, and then choose the     right mode (extended desktop, primary monitor, or both).

For computers with Windows XP Operating Systems: Right click anywhere on the desktop. Choose Properties from the menu and then click the Settings tab. There you will see a slider under Screen Resolution located at the bottom left.


Get the Best Wallpapers That Suits Your Personality and Preferences

There are countless of websites out there that offers free wonderful and even breathtaking images you can use as desktop background for your dual monitor. For dual monitor users, make sure you choose widescreen images to span both of your monitors.

If you want breathtaking pictures of nature with superb photography skills, then you can choose from National Geographic’s wide library of wallpaper images. This site has its own official page dedicated for wallpapers and yearly photography contest from photographers all over the world.

NASA’s image of the day is the best place to grab spectacular images of our sky, the outer space and various heavenly bodies.

Other great sites to choose from are Digital Blasphemy, Wallbase, Interface Lift, Devian Art, and Simple Desktops.    

There are countless of things you can do to make your dual monitor wallpaper look more visually pleasing and become more productive. You can change your background, screensaver and wallpaper as often as you like, as the best thing is that all of the multiple monitor wallpapers are free. Enjoy dual monitor wallpaper customization and keep your workspace look fresh and pleasing. For more dual monitor setup tips, visit Dual Monitors Guide.

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