Dual Monitor Stand – Selecting the Monitor Arm for You

Dual Monitor Stand – Selecting the Monitor Arm for You

Having two monitors stacked or side by side will automatically double the available screen space, giving anyone’s workspace more flexibility and professional look. You may say swapping between tabs and switching from one app to another is a simple task, but if you work on big projects and use multiple apps and programs simultaneously, the seemingly-easy flick of a finger can be annoying. Dual monitors allow you to work on multiple things all at once conveniently, boosting your productivity and work efficiency. Whiledual monitor stand allows you to maximize your dual monitor setup.

The Challenge with Dual Monitors

Bigger screen space however, means reduced desk space. This is why when setting up dual or multiple monitors you need to consider the amount of space that is available on your desk. Often the best way to overcome a cluttered desk and a whole lot of cables is to get a dual monitor stand. Also known as a dual monitor arm, dual monitor stands frees up your desk and maximizes the benefits of having two monitors. This simple tool gives you the ability to easily organize display cables or swing and tilt the angle of your screens, making more room and desk flexibility.

Benefits of Dual Monitor Stand

Unclutter Your Workspace with Dual Monitor Stands

Ergotron LX Dual Side-by-Side Arm (Image from Amazon)

Bigger is better – an old saying that applies to many things in life and mostly true in the world of technology and computers. This is why we have dual 22” monitors. However, two big monitors occupy bigger space in our desk, which can cause clutter, if not chaos. Clutter and chaos results to distractions and uncomfortable environment, which ultimately results to low productivity. If downsizing the monitors is not an option, then a dual monitor stand is for you.

dual monitor stand can easily sophisticate anyone’s workspace with a professional look. Whether it’s set up vertically and/or horizontally, it adds ergonomically sturdy and sound environment conducive for working.

It will undoubtedly improve productivity and efficiency as it can free workspace and hold monitors into place while allowing you to make necessary adjustments as you work, not just the orientation of the computer screen, but also the tilting angle, making way for better comfort and convenience. It is a simple tool that has improved the productivity of countless of professionals for years.

Mounting Your Dual Monitor Stand

Mounting options for your screen are varied depending on your room layout and available workspace. They can be mounted to the wall, desk or ceiling, or be weighted to support their own weight plus that of the monitors.

There are several different kinds of dual monitor stands available depending on the kind of setup you have:

  • Dual LCD monitor stands
  • Triple LCD monitor stands
  • Quad LCD monitor stands
  • Some stands are also upgradeable

Things to consider when selecting a monitor stand:

Getting the right dual monitor stand is important for your convenience and work efficiency. Your computer and desk space are both valuable components of your productivity, and you spend long hours every day working in your computer to make the wrong decision. Thus, it pays to know what aspects you should look for. Here are some important points to consider:

  • Material Used – If you want to have a sturdy computer stand that can last for years, then you should invest in a stand with high-quality materials that has the load bearing capacity. Steel is the most widely used material for monitor stands, and it is usually considered as the best. Aluminium is also a common affordable option, but its hollow tubing makes it weak. Some brands however, use combinations of both materials for optimum strength.
  • Load Capacity – It pays to know the combined weight of your two monitors and make sure the stand of your choice is adequate for its requirements. Also, you might want to consider future upgrade from a twin to a triple or quad configuration.
  • Style (Vertical or Horizontal) – Whether you want landscape or portrait orientation for your setup or the flexibility of either. This factor depends on the type of monitors you buy. Consider your available space and how you want to use your computer.
  • Design – Whether you prefer a monitor stand that clamps to your desk, sits independently, or is fixed to wall or ceiling. The stand should be visible and aesthetically pleasing, it should also blends nicely to your workspace.
  • Holder Size – Most stands are set in standard size to hold average monitor size. But just to be sure, check the model and make sure it can be adjusted to the size and dimension of your monitor. This is the reason why it is always safer to opt for the larger stands, as they can be adapted to small monitors. Also, high quality models allow users to adjust the height of the stand.
  • Mobility and Flexibility – This means adjustability. A good monitor stand will let you adjust its height, pan (left or right) and tilt angle with minimal effort. Also, you should be able to move each arm independently from the other. This gives way for better multi-tasking. Also, think about the ergonomics and robustness of your setup.
  • Ease of Installation – Good quality products come with minimal assembly and logical installation requirements with clear and comprehensive instructions. Also, raising your monitors from your desk should create a clean and neat look, not a wiring mess.

Keep in mind that most dual monitor setups involve a horizontal layout, with two screens side by side, as this is more natural for the eye, but for those who want a vertical setup, it is achievable. A dual monitor stand will let you maximize and get the full benefits of having two monitors at once as you can easily toggle between apps with the seamless display setup.


Your priority must be the quality of material and construction of the dual monitor stand. Here at Dual Monitors Guide, we offer various models for each budget range, so you have nothing to worry about.

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