DoubleSight Dual Monitor Flex Stand: An In-Depth Review

Doublesight Dual Monitor Flex Stand An In Depth Review 203 5153034

DoubleSight Dual Monitor Flex Stand: An In-Depth Review

Apart from the usual brand names we see and hear in aftermarket ergonomic solutions, there are brands that are thriving and gaining popularity, not because of its wide variety of products, but because of small number of high quality products. One example of this is the DoubleSight DS-224STA Dual Monitor Flex Stand, an excellent dual arm mounting solution for mid-sized display. How does it stand against the popular choices in the market? Read this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide to know more.

DoubleSight Dual Monitor Flex Stand: An In-Depth Review

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Who is it for?

Are you looking for flexible and good quality dual monitor stand that doesn’t come with a hefty price tag? You might want to try less popular brands like DoubleSight Dual Monitor Flex Stand. It comes with a quite an affordable price tag and still offers complete flexibility for both monitors attached.



DoubleSight Dual Monitor Flex Stand: An In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

Like most dual monitor arms, the arms of the DoubleSight DS-224STA can be moved independently, allowing users to set their monitor whenever and wherever they want in their workstation.

Excellent Compatibility to Support Wide Variety of Monitors

DoubleSight Dual Monitor Flex Stand: An In-Depth Review

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Unlike many dual monitor stands that only come with 100x100mm VESA standard mounting holes, the DoubleSight Dual Monitor Flex Stand can accommodate wider variety of monitors with its VESA 75x75mm and 100x100mm standard mounting holes. This means you can mount computer LCD monitor, LCD TV, and even all-in-one PC on this stand. Also, there’s a bracket available for displays using 100x200mm VESA hole patterns.


Good Flexibility for Workstation Ergonomics

DoubleSight Dual Monitor Flex Stand: An In-Depth Review

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The adjustable flex stand provides great flexibility when installing displays on the desktop, as it offers wide range of adjustments such as height adjustment, tilt, and pivot function to give users the ability to customize their monitor view. The VESA brackets are hinged, providing great viewing angle adjustment range, and can pivot 90° to switch viewing orientation from landscape to portrait and vice versa.

DoubleSight Dual Monitor Flex Stand: An In-Depth Review

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The horizontal arms have 8 hinged points which allow users to adjust the arms to specific settings. Thanks to the hinged arms (8 hinges) design, users of this stand can truly customize and fit the setting to the desired position. The center pole on the other hand, provides great adjustable height.


Makes Dual Monitor Setup Convenient

One of the most common complaint bout dual monitor setup is the amount of desk space needed to accommodate two monitors sitting side by side. Dual monitor stands solves this problem by hooking up two displays into one single pole.

Also, the product ships completely assembled, saving you precious time from assembling and position the stand to your desk. All you have to do is attach your monitors, lock the base to your desk and you’re good to go.

Upgradable Design to Even Improve Comfort and Ergonomics

DoubleSight DS-224STA is fully upgradeable. It can support even a third tier monitor. You can get the DS-22T Dual Monitor or DS-23T Triple Monitor Tier Extension and add a second row to the stand and convert your dual monitor to quad monitor setup. The Flex stand can also be stacked, simply remove the flay base and add the DS-EXTP Pole Extension.

Add-on accessories include grommet mount, perfect for desk with grommet holes, and a desk clamp to further secure the monitors. If you want more height, then you can get the height extension accessory.



Most brands who take pride in their products include 3-year, 5-year or even 10-year warranty on premium items. DoubleSight takes this to another level, as the DS-224STA comes with lifetime warranty. This is a testament of brand’s confidence and trust in their products, and should give you a good idea of this product’s quality.


Design and Features

DoubleSight Dual Monitor Flex Stand: An In-Depth Review

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This dual monitor arm is made up of sturdy steel, making it heavy, durable and hardwearing for everyday use. It looks sharp and well-built, which can easily fit to anyone’s work desk. It is not too short, and it allows excellent angling of two 24-inch monitors, even without mounting the displays to the widest setting. It looks industrial in the pictures, but it actually looks polished and smooth in actual.


Uniquely Designed Monitor Stand

The flex design of DoubleSight Dual Monitor Flex Stand makes it ideal for dual monitor setup as it offers complete flexibility, which is particularly important in adjusting the displays. Aside from the flex stand, there ergonomic mount helps in eliminating clutter, leaving you more of your valuable desk space. The base is flat enough to allow keyboard up on to it, without any problem.


Well Designed Base for Improved Stability to Secure Monitors

DoubleSight DS-224STA comes with a uniquely designed base that provides great stability. The counter balance of the base secures stability, keeping your dual monitor secured on top of your desk. Should you need more secured base than this, you can get the clamp and grommet base option.


Tech Specs

DoubleSight Dual Monitor Flex Stand: An In-Depth Review

 Package includes the fully-assembled Dual Monitor Flex Stand and a Flex Stand Accessories Packet.


Bottom Line

This stand is a significant upgrade from its previous model, especially when it comes to “upgradability.” Manufacturer designed it to easily support upgrade to fit each user’s specific needs.

The stands maximum height is around 6 inches off the desktop. If you feel this is not enough for you, then you can get a 3-inch extender for $40. Quality wise, this thing is solidly built, and it’s actually heavy, giving you a good idea of its solid components and stability. It can easily hold two 24-inch monitors without tipping over.

One of the best things about this product is it comes pre-assembled. Assembly and setup are the two most common complaints about aftermarket ergonomic solutions, especially for multiple-display monitors as often times than not, instruction manual don’t come with clear instructions at all. This product saves you from all these hassles – all you have to do is attach your monitor to the VESA holes and position your dual monitor on your desk.

All in all, the stand DoubleSight DS-224STA Dual Monitor Flex Stand is an excellent product. If you’re on a budget and are looking for a quality dual monitor stand that can give you the best bung for your buck, then this is the one for you. You can even upgrade it in the future should you need to attach more monitors or need specific settings for your workstation setup.

For more in-depth reviews like this, and for more workstation ergonomic tips, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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