Crane Stand Plus Laptop Stand; An In-Depth Review

Crane Stand Plus Laptop Stand; An In-Depth Review

Crane has established its name in the music, particularly in the DJ industry by providing extremely durable laptop stands with light and sturdy construction. And they have addressed one of the most common issues DJs have on their desk – space for their laptop. Indeed, finding a good spot for your laptop in an already-cramped space is never an easy task. This is where laptop stands comes into picture. However, different designs work for different purposes; and those that are designed for office and home use are entirely different from what DJs actually need. Crane Stand Plus, an improved version of Crane Stand Pro, and a specified niche market for DJs addresses this issue. But is it really that good of an investment for DJs? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide to know more.

Crane Stand Plus Laptop Stand; An In-Depth Review

Crane Stand Plus Laptop Stand (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

The Crane laptop stand is a high quality metal laptop stand, and it’s primarily used or designed for musicians, especially those who often travel with their laptop and needs to quickly setup their computer with a good desk with great ease and flexibility.



With a strapline of “By DJs for DJs” and with high quality, tried-and-tested products, Crane is truly one of the more trusted names in DJ market. Their products offer new ideas and they still continue to innovate to better their previous designs.


Simple, Compact, Rugged, Designed for Heavy-Duty Use

Crane Stand Plus Laptop Stand; An In-Depth Review

Crane Stand Plus Laptop Stand (image from Amazon)

This laptop stand is by far, one of the well-designed products of its kind out there. Tubes are made with great precision, continuous taper mating joints, cam levers, etc.

The stand is made up of 3 major parts; single foot, body and tray. All three are held together in one excellent mechanism that also works as the adjustment for the stand.


Easy Assembly, Easy Adjustments

Assembling the whole Crane Stand Plus is as easy as unfolding and tightening, and depending on what you put on top of its work tray, you can adjust the mechanism and lock the whole thing securely in each of its segments. If you’re simply putting a tablet, then the default adjustment would be fine. But if you’re putting a big and heavy laptop, then you may adjust the tightness accordingly.


Flexible Design Lets You Set It to Various Positions

The simple but versatile design of this laptop stand offers amazing flexibility. You can basically set the stand to “C” or “Z” way to fit the requirements of your present setup. You can also put it on top of your gears on your booth, or lean back a little.


With Cam Levers to Lock Things In Place

The versatile design for flexible adjustments is paired with quality cam levers that let users secure the stand and laptop in place, without the fear of falling off or sagging. Again, it may flex a little, but should not fall. The solid and sturdy design of this stand won’t need you to overstress its cam levers or taper mechanism.


Design and Features

Crane Stand Plus Laptop Stand; An In-Depth Review

Crane Stand Plus Laptop Stand (image from Amazon)

At first sight, Crane Stand Plus is very similar to Crane Stand Pro, and you’d be hard pushed to tell the difference. Construction feels really solid, as it is made up of high quality all-metal construction. It’s well-made all around, a little heavier than its predecessor (Pro), but not much heavier. You may not notice the difference unless you carry both side by side.

The simple and straightforward design this Crane laptop stand makes everything easy to understand; there are quick releases that let you move the top surface according to your needs and gadgets to attach; horizontal for laptop and vertical for tablets like iPad. The platform feels really solid, especially once locked in place. It comes with nice set of rubber stopper to hold and secure your gadget in place, as well as at the end of the foot, the whole thing will not slide off the booth easily and not damage anything on your booth. It is also a tad heavier than most laptop stands in the market, which gives you a good idea of its sturdy and heavy-duty construction.

It’s fast and easy to setup, while its simple and straightforward design makes it highly convenient to use for variety of configurations, as it can support a number of devices, as long as the size and weight of the device is within its range.


Quick Release Mechanism

This product is fully adjustable, which means you can basically put the Crane Stand Plus into whatever kind of position and angle you want; there are ways to use it for smaller space. All you need is to find a decent surface where you can put it, and find the best angle.


Unique Single Foot Design that Works Wonders

The unique single foot design of this laptop stand may be quite controversial, and it’s easy to understand why some may have concerns about it. However, as said earlier, Crane Stand Plus is a well-thought product, well-engineered to work. It measures 11 x 1/4 inch and welded with extreme precision tubing and works like a tripod.

The good thing about single foot design is that, it lets you fit the base in between equipment I your booth, which is especially convenient when working in a limited space, such as in clubs.  You can also slide the foot easily into different equipment in your both and have your laptop hover above them.


Rubber Rings to Keep the Whole Thing from Slipping

The rubber rings works wonders by stopping the stand from slipping, keeping your computer safe, and protecting the surface of whatever of where you place this stand.


Well-Designed Work Tray

Crane Stand Plus Laptop Stand; An In-Depth Review

As with its other components, the work tray is well-made, with solid all-steel construction and features a brush surface with plastic protector front tip in its four prongs to keep your gadgets in place. Tradeoff however, is that it blocks access to the CD slot for Mac Pro users. But then again, CDs are slowly becoming obsolete for DJs anyways, making the issue simply a slight convenience rather than a problem.

The tray measures 2mm thin, but it’s strong enough to resist force and don’t bend. It can be flexed a little, but it won’t twist out of shape.  


Tech Specs

Crane Stand Plus Laptop Stand; An In-Depth Review
Crane Stand Plus Laptop Stand; An In-Depth Review

Crane Stand Plus Laptop Stand (image from Amazon)

Package includes nylon carrying bag where you can slide the laptop stand and take it anywhere with you.


Bottom Line

Crane Stand Plus is the Rolls Royce of laptop stands; it is lightweight, amazingly durable, thanks to the all-metal construction and tubular steels. It comes with quick releases to let you change it to different positions exactly as you want. It’s extremely sturdy, strong and easily one of the best out there. It is also reasonably priced, if not affordable, considering all the benefits and features it brings.

There aren’t much to complain about this product, except maybe on its cam levers, which doesn’t actually provide a lock mechanism to lock into position. It tightens effectively, yes, but this also means you need to make sure it’s also tightened to the point of being almost locked in place.

It comes in three color choices; white, graphite grey and a limited edition orange. Hopefully they do more colors in the future.

It’s definitely a great value for its price and worth the investment for all DJs out there, especially those who play a lot of gigs and travel a lot and want to look after their equipment. This stand will secure your gadget in place, it’s going to be sturdy and solid, and it’s not going to fall or collapse. Build quality is second to none and in terms of features and functionality, it is pretty much all a DJ will need, as it can be setup and adjusted easily, quick and effortlessly.

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