Crane Stand Elite; An In-Depth Review

Crane Stand Elite; An In-Depth Review

Crane products are highly respected for their high quality laptop stands and DJ accessories. They’re so well-received in its industry that their name Crane Stand has almost become and generic trademark, pretty much like Aspirin or Hoover. Looking at their competition today, we can pretty much say how their well-engineered products have influenced many of the designs we see today. And just as we thought they can’t outdo their past success, they surprised us with another ingenious design in Crane Stand Elite. What makes it different, if not better than its previous models? Where does it stand against the improve competition? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide.

Crane Stand Elite; An In-Depth Review

Crane Stand Elite (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

As with other Crane laptop stands, the Elite is made for laptop users on the go, particularly those who demand high-quality and sturdy support for their computer. It’s especially designed for musicians and DJs who does a lot of traveling and on the road performances. It’s built like a tank, and can hold even the heaviest of laptops.



Indeed, the Elite is a product of fancy engineering, as it’s made up of aluminium carbon fiber and design and built like a tank. It’s also a total redesign in terms of form and functionality as compared to most laptop stands in the market today. Also, compared to other products under the brand, Crane Stand Pro and Crane Stand Plus, the Elite looks and feels far more polished.


New Locking Mechanism

One of the biggest changes in Crane Stand Elite from previous models is the new locking mechanism. They get rid of their flip-up locks for the two hinges, and instead, use a screw lock with teeth to hold and lock tightly. Though it may slip a little when pressing it with full pressure, it would have no problem carrying any laptop with its load-bearing.


Sturdier and More Flexible Design

Crane Stand Elite; An In-Depth Review

Crane Stand Elite (image from Amazon)

The two legs now come with expandable system that can raise or lower throughout a wide height adjustment range. There are also some changes on its hinges, as rather than using a single lump of metal weld on the foot and pivot, there are now separate parts welded together. This allows Crane to use less metal, which means a big it was able to save a bit of weight.


Made Up of Sturdy and High-Quality Aerospace Material

It is made up entirely of aluminium, except for the top leg section, which is actually made up of carbon fibre. Both materials are used in aerospace technology, as they’re unrivaled in quality and extremely light, bringing the overall weight of this laptop stand down while keeping it extremely sturdy. Any stand with this type will always have a sense of bounce when you hammer the mounted equipment. However, Crane Stand Elite is able to show less of it than its previous models. It makes an extremely durable and stable feel. Also, the modular construction design makes it easy to replace any component separately, should freak catastrophic accidents happen to it.


With Silicone Rings to Keep the Whole Stand In Place

As with the first two Crane stands, the Elite also comes with the unique and quite effective silicone rings to prevent the stand from slipping and your computer safe in place.


With a Nice and Compact Faux-Leather Bag

Crane Stand Elite; An In-Depth Review

Crane Stand Elite (image from Amazon)

Unlike Crane Stand Pro and Crane Stand Plus that comes with a string bag, the Elite comes with a good-looking, durable, and compact faux-leather bag, with the end of the foot serving as a handle.



Design and Features

Crane Stand Elite; An In-Depth Review

Crane Stand Elite (image from Amazon)

Well-Engineered and More Polished Design

Though there aren’t really any fundamental changes in the three-hinged three section design of Crane Stand Elite, it is easy to say it had gone through some significant work. Crane fixed a couple of issues from their past models, such as the height adjustment and material.

It can also be set in Z-position, where you can place the bottom platform to extend backwards, and under the stand, rather than forward. This improvement in the design lets you drop the platform almost to the deck, excellent setup for times when you want your laptop computer or controller off the booth surface, but still low enough to reach the keyboard conveniently.

Both the top platform and foot are locked using Allen bolts, so theoretically speaking, it could be replaced with different designs for other purposes in the future. But we will have to see how open Crane is for this concept.


Telescopic Legs for Easy and Wide Range of Adjust for Better Flexibility

As said earlier, Unlike previous two models Crane Stand Pro and Crane Stand Plus that adjusts by adjusting the clamps and leaning over and needs adjustment in angle to adjust the height, the Crane Stand Elite comes with a vertical height adjustment right on its legs. You can set it from very high to very low position. This means that if you wish to tuck your laptop away, then simply set it lower. If you wish to clear the top of high flight cases, then set it higher.


Unique Angle Adjustment System

Crane uses a unique “notched Teeth” design for the angle adjustment of this laptop stand. It simply means less force is needed to lock the nuts and ensure angle in place, while still offering full range of movement, just in small steps. Compared to the free adjustable system of Pro and Plus, the Elite requires you to hold the other with one hand and tighten with the other hand, which is a convenient improvement.


Extremely Easy to Setup, and Folds Flat for Portability

Crane Stand Elite; An In-Depth Review

Crane Stand Elite (image from Amazon)

As with other Crane laptop stands, this one comes fully assembled and folded inside its box. Simply pull it out from its box, stretch to your desired setting, set your laptop computer on top and voila! You’re good to go.


Wider Foot, Wider Base

The narrow foot design of Crane Stand Pro and Crane Stand Plus has seen mixed reactions from consumers. Yes it was pretty useful for sliding and slotting into tight spaces, especially for DJs who would have to work with lots of hardware, mixer and control panels in their booth and need their laptop at the center. But some find it a little unstable when placing the stand under mixers or controllers. The new and improved foot offers wider footprint, which provides more stable base, while maintaining a low profile, allowing users to slide it through tight spaces.


Tech Specs

Crane Stand Elite; An In-Depth Review

Bottom Line

Most of the changes made in Crane Stand Elite are positive, but there are some minor issues. The knobs for height adjustment don’t always feel “grippy” enough to touch, especially after a sweaty club session. Though you need not to tighten them, human nature always tells us to secure our computer by tightening them as much as we can.

Also, though the flatter metals base feels more solid, it doesn’t fit under all mixers. It lowers the profile, yes, but it can be a minor annoyance for DJs working on small and cramped booths. The new locking system may feel like an upgrade, but it doesn’t really provide significant improvement. The added teeth however, is a different story, as it really provides stability, as it locks in nicely and provides precision adjustment.

There aren’t really a lot of stands out there that can compete with this stand’s quality and functionality. There’s nothing to complain about its quality, while its features really provide significant convenience for variety of users.

All in all, the Crane Stand Elite has undeniably improved from the two previous models of its brand. Crane definitely pushed the boundaries of cutting edge computer stand technology.

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