Computer Monitor Privacy Screen

Computer Monitor Privacy Screen

Information is more important than ever in this fast-paced world. This kind of setup has led to countless of innovations, and fortunately or unfortunately, it involves development and widespread availability of both simple and advanced spy gadgets that can be easily used to sneak and pry for information, even in your personal belongings like your laptop or desktop computers. More and more information are being archived digitally, and this involves personal information. This is the dilemma computer monitor privacy screen tries to address. If you are one of the millions of computer users who are tired of people snooping around your computer in public areas, then a computer monitor privacy screen is for you.

Computer Monitor Privacy Screen

What is a Computer Monitor Privacy Screen?

If you often open confidential data and sensitive personal information on your computer in public, you want to keep everything on your screen private. This is where a computer monitor privacy screen gets into the picture. Also known as computer privacy filter, it is an inexpensive computer accessory used to reduce the viewing angles of a computer display, making it impossible for anyone to see anything on the screen from different viewing angles. This filter works by blocking the view of people sitting beside you and those behind you, keeping your data safe and secured. It is a simple and very practical tool specifically made to protect information displayed on your computer screen. This is great for people on-the-go who usually use their laptop computers in high traffic areas, such as coffee shops, restaurants, etc. From different angles, the screen appear to be black or blurry. Some screens even come with eye protection feature, protecting your eyes from excessive glares and protect computer screen from damages.

Most privacy screens out there are designed to simply clip or slide to a computer monitor, while others use adhesives or utilize static electricity.


Secure Computer Data from Roving Eyes with Computer Monitor Privacy Screen

A high quality computer monitor privacy screen will help reduce the risk of unknowingly sharing important information and confidential data from your computer, especially during air travel and crowded and high traffic places, such as restaurants, cafes, airports, public transit, business office, etc.


How It Works

Just think about how close you sit to someone in a coffee shop, in an airport lounge, or even on a flight. Do you work in a shared office space that’s a bit like fishbowl, where everyone can see everything? Again a privacy screen may be just what you need.

There are two basic ways how privacy screens work, both ways use the same layering technology that influences the transmission of light. A privacy screen that causes the images from the monitor to look blurry in different angles causes light to pass straight through the screen but partly conceals anything that normally leaves the screen at any angle. Since light is partially blocked, it causes images from different angles to look blurry, making anyone sitting beside you or standing behind you unable to read any word or recognize any image from your computer screen.

There is also a privacy screen that causes the monitor to darken or look black works in the same manner. It works by completely blocking light from leaving the screen in different angles. This makes the monitor look darker and darker as viewing angle increases.

Both ways are effective only for horizontal angles, and they can’t really provide privacy protection from someone viewing the monitor above or below. This means that mobile devices such as tablet and smartphones can only be effective either in landscape or portrait orientation, but not both.


How It Helps

Computer Monitor Privacy Screen

 or privacy filter, as it is sometimes known, gives you private viewing within a 60-degree angle, so anyone sitting beside you sees either a blurry or a black screen, maintaining your security and privacy. The privacy monitor screen is great for keeping confidential information, just that, no matter where you are using your computer and viewing your data.

Most privacy screens are easy to adjust and can fit perfectly in most types of frames of the same size. They can also be pre-cut in specific sizes to fit specific types of screens, whether it’s for an LCD monitor, laptop monitor, or even mobile device screens, such as tablets and smartphones. They also come in different styles; the most common style distorts images displayed on screen when viewed from any angle not direct-on. Other types however, show complete black screen when viewed at any angle, the sharper the angle, the darker the screen goes. Standard privacy screens show black when you view them from an angle but there are also gold privacy screens which claim higher levels of privacy.

Computer Monitor privacy screens are available in a wide range of sizes whether you use widescreen LCD screens, or a 10” notebook.

Aside from helping secure computer privacy, this simple tool also helps protect computer screens from scratching and stains as it covers the screen from foreign debris and moisture condensation. Scratched computer screens distort images and texts, reducing their clarity. Also, in the long run, these protective screens can lengthen the life of computer monitors.

Another great thing about privacy screens is the ability to reduce eye stress caused by too much brightness from the screen and reflected light for extended period of time. Thanks to its anti-glare capabilities, this tool allows computer users to use their computer for hours with minimal eye stress.


Privacy Screens Perform Multiple Functions

  • Keep confidential files private
  • Reduce glare when working near strong light
  • Protect screens from scratches and fingerprints
  • Each to attach and remove
  • Keeps your screen free from dust and dirt
  • Clear to retain and preserve your image clarity
  • Stay in place when laptop computers are closed
  • Touch screens which utilize a stylus still maintain performance
  • Highly reduced radiation from CRT and LCD monitors


Privacy Filters are available for the following devices:

  • Laptop and Notebook Computers – whether you’re working in a library, park, shopping center or other public space, you can be sure that your data is secure and private.
  • Macs specifically designed to fit Mac computer screens which come in different sizes and shapes to PCs.
  • Desktop LCD screens – whether you work with one screen or a multiple screen desktop, you can retain your privacy.
  • Desktop CRT Screens – older CRT screens emit small amounts of radiation that are unhealthy for us. Your privacy filter blocks more than 90% of ELF and VLF radiation
  • Mobile and handheld Devices (includes tablets) – we are all on the move, and checking our portable devices in a range of public places. Now you can work publicly, in private.


Choosing a Monitor Filter

There are two basic factors you need to consider when looking for a computer monitor privacy screen; screen size and type of protection you want.

Screen Size

Privacy screen filters are sized through the screen’s diagonal distance (the inches between two opposite corners of the screen). To get the right fit for your monitor, measure the size of your monitor using a tape measure. Run the tape measure from one corner to its opposite corner. Once you have the approximate size, you should be able to get the perfect fit for your computer screen.

Also, aside from the diagonal measurement, make sure you know whether your screen is a standard screen or widescreen. Standard monitors look like square, and technically around 4:3 aspect ratio. Widescreen monitors on the other hand, are rectangles with 16:9 aspect ratio.


Type of Privacy Protection

For the type of protection, you can choose between a blur filter and a blackout filter. As discussed above, a blur filter distorts images and texts in your computer screen when viewed from different angles. Blackout filter on the other hand, darkens the screen from different viewing angles.

Getting a computer monitor privacy screen is a lot cheaper and more practical than buying a new computer monitor with a built-in anti-glare and privacy filter system. It is an inexpensive way to protect all data and delicate information displayed on your screen from snooping eyes. Here at Dual Monitors Guide, we offer wide selection of highest quality and affordable computer monitor privacy screens for any type of computer screens and preferences.

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