BenQ EW2770QZ; An In-Depth Review

BenQ EW2770QZ; An In-Depth Review

In the past couple of months, we have seen (and reviewed) some high refresh rate gaming monitors, as well as professional editing monitors. While more and more manufacturers are steering into 144Hz and HDR-ready displays, BenQ tapped the market for comfort and health by releasing an eye-friendly display in BenQ EW2770QZ. It may not offer anything significantly new, but it’s quite an innovative idea, as it caters the needs of people who work in front of their computers all day, on a daily basis. What are these features? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide.

BenQ EW2770QZ; An In-Depth Review

BenQ EW2770QZ (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

BenQ EW2770QZ is designed for office workers, professionals, and home office computer users who work in front of their monitors for hours on a regular basis. It comes with eye-healthy features, such as flicker-free image, blue light filter, as well as revolutionary Brightness Intelligence Plus technology, which allow users to adjust the display’s brightness and color temperature, depending on both the screen content and the environment.



BenQ EW2770QZ; An In-Depth Review

BenQ EW2770QZ (image from Amazon)

BenQ EW2770QZ is a quite a modern 27-inch monitor. It runs on QHD (Quad High Definition) or 2560x1440p resolution. It comes packed with unique features and it adjusts its display output according to the users’ environment. While advertised as an entertainment-centric screen, it should be noted that this particular model is not by any means, a gaming monitor. Rather, it should serve as a mix-use screen for both home and office use. Newer models are being released in the market, they come with improved tech to tap the interest of increasingly meticulous buyers, and just like other unique offerings out there, this monitor from BenQ still piques the interest.


Accurate, Consistent, and Uniform Color, Thanks to IPS Panel

BenQ EW2770QZ sports a 27-inch AHVA (Advanced Hyper Viewing Angle) IPS panel, which has enough resolution for decent gaming, document creating and video streaming. It has no problem covering 100% sRGB and Rec709 color gamut, as well as 79% NTSC and 82% Adobe RGB, making it a more than adequate display for aspiring designers out there. It has a true 8-bit color depth, as well as flawless 178˚ viewing angles.

The 27-inch runs in 1440p resolution, providing crystal-clear details from pixel-rich density of 109 pixels per inch. Gamma and colors are vibrant and top-notch, though contrast is a little less than the specified1000:1. Nonetheless, color quality is brilliant.


With Advanced Motion Acceleration for Gaming

As with most IPS monitors, this BenQ monitor is in no way designed for gaming, but it does come with nifty features that provides its gaming capabilities in the form of Advanced Motion Acceleration. This feature jumps the response time of 14ms all the way to 5ms gray-to-gray. Though that digit may be a little off for gaming, it does provide decent gaming performance; there were no noticeable artifacts of fast-moving objects even in action-packed big title games. Uncompetitive games definitely look stunning in this display’s remarkable image quality, but then again, at this price point, you wouldn’t want to buy a monitor with 60Hz refresh rate, right?


B.I.+ Which Automatically Adjusts The Screen for Your Eyes

Brightness Intelligence Plus is obviously the biggest selling point of this monitor. For those who doesn’t know about this technology, it’s a special feature from BenQ which comes in a small box in the middle of the bottom bezel which comes with a built-in sensor. It works by sampling the ambient light and analyzing the screen content to calibrate the picture. Together with Blue Light Filter and Flicker-Free screen, this BenQ monitor delivers the most eye-friendly and comfortable viewing experience which takes care of your eyes. Users won’t strain their eyes even after hours of looking straight into the screen of BenQ EW2770QZ.


There are a couple of ways to use this feature; you can activate it through the OSD button by pressing the first button on the right side of the back panel. A small icon will appear on screen, indicating the command that the image has been optimized. It will appear each time the image changes. You can also set it from appearing every time if you find it annoying.

Depending on the ambient light, weather, and the content on your screen, this technology provides you best brightness and color temperature for your eyes.

This feature may slightly affect the colour accuracy of the screen, but as the brightness lowers, both hue and saturation also increases to keep vibrant image quality. Additionally, this feature comes with an ‘Adjust by Duration’, which when enabled, gradually decreases color temperature as you work, leaving you with continuously pleasant viewing experience that is still easy on the eyes at all times.

Ironically though, disabling this feature will allow the monitor to achieve accurate colorimeter analysis.

When the monitor is not continuously attempting to re-calibrate itself, results shows the display even revealed in respect, exceeds the quoted specs for the monitor.


Dual Monitor and Multiple Monitor Setup Options 

Should you want  more adjustability for this display, you can detach stand and make use of the monitor’s VESA mounting hole options and use aftermarket products like a monitor stand  with articulating arm or stand for dual monitor setup.

BenQ EW2770QZ; An In-Depth Review

Ergotron LX Triple Display Lift Stand (image from Amazon)

If you’re looking for a more immersive experience and have two of these displays side-by-side for a dual monitor setup, then you can opt for the robust LX Triple Display Lift Stand. Though designed for triple monitor display for mid-sized monitors, this monitor stand can hold and support two big (up to 30-inch monitors), making a perfect workstation for IT professionals, or gaming setup for avid gamers who looking to get the best out of their UHD display.


BenQ EW2770QZ; An In-Depth Review

AmazonBasics dual side-by-side monitor arm (image from Amazon)

If you’re looking for a dual monitor LCD arm that can support your two 27-inch monitor, but don’t have the budget to spend for premium products, then you can opt for AmazonBasics dual side-by-side monitor arm. This product comes with an affordable price tag, but don’t mistake its price for low quality, as it can certainly stand against the best in the market today.



Design and Features

BenQ EW2770QZ; An In-Depth Review

BenQ EW2770QZ (image from Amazon)

Design wise, BenQ EW2770QZ looks everything but fancy. It’s elegant in both shape and form; from the cabinet to the shape of the base. BenQ succeeded in combining functionality and styling, without compromising its objective.  It comes with a minimalist and modernist design, which is good, as any user can easily fit it to his/her desk. The ultra-slim 8mm bezel in all four sides makes way for immersive and somewhat cinematic viewing experience, something most of us really look in monitors. The screen comes with a light matte anti-glare protection, which effectively blocks reflections from harsh lights and minimize annoying glares on screen. The cabinet itself has silver matte plastic finish on the back side.


Buttons and Controls

For the presets, there are lots of choices to choose from, depending on your activity on the screen. You can use the pre-calibrated picture presets, such as Web Surfing, Multimedia, Office and Reading. These presets have their optimal blue light filter settings that range from 30% to 70%.

This BenQ monitor also comes with a Smart Focus feature that allows users to highlight particular area on the screen while dimming the rest of the screen. Quite a nifty feature to have for various purposes.



I/O Ports

BenQ EW2770QZ; An In-Depth Review

BenQ EW2770QZ (image from Amazon)

For connectivity options, there are two HDMI 1.4a ports and one DisplayPort 1.2. For audio, there’s a headphone jack, and a pair of 2W speakers and for basic multimedia and office use.


With Integrated Speakers

More and more monitor manufacturers right now include integrated speakers into their products, no matter what their displays are specifically designed for. BenQ EW2770QZ is advertised as an entertainment and work display, which is only fitting to pair it with a pair of built-in speakers.

The Two 2W speakers are in no way excellent; they lack the bass and sound tinny at loudest volume setting. They’re however, pretty decent for everyday office use. And for 27-inch monitors, they can provide convenience for a lot of users who doesn’t have the luxury of space to accommodate big displays on their desks.


Stand with Limited Adjustability, But With VESA-Compliant Mounting Holes

BenQ EW2770QZ; An In-Depth Review

BenQ EW2770QZ (image from Amazon)

The modernly-designed rectangular base of the stand looks sharp, which complements perfectly to the monitor’s smart minimalist appearance. The stand however, has limited adjustability, providing only tilt adjustments of -5 ˚ forward, 20˚ backwards.

It does however, come with 100x100mm VESA compliant mounting holes, which means you can always pair it with third party monitor stands or mounts for more ergonomic setup, or even for dual monitor or multiple monitor setups.


Tech Specs

BenQ EW2770QZ; An In-Depth Review

Bottom Line

This product is easily a fantastic representative of BenQ’s quest for better technology and computing experience. It’s price however, is something shoppers would need to think through.

In terms of performance, BenQ EW2770QZ is good at most tasks. It may not be exceptional in specific areas, but it does provide good computing experience in any type of work you intend to use it for. If we take away the Brightness Intelligence Plus technology we may say this product is a little overpriced, but that very own technology definitely elevates this products desirability.

Though this monitor is not really designed for professional graphic design or photo-editing, the 100% sRGB and, 82% AdobeRGB is better than most displays in the market today. Display Gamma is also effectively glued to 2.2 over tone response curve. All in all, the clarity for this monitor is truly exceptional, except for some minor shadows along the bottom edge. Edge to edge, the panel is remarkably consistent.

BenQ EW2770QZ is truly lovely to look at and work on, but it can be expensive. It definitely excels in work environment, such as open plan office, where viewing of the screen can be a visual nightmare depending on the time of the day and weather.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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