BenQ EW2740L Review; Reasonably Priced VA Monitor with Good Image Quality, Great Features and MHL Connectivity

Benq Ew2740l Review Reasonably Priced Va Monitor With Good Image Quality Great Features And Mhl Connectivity 46 4204735

BenQ EW2740L Review; Reasonably Priced VA Monitor with Good Image Quality, Great Features and MHL Connectivity

Vertical Alignment (VA) panels have been overshadowed by both IPS (In-Plane Switching) and TN (Twisted Nematic). With better contrast performance and native resolution though, VA is considered as a big step up from the commonly used and popular TN panel technology. However, most VA panel monitors falls short in color quality and viewing angle performance of a good IPS panel. The newly released BenQ EW2740L claims to beat this so-called ‘unwritten general consensus’ among panel types, as it is said to be as good as the IPS in terms of viewing angle and better than many IPS monitors in native contrast ratio. Is there truth in these claims? Check out this BenQ EW2740L review from Dual Monitors Guide to know more.

Who is it for?

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced 27-inch display with unique features functions and would look great on your desk for all-around use, then you never miss out on the new BenQ EW2740LThis monitor revolutionizes the VA panel technology with its good grayscale quality, high contrast ratio, wide viewing angle. It may not have lots of feature you wish to have for its price range, but its good all-around performance makes it feel like a bargain.


The BenQ EW2740L looks undeniably stunning on the outside, and fortunately, it sports the same kind of appeal on the inside. The screen is able to deliver rich colors for a VA panel, while the semi-glossy surface help keep good amount of clarity and vibrancy. It has strong contrast performance, strong dark colors, good level of inky blacks and excellent distinction from lighter shades.

Decent Color Accuracy and Impressive Grayscale Performance

This monitor offers comprehensive sRGB coverage, which is particularly good for a monitor of its kind of panel. The colors of BenQ EW2740L are slightly skewed, but not to the point that results to tinting or oversaturation of colors. Based on chromaticity test, colors red was spot on, blue is slightly off the mark, while green is entirely out of the ideal coordinates. Colors in games look rich, while the variety make environments in games like Battlefield 4 look more natural, as they should.  Some colors are also quite striking, particularly the neon red, blue and green, and these colors really stand out against darker backgrounds.

The monitor’s native 3000:1 contrast ratio and good grayscale performance works in harmony to make sharp highlight and shadow detail, which provides nice dark background for showing colors. Based on DisplayMate 64-Step grayscale test, it’s able to show every shade of gray correctly, and does a great job in displaying small font test.


Superb Viewing Angle Performance

BenQ EW2740L takes pride on its leap from the stereotype, as it claims to be the best VA panel in terms of viewing angel, and BenQ absolutely nailed it. The viewing angle performance of this monitor is superb, as pictures on the screen remained bright and colors stay true to their form in every angle, both vertically and horizontally.


Good Pixel Response for Gaming and Entertainment

Though the 4-millisecond (gray-to-gray) pixel response rate of EW2740L is a bit short of the ideal 2-ms we normally find in many good monitors today, it’s still very capable of displaying fast motion scenes without many artifacts. You may see some minor ghosting here and there when playing demanding action-packed games like Aliens vs. Predators, but they don’t really cause any issue and affect your gaming experience.


More Advanced BenQ Features

Cinema Mode for Cinematic Experience Right at Your Desk

Equipped with Cinema mode, the BenQ EW2740L can activate its exclusive color engine technology to process and fine-tune video contents, giving you perfect cinema-like quality right at your own personal space.


Smart Focus for Distraction-Free Computing and Viewing

Another great feature equipped in this monitor is the Smart Focus feature from BenQ. This feature works by giving you the ability to pinpoint a window or area on your screen and make it the focal point of your vision. It will then conceal the other visual contents displayed on your screen, giving you better focus on the things you want to take a good look at or enjoy watching.


Upscale Every Viewing Experience with Super Resolution

Watching videos online is better than ever before, as the Super Resolution feature of BenQ EW2740L simulates the same high-resolution quality to boost pixel density of original video source. That’s watching your favorite TV series in Netflix, videos from YouTube, etc. a more pleasurable experience.


Flicker-Free Backlight and Low Blue Light Mode for Best Visual Experience and to Save Your Eyes

Most LCD screens flicks around 200 times per second, these flicks may not be visible with the naked eye, but it can certainly harm your eyes. Like most good-quality monitors today however, this BenQ display comes with flicker-free technology which eliminates the flicker at all brightness levels, very effective feature for reducing eye fatigue.

The flicker-free technology is paired by Low Blue Light feature, which works by minimizing blue light the screen emits. Monitors produce this blue strain spectrum to emit better light, but it harms the eye and causes eyestrain, headache and even sleeping disorder, which can be really harmful in the long run. BenQ EW2740L has four (4) Low Blue Light preset modes to choose from to help you save your eyes from damage, namely the Multimedia which reduces blue light by 30%, Web-Surfing – 50%, Office – 60% and Reading – 70%. Each preset are tailor-made for particular purpose, giving you more time to enjoy your monitor without hurting your eyes.

Decent Energy Consumption Choice with Good Power Saving Mode

BenQ EW2740L consumes 34 watts at Standard mode, which may not be the most efficient, but set it to Eco mode and power consumption will be dragged down to 23 watts. The best part of this power saving mode is the monitor maintains good luminance.


Dual Monitor and Multiple Monitor Setup Option

The BenQ EW2740L is indeed a very impressive display on its own. This new breed of VA panel beats some of its IPS and TN-based panel rivals in terms of viewing angle and native contrast ratio, making it quite a great monitor choice for business and professional use. If you’re usually juggling between multiple applications, Word Processor, Chat and Messenger windows on your computer, or if you’re working on a big project that needs bigger displays, then you can always connect this monitor to any other computer screen you have at your disposal. If you want to take it a step further, two BenQ EW2740L may seem impractical, but it wouldn’t hurt if you have the budget.

The rectangular wedge-shaped stand provides a very stable base, but it doesn’t offer other adjustments than tilting the display. Also, this monitor doesn’t come with VESA mounting holes support, which means it can’t work with third-party ergonomic solutions such as LCD arms and wall mounts. So make sure you have enough room on your desk to support two (or more) of this monitor.

There are however, many ways to get better ergonomics for this monitor and have a dual monitor or even multiple monitor setup, such as using large desks like the MultiTable ModTable Crank-Type Height-Adjustable Desk, One of the better rated height-adjustable desk in Amazon today. It’s a very well-design and well-built desk that many people say it is as good as having an electrically-adjustable desk minus the electric capability and programmable presets. If you want a more desk with more sophisticated look, then check out Rebel Crank-Up 1000 standing desk. Its glass top easily makes it one of the nicest and well-designed sit-stand desks in the market today. Also, it comes with power outlets on the side for your convenience.

Design and Features

The BenQ EW2740L is quite a stunning 27-inch monitor, with a non-gloss screen housed in 1.5-inch glossy-black cabinet and framed in an ultra-narrow 0.38-inch matte-black bezel. From that sentence alone, you will have a good idea how attractive its cabinet looks like and how good it will look in your desk.


Buttons and Functions

The lower right side of the monitor holds the five (5) touch-sensitive function buttons and a touch-sensitive power switch. A simple touch to any of these buttons will show the on-screen labeling for their functions, along with icons for every button. There is a light bulb icon that lights a Low Blue Light menu, where you can adjust the amount of blue light emitted from your screen. You should know that lowering your display’s blue light helps minimize the risk for eyestrain and other ocular disorders caused by prolonged computer use. The monitor features four (4) Low Blue Light modes, namely ‘Multimedia’ – reduces blue light by 30%, ‘Web Surfing’ – reduces blue light by 50%, ‘Office’ – reduces blue light by 60%, and ‘Reading’ – which reduces blue light 70%. Each setting option is specially designed to fit specific use, and are wonderfully convenient options for working on your computer.

The Menu button gives access to the Settings page, where you can adjust the Brightness, Contrast and Sharpness of your display and choose one from the nine (9) picture presets of this device, namely Standard, Photo, Cinema, Game, Low Blue Light, sRGB, Eco, M-Book and User mode. The M-Book preset is specially designed for Apple MacBooks, while the Eco setting adjusts the display’s brightness level, helping you conserve more energy as you use and work with your computer.


More Function Options

One good function from BenQ EW2740L is the Smart Focus option, which lets you highlight a specific area of your screen, a very handy feature for viewing photos and watching YouTube videos.

Another great function is the Super Resolution option. This option lets you improve low-res images by simply increasing the photo’s pixel density. It’s a great gesture for BenQ to have this feature, but to be honest, changes in brightness and sharpness levels are very subtle.


Rectangular Wedge-Shaped Stand for Stable Support

The rectangular wedge-shaped stand supports the whole display in place, and like most stands, it does support tilt adjustment. However, like standard stands, it doesn’t let you make any more adjustment than that; it doesn’t let you pan or swivel the screen nor does it let you adjust the height of your display or pivot the screen. It’s a pretty limiting stand, and if that’s not enough bad news, this BenQ monitor doesn’t have VESA mounting holes, which means you can’t hang this gorgeous display on the wall or use a third party LCD monitor arm for more ergonomic and versatile workstation.


Inputs/Outputs Ports

For connectivity, the BenQ EW2740L has its inputs/outputs ports on the back side of the cabinet, lined in a vertical orientation, running down the center, rather than the common horizontal position we see in most monitors. The collection includes two (2) HDMI ports, an MHL port (to connect gadgets like smartphones and tablets straight to your monitor), a VGA port, an audio input and a headphone jack. The monitor lacks the usual USB ports we see in most new monitor models, and it doesn’t come with DisplayPort or DVI support.


Equipped with Speakers

Built-in speakers have become a common thing among newer monitor models today, and some products really took giant leaps and embed really great speakers on their monitors. This particular BenQ monitor however, is not one of them, as the speaker is merely moderately loud, and when cranked all the way up, it sounds tinny and a little distorted. It’s a good-enough option if you’re just going to use the speakers for video chats, watching online videos and movies while sitting close to the display, but it can’t cover a room and good provide entertainment.


Tech Specs

Box includes HDMI-to-MHL and VGA cables, a resource CD with drivers and comprehensive user guide and quick-start guide.


Bottom Line

Whether you’re looking for a 27-inch display for your gaming, entertainment, web surfing, document viewing or working needs, the BenQ EW2740L gives you all the basic and good qualities you need for an all-around monitor, with some unique BenQ features you can really take advantage of, such as the cloud feature that lets you connect your monitor to Netflix, Hulu, and the likes, MHL connectivity to transform your mobile entertainment, RevolutionEyes for gamers, artists, graphic designers and creative and business professionals, etc.

Though leaving a lot of room for improvement, the BenQ EW2740L provides decent image quality right out of the box. It is packed with tons of new features that make it quite a strong competitor in its price range. It takes pride on its great native contrast ratio, color quality and deeper and darker blacks.

The VA panel may have some small issues in displaying colors accurately, and the lack of VESA mounting holes simply makes the stand more un-ergonomic. But despite that, this BenQ display is still a strong competitor for midrange monitor market, very versatile performance and quite a good all-around display.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide now!

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